My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Woodfords Progress

I am slowly making progress on my Woodfords Cardigan. I apologize for the quality of the photos that follow — the piece is not as yellow in real life, but the photos were taken at night in artificial light. Here is Woodfords spread out as much as I can with the bottom stitches mooshed up on the needle:


I have just finished working the braided “welt” on the lower back:


Here it is with the braid completed:


Next I need to work the lower body. This will be 12 inches of relatively mindless knitting. After that, all that remains are the sleeves. but the lower body is an impressively large number of stitches, so that will take a goodly chunk of time to complete.

I flipped the piece over — here it is with one side front smoothed out:


I think this will be a very wearable cardigan. While it is wool, it’s not too warm because it is fingering weight knit at a loose gauge. The knitting has been/is time-consuming, but so far has been very entertaining.

While I was taking those photos, Loki was supervising from atop the jewelry armoire:


Note that the armoire is turned around so the front of it is facing the wall. That is because a certain furry little somebody was reaching down, prying open a drawer with a chubby little paw, and removing pieces of jewelry.

It’s never a dull moment around here.


  1. My cat Louis opens the spice cabinet and knocks them on the counter if I don’t notice what he wants. Loki is very clever to pick out jewelry for you.

  2. Can’t wait to see this done, looks very nice & I like the way you did the shoulders. I recently made the felted cat bed on your website, cats love it! I may have to put it thru machine again as sides don’t stay up very well. not sure how to send you my photos to share.. Thanks so much 🙂 Kubi, Dora & mom-Erika
    p.s. I know ALL about naughty kitties too!

  3. Lovely cardigan. I think you are making great progress. Loki has the same “this is my domain” look as my male poodle. I think they know they are doing us a favor putting their DNA all over everything in the house.

  4. The sweater is looks wonderful and is coming along nicely. I love your little tidbits about Loki. Many people think cats are just lumps of fur that sleep all day, Loki knocks that theory into the next galaxy! Cats have incredible personalities!

  5. Now I know why they sell jewelry cases with locks. You don’t think they’re going to deter a burglar, do you?

  6. So Loki is aptly named after the mischievous Norse god!

  7. Loki likes his bling too! So funny.
    Love the cardigan!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Lulu Project Bag by ThreeBagsFullStudio

  8. Your comment about Loki made me giggle. I’m picturing him wearing a bracelet and maybe a ring or two… 🙂

  9. So, Loki’s a cat burglar! An inside job… It’s a good thing you’ve taken precautions.

  10. Cat Burglar!!

  11. I had a beloved kitty who would get into my husband’s tool chest and bring out all kinds of bits and bobs–washers, bolts, pieces of rubber hosing, and one time a screw driver!

  12. Uh-oh, maybe he was going to sell your jewelry to buy catnip!

  13. Your sweater is coming along nicely. I enjoy seeing your progress photo’s. Sounds like Loki just wants you to share your jewelry with him, He is so precious.

  14. Catherine S. says:

    Woodfords is lovely, Wendy. I think this will be a sweater your hot little body will actually be able to wear. But. My favorite part of this post was about the “chubby little paw”. Loki was SO meant to be your boy.

  15. I have a furry little somebody who does this too. He pulls enough out of a drawer to climb in and pull it shut behind him, so he’s all neatly put away. Except for the stuff dumped on the floor.

    He’s done this at the vet too, although the vet prefers he not get in the drawer with the scalpels and hypodermics.