My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Still With the Cables

I had mentally set myself the deadline of finishing the front of Chloe by the end of the weekend. Here is where I am with most of Sunday still to go:


So I ought to be able to finish the left side front, cast on for the back, and make some good progress on the back ribbing.

And Loki is here to help me!



  1. I’ve seen the video of how fast you knit & it still blows me a way. I consider myself an average knitter, in terms of speed, but you make me look like I knit at glacial speed!

  2. I would knit that in the round, but still in pieces. I’d knit from the hem up to where it got heavy, or a half inch below the armholes, which ever came first. Then I’d cast on provisionally at that point and work the upper neck and shoulder assembly. I’d work each sleeve from hem to armhole, (I usually carry sleeves around in my purse instead of a sock) and then finally graft it all together and work the neckband on a weekend.

    Actually, I’d start at the top and work down, but still in pieces to be grafted, but that’s just what I prefer. I enjoy the grafting (and the seaming) process. A lot of people don’t.

  3. Very pretty sweater, and I like the color, Wendy. You must have the most wonderful wardrobe! :O) I bet Loki cheers you on while you knit! Have a great week, and stay warm! Bess
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  4. I love to knit cables, but I really cannot imagine keeping track of a pattern as complex as your sweater pattern. It is beyond stunning. I am completely a dog person, but I have to say that Loki is one of the most exquisite kitties I have ever seen. You can tell from your photos that he is very expressive and sweet. I have a aged (14) English Pointer who watches me intently as I knit. Our animals know how to please us!

  5. Beautifu! I wish I had the stamina to make such a sweater.

  6. Your Chloe is coming along beautifully. I love it and love the color. Looks like Loki is saying “Minna, are you finished yet?”

  7. I do love a good cable. Chloe is gorgeous!
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  8. Wow – you are fast. So pretty!
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  9. Such a good helper

  10. My kitties are real helpers with my knitting too.Where would we be without them? 🙂 Loki is doing a good job.

  11. OMG…so many cables!