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Cats in Hats

I mentioned last Sunday that I have a very cute book to review. This is it!


This is Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas, and I was asked to participate in the blog tour for this adorable book. (There’s a giveaway at the end of this entry, so be sure to scroll all the way down!)

First off, here is the Blog Tour Schedule:

The Book

Flipping through this book caused me to squee for an extended period of time. It is almost unbearably cute. It contains a total of 30 patterns, 20 to knit, 10 to crochet, to create hats for your cat.

There are seasonal hats, like this Santa Hat:


Fanciful hats, like this Unicorn Hat:


Party Hats, like this Cupcake Hat:


And some that defy description, like this Extraterrestrial Hat:


I have to say, I am very impressed by the sangfroid demonstrated by the models! I also love that the models are all given credit on an acknowledgements page in the back of the book.

The hats all take small bits of yarn and seem pretty easy to make. So you get a lot of bang for your buck with these projects.

Now, I can’t imagine Loki allowing me to (a) put a hat on him and (b) allowing it to stay in place for more than a nanosecond, but judging from the models in this book, there are cats out there who allow such shenanigans! And some of them look like they are enjoying wearing a little hat. If you have an urbane, laidback cat, these hats are for you!

And Now, the Giveaway!

Edited to add: Please note that this giveaway is sponsored by the publisher, not by me. Therefore, to be entered, you need to submit your entry via the Rafflecopter widget below as instructed — leaving a comment on this entry will not count. Also, I am unable to troubleshoot issues you may have with the Rafflecopter widget — the code was provided to me to insert in my blog entry and that’s the extent of my knowledge of it. Please note also that the contest is open only to those of you in the U.S. Thanks!

The giveaway grand prize is a prize pack that includes a copy of the book, and an exclusive pattern from Sara Thomas for the Easter Egg Cat Hat shown below, and a yarn kit from Lion Brand that will include yarn supplies to complete the Easter Egg Cat Hat:


FIVE lucky runner ups will receive a copy of the book!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest will run from 3/16 to 3/30 @ 12 AM EST. We will give away ONE prize pack that includes a copy of the book, an EXCLUSIVE hat pattern from Sara Thomas, and the yarn necessary to complete the pattern. FIVE runners up will receive a copy of the book. Winners will be contacted by email and must notify us within 48 hours of the notification email with address and acceptance. Please note that winners can be from the US only. 

Loki sez . . .


“I’m dreaming about that Extraterrestrial Hat . . . “


  1. Lorraine says:

    Rats! Just entered and then noticed it’s for US residents only 🙁

    Oh well! A very cute and adorable book!! Enjoyed looking at the cute kitty pictures. Good luck to everyone who enters. 🙂

    (It’s available for pre-order in the UK from Amazon! Yay!)

  2. Maybe 1 of my 4 cats would wear a hat. Such a fun book!

  3. Squee! is absolutely my reaction too. I have no idea if one of my cats will take to wearing a hat, but maybe my Pomeranian would! What fun for such a tiny bit of yarn! Please, please, please, Random Number Generator, draw my number, pretty please with a cherry, whipped cream, nuts, and silver sprinkles on top! (That sounds like a good hat design to me!)

  4. What I really want to know is what drugs they gave the cats in the photos to make them cooperative? Or were the pictures all shot as high speed video, and one frame used for the pictures?

  5. Well, the cats were rather wide eyed….. I don’t think mine would wear a hat. Too much dignity to engage in such things, when caught with toy in air, rolling around on her back, she immediately roll over and performs the “Groom”. Not for her the frolics of kittenhood, not in sight of a human…

  6. Soxy Jane says:

    How soon can we expect to see Loki sporting a new chapeau?

  7. Oh the indignity! Great kitty models and photography. One of our three might let us fasten a hat on his head 🙂

  8. Oh, I love this. I suspect the cats were heavily sedated, but those are just too funny!

  9. I posted a comment on the Facebook page – I hope that makes me eligible for this!

  10. Gina in the SF Bay Area says:

    Loki sez: No way! to the hats. I would love the books and promise not to torture any self-respecting cat with hats should I win a copy. The knitted kitties, however, are a different story.

  11. These are wonderful!

  12. grace yaskovic says:

    oh the extra terrestrial one and maybe the santa one!

  13. unfortunately, I am kitty-less right now — but my next cat will definitely be an extra-terrestrial!
    floribunda´s last blog post ..Cross Stitch De-stash / Giveaway

  14. I think I’ve mentioned before how much our ginger kitteh rocks a hat! And to have one specially made for him?!?!? TOO much cute! We had a St Patty’s luncheon here in the office yesterday, and I took a leprechaun topper home — got pics of both cats wearing it! I will have to wait till after work to get on Facebook, but I’ll comment there as well.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..So much “No”

  15. I would make the cupcake hat. Just so cute!

  16. I can’t imagine either of our cats allowing a hat to happen, but it would be fun to try!

  17. I hope it’s ok to enter here with a comment — I am not on FB and when I tried to do the “enter via email”, I didn’t get anywhere — all I can say is WOW! Someone has too much time on their hands, but I am so glad she does! I think my Siamese would endure a hat, at least long enough for a cute photo! However the tabby is much too shy — would probably cause him to go into cardiac arrest if we even tried to put one on him! Would love to win the book, and the special hat pattern and kit would be icing on the (cat cupcake hat) cake!

  18. Too bad its the book only…kitties not included. 🙂 The hats are very cute–and the models are very patient. I wonder how many cooperative models there are out there? I would think not too many!

  19. That is adorable! I don’t have any cats, due to allergies, but I bet they could be modified for small pups!

  20. Carolynn says:

    Adorable! I’ve knitted a couple of hats for my kitties. Of course, I had to do a Doctor Who Fez.

  21. Absolutely hysterical! I don’t imagine one would last more than three seconds on Sushi’s head but…!

  22. This book is absolutely hilarious. I have no idea how they got the photos for this book. Must have been one talented photographer!

  23. My black kitty Rosie would look gorgeous in any one of the kitty hats.

  24. Debbie H says:

    They are all adorable. Maybe I would start with the Extraterristial hat.

  25. These pictures cracked me up. I got one of my cats to wear a shark hat during shark week just long enough for me snap a picture. I love the unicorn and ET hats. If they have a top hat or fancy hat I have a tuxedo kitty with a perfect white mustache that needs to model one lol.

  26. Danielle says:

    The unicorn hat.

  27. These are great! I’d love to make these for our cats and to post on our website, Our customers would love them!

  28. Lee Long says:

    How adorable. Which are you making Loki?

  29. Unicorn Kitty & Extraterrestrial Kitty look like they’re hallucinating! But, then again, that’ s appropriate.

  30. Does the book come with a complimentary box of band-aids for the post photo shoot knitter?

  31. Sandra Kerr says:

    I love the unicorn hat!

  32. Melanie Krewson says:

    I don’t know if I could get my Twix to wear any of these, but I have one particular Grandkitten who would!!

  33. I love this book. My cat is going to look adorable in the unicorn hat! 😀

  34. Oh, that cupcake hat needs to go on my sister’s cat. She would be so cute.

  35. Both of our cats need these hats. One may actually let me come near her with it … otherwise, that’s what naps are for, yeah?

  36. Off-topic: Ropewalk has been on the current projects list for a while. What do you think of Berroco Indigo yarn?

  37. Charlotte says:

    wow, I think 99.9999999 indefinitely % of cats would feel like your cat Loki & my cat Ocean! Note, our dog would feel the same way. A sweater without velcro or legs is the only acceptable wear for our dog. Maybe they’d good for a child’s animal softie or doll?

  38. I’m fairly sure if I tried to put one on any of my cats, I’d need an ER, ha ha, but I’d still love to have this book on my shelf just because cats and yarn.
    Jeanne B.´s last blog post ..RIP Blue Kitty

  39. Both of my cats would try to maim me for life it I approached them with a hat. Moo has a huge amount of ego and even when he misses jumping up on the bathroom sink to get a drink he always looks at me as if to say “I meant to do that so you would smile.”

  40. Oh my gosh! So adorable. Loki would look so cute in the ET hat!
    Liz´s last blog post ..A List for the First Day of Spring

  41. I’m in the hospital, and my friend posted on Ravelry about this. Cheered me up instantly!

  42. I would love the unicorn hat! I am kittyless, but I got lots of family members I see all the time with kitties. I would really enjoy having this book so I can knit and crochet them some hats. That is how when I come back home from college, I’d have some presents for the kitties. I think a couple of the cats will cooperate, since they are so calm anyways.

    Hmm…I am looking at my toy poodle. I wonder if I can put a hat on her. A cat’s head is about as big as her head….she won’t put up with it though.

  43. So hard to choose just one! The egg, it’s timely.

  44. I would love to make the alien (cough, cough X-Files one) . . . even if it ended up involving duct tape.

  45. I would knit the cupcake hat for my little gray kitty Cindy!! She would be too cute!

  46. I don’t think my cat would deign to wear any hat, but these would be fun to make to donate to our local cat shelter.

  47. Carolsue says:

    I kind of like the Unicorn Hat — but my cat would probably rip me to shreds if I dared even THINK about putting this on him. But my daughter’s cat might allow it — so I’d make one for her cat!