My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Meet Horace.


Last Sunday I felt the need to knit another bunny, a brother for my bunny girls, Dottie and Inga.


They seem to be getting along fine!

Horace is made from one of Julie Williams brilliant toy patterns: Boy bunny with a piebald patch. Her bunnies are addictive: you can’t make just one.

I started knitting Horace around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday and finished him by 8:00 p.m. that same day, at which time I started making his outfit. I finished up his outfit on Monday night.

He is knit from Cascade 220 in two colors, and his clothes are knit from the Loopy Ewe Solid Series fingering weight wool. I used the suggested needle sizes to knit him and his clothes: 3 mm for the bunny and 2.75mm for the clothes.

The only way I deviated from the pattern was to turn his shorts into overalls.

I knit the shorts according to the pattern, then picked up and knit 13 stitches on the top front edge and worked a bib, keeping the 2 outermost stitches on each side in garter stitch to keep the piece from curling, working the rest in stockinette. I knit until the bib seemed almost deep enough, then finished off with a couple of garter stitch ridges, then bound off.

I worked the straps by casting on 26 stitches, and knitting a few rows, then binding off. I sewed the straps to the back, criss-crossing them, and attached to the front bib with a button on each strap.

I did not do buttonholes for the buttons because I figured they’d continually come un-done. The overalls can be put on and slipped off pretty easily as they are.

And I did not forget that Horace needed “tail accommodation” for the back of his shorts!


I purchased a supply of tiny buttons online a week or so ago because I knew I was going to make a boy bunny, and I knew that I wanted him to have overalls sporting buttons. While I was shopping for tiny buttons, I came across something tremendously useful: easy-to-thread sewing needles!

Clover makes some, as do some other brands. These are regular hand-sewing needles with a slot cut into the top of the eye so you don’t have to be able to poke the end of your thread through a tiny eye — you can pull it down through the top.

Since the last time I tried to thread a regular needle it took me approximately 1,782 tries before I actually got the thread through the eye of the needle, these were a very welcome sight indeed. Here’s a close-up drawing of what the eye looks like:


If you pull the thread down into the bottom “chamber” there is very little chance of it pulling free.

What a great invention! By googling “easy thread needle” I found that they are readily available at lots of online outlets and I’m sure you can find them in fabric stores as well. These may have been around for years, but I’ve not done much sewing in quite a long time so had no need to buy new needles. So it’s a revelation for me!

And I am back to working on Ropewalk — I am into armhole shaping on the back.


And Loki wants to show off his very fluffy cat pants!



  1. First comment?

    Why does the picture of Loki make me think of the dog derriere at the start of Downton Abbey?

  2. Oh that cat!

  3. Amy Schulze says:

    Those bunnies are just too stinking cute! I just might have to knit one or two myself!

  4. Wendy,
    I am ALWAYS amazed at your knitting speed and accomplishments! Thanks for sharing all the bunnies and info! Beautiful!
    Mariaeb´s last blog post ..Knitting Project Bag- The Romance Collection by MariaElenaBliss

  5. Wow! The bunnies are so sweet! Knit my first teddy bear a few weeks back and they are addictive. Loki looks adorable as usual.

  6. ratfancy says:

    I love Horace!

  7. Love the bunnies

  8. Charlotte says:

    Horace is absolutely adorable & reminds me of the Little Rascals dog when I was young, the dog who played on the show Wishbone when my children were young, & most of the Jack Russell terriers I’ve seen over the years.
    I just bought some of those needles for daughter – only 28, but with dyslexia that can make her frustrated with the simpler, non technical tasks. Me, I use the large lighted magnifying glass on the cord worn around the neck to thread my needles or cross stitch or knit with black yarn.

  9. The bunny family is adorable! I have been having trouble with needle threading and will be looking for some of those needles – yay!
    What can I say about the fluffy kitty pants – lol!

  10. I just love your little bunnies and, of course, their clothes! C-u-u-u-te.

  11. Denise Wessman says:

    Love your bunnies. And,of course Loki and his fancy pants. If I could only stetch like that. they multiply like bunnies. Hoping to see more in time for Easter. I will have to find those needles. Thank you.

  12. Kathy in Alaska says:

    Wendy, your post is full of sheer brilliance, at least three instances of it.

    1. The “tail accommodation” for Horace. Brilliant.

    2. The info about the “easy thread needles.” Brilliant. (I know they are not your invention, but they are brilliant, as are you for sharing.)

    3. Loki’s “cat pants.” Sheer brilliance.

    Love to you and that cat of yours, from me and mine.

  13. Horace is so adorable! Thanks for posting the overall mods. I am also knitting the bunnies and may knit a boy wearing the oeralls like Horace’s.

  14. Too cute!

  15. “Cat pants” — too silly! Miss Hinky Boo (aka Princess Kitty) would have you know that she hasn’t got cat pants, she has fluffy skirts. Still waiting to hear who won the book of cat hats. I haz ebil in mind, for when teh book comes into our house.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..(Very) Short Stories

  16. Horace is a cutie…but then, so is Loki! Happy Easter to you and your bunnies!

  17. Love the bunny family. They’re so adorable!
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..TBT – Sisters

  18. I am imagining your bunnies in Easter finery. Horace in a little suit, and the girls in lace dresses and Easter bonnets (with ear accommodations, of course!).

  19. I love Horace’s overalls! So cute! I might need to borrow your idea when I make a boy bunny for my girl bunny. Julie’s patterns are so wonderful…and so are Loki’s cat pants.

  20. I found out about easy to thread needles about a year ago and felt like I had found gold or something!

  21. “Tail accommodation”. Ha! The perfect counterpoint to my day. No doubt, Horace is deeply appreciative, too.

  22. Catherine S. says:

    Cute bunnies. Damn, girlfriend! Thanks for the sewing needle tip. I swear they’ve made the holes smaller than they were 10 years ago …

  23. Midnite Baker says:

    Horace is adorable. So, is his sisters. Many years ago, I tried those easy-thread needles. At that time, they only had one thread hole and the thread did slip out. I threw them out and have never looked for them again. These look like they would work because of the 2 eyes instead of 1. May have to try these new ones. Thanks for the info. Loki looks like he needs a belly rub this time.
    Have fun and hope the rest of your week is grand. M

  24. I recall finding easy-thread needles and thinking they were wonderful … until the sides broke off, rendering them useless, on something like three of the things in a row. I’m content to thread the normal ones, now. 😛

  25. I have made 7 of these bunnies, but I seem to be having a lot of trouble getting the back of the shoe to be smooth. Mine are all gathered and ugly. Does anyone have any ideas for fixing this problem? Maybe I am doing something basic wrong.

  26. How come yours is much more beautiful than the ones on the Ravelry page? Horace seems thinner and taller in your version: did you follow the pattern exactly? I’d like to try one that looks like yours, so so so cute!