My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I have another cool book to review:


This is Wanderlust: 46 Modern Knits for Bohemia Style by Tanis Gray, Interweave/F+W; $18.99

It is available now, so you can grab it in either paperback or eBook format.

An interesting twist: all of the projects in this book are knit from the same yarn: Cascade Yarns Longwood, which is an aran weight superwash merino yarn. Looking at the yarn’s Ravelry page, I can see that it comes in a wide variety of pretty colors.

The book has a great variety of patterns from a lot of designers whose names you will recognize. You can check out all the patterns on Ravelry, here.

Some of my favorites:


“Motif Mittens” designed my Angela Hahn. These take just one skein of Cascade Longwood and being aran weight, would be pretty quick to knit — great for last minute gifts, or maybe to get a jump on next year’s gifting season?


And this is the “Winter Waves” hat designed by Melissa LaBarre. Again, just one skein needed to complete!

There are also bigger projects:


This is the gorgeous Snoqualmie Wrap by Beth Kling.

And this:


Ann Weaver’s wonderful Lady Gansey cardigan.

With a total of 46 patterns in this one book, it is definitely good value.

Now, who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in a drawing to win my copy of Wanderlust: 46 Modern Knits for Bohemia Style by Tanis Gray, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am eastern time on Sunday, April 5, 2015.

In other news . . .

I did finish the Pompeii Hat on Sunday.


Because it is April, Dottie and Inga are wearing their new April dresses!


And guess what? Today is my 13th blogiversary! Thirteen years ago today (April 1, 2002) I started my blog. No fooling.

Loki sez:


“Thirteen years? No way!”


  1. I’d love to win! And happy blogiversary!
    Word Lily´s last blog post ..Books that have had the most impact on me

  2. Astroknot says:

    happy anniversary 🙂 This longwood book looks cool–my LYS has a bunch of this in stock so it might be worth it to check it out!

    Give Loki some fluffy love for me 🙂

  3. yolanda says:

    Happy Blogiversary!
    Thank you for the chance to win…

  4. PamelaR says:

    Happy blogiversary Wendy! Your mystery KAL last year was the first thing I had knit after a 50 year absence from knitting. I thank you so very much for bringing me back to knitting.

  5. Happy, happy, blogiversary!!! Still going strong!!

  6. Happy blogiversary to you and your household!

    I’d be excited to win the book.
    sprite´s last blog post ..improvement, warm, and recognized

  7. Super cute spring dresses for those bunnies!
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Living Life Vertically: An Update

  8. first of all , congrats on your anniversary. Quite an accomplishment. I would love to win this book and get a head start on Christmas knitting.

  9. Milissa says:

    Happy blogiversary! Love Pompei, and the bunnies, and especially Loki! That Snoqualmie wrap is a stunner! Would love to win this book as well.

  10. Such lovely patterns! Thank you for a great giveaway.

  11. The book looks very interesting… Hope I’m the lucky one…
    Happy Anniversary on your blog! Have been enjoying reading it.. Here’s to many more years!


  12. Wow, 13 years is a long time! I’d love to win the book.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  13. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I have been looking at that book on different sites and it looks great. Thank you for sharing!

  14. linda-kaye says:

    Happy Blogivesary! And a giveaway too – looks like it would be a great addition to my library. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Leslie in MA says:

    Happy 13th Blogaversary! May you continue to share your knitting adventures with us for many more 🙂

    I would not mind at all having that book in my library. Here’s hoping I win. Thanks for offering.

  16. Amanda U says:

    Wanderlust looks amazing. Thanks for the chance to win. 😀

  17. Happy Blogiversary! I wish you many more.

    That Lady Gansey Cardigan looks interesting enough to entice me to consider aran weight yarn – not normally my favorite, but it sure would work up quicker than my usual fingering weight!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Phyllis G says:

    I would really love to win this book – the patterns look wonderful.

  19. Happy anniversary.

    I’d love to win — I’d like to knit with something besides sock yarn.

  20. The bunny dresses are adorable, and I love the Lady Gansey pattern. One more to put on the wish list! So very glad you decided to start the blog 13 years ago. It is a treat.

  21. I love that Snoqualmie wrap.

    Happy Anniversary!

  22. celestine says:

    This book looks great. Love the wrao

  23. Looks like a wonderful book. Would love to have it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. Congrats Wendy on the anniversary of the blog! I would live to have this book. It looks line it has so many great patterns, and I love that Cascade yarn!

  25. Wandering is wonderful … especially with knitting …

  26. me, please! i love to wander, and sometimes I’m not even lost.

    Kudos on 13 years. Here’s to 13 more in good health, and then another 13, and another . . .

  27. Happy Anniversary! I haven’t been following you for all 13 years but I am truly enjoying the journey now. Here’s to many many more years. Hugs to Loki

  28. Thirteen years! Wow! Thanks for all the inspiration along the way 🙂 Here’s to thirteen more!

  29. Huge Congratulations on 13 years.
    I’d love to have a chance to knit some of theses projects

  30. Annette says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! The book looks great and Inga and Dottie look even better! Just love them.

  31. Rusty Boyd says:

    I have wanted this book since I first saw it. Congrats on 12 years.

  32. Susan Steele says:

    13 years! Wow! Congratulations! I’d love to try some patterns in this book.

  33. Not all those who wander are lost

    Love that wrap!

  34. I wish I could be infected with wanderlust again.

  35. Margaret M says:

    Congratulations on 13 years!

  36. I hope you keep blogging for at least 13 more years, I certainly enjoy reading it.

  37. Denise Wessman says:

    I love Cascade yarns. I have never been disappointed with any of their books. Love the shawl and the featured sweater. I could develop wanderlust.

  38. Happy Blogiversary! I have so enjoyed your knitting projects over the years. Thanks for offering the book up. I’d love to win it.

  39. Lee Long says:

    Cool book. Cool hat. Can’t believe you have been blogging that long and I have read for at least five of those years. Congradulations for keeping it interesting. Thank you.

  40. Jessica says:

    This book looks really nice. Those mittens really caught my eye too!

  41. Elaine F says:

    would love this. I need something new.

  42. Kaye Reynolds says:

    I have already won a great craft magazine in the past so this post is just to wish you a happy blog anniversary! Always enjoy seeing what you have on the needles and sharing your life with Loki.

  43. Wendy W. says:

    Now THIS is a book I would really like to get!

  44. Jennifer B says:

    Wow thanks for the opportunity to win and happy April Fool’s day!

  45. Geri Ball says:

    Great book! I can’t believe you have been blogging for 13 years. You inspired me to do my first steek project, a Dale sweater.

  46. Congratulations on your anniversary. Thanks for giving us chance to win that lovely book. The Snoqualmie wrap is beautiful.

  47. Denise Nash says:

    Oh, I love that gansey sweater! It would be a great self-reward for losing the weight I’ve gained over the last seven years or so. Looks like a great book filled with practical and attractive projects.

  48. Rae Gommel says:

    Happy 13th anniversary. That doesn’t include the days of the NorgeKnitters? Guess that was the days before blogs…..

  49. I look forward to seeing your WIPs – happy anniversary!

  50. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    Happy lucky 13th anniversary of the blog! I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you. If I don’t win the book, I’m buying the book. 😉

  51. I’m with Loki! 13 years??!!

  52. Gina Zahra says:

    It looks so lovely!!! I would love to win it 🙂

  53. Love Love Love these patterns. Would be so excited to win this book. love your blog and congrats on 13 years!

  54. Thanks for showing us the book. Looks like a great collection of projects! Congratulations on the blog anniversary too!

  55. Monica Cortada says:

    Happy Easter to you, Dottie and Inga! I’d love a copy of Wanderlust. 🙂


  56. jillserenity says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for the chance to win, and happy blogiversary!

  57. Courtney says:

    Thanks for a chance to win. Love the winter wave hat.

  58. Loving that book and those patterns! Happy blogiversary!!

  59. happy blogiversary! Love the new outfits on Dottie and Inga.

  60. Barbara says:

    Happy blogoversary! I enjoy your blog very much with the beautiful patterns and the great cat pictures. In fact, my siamese, Princess, enjoys it too. Bad cat got a bird today and was quite annoyed that I wouldn’t let her bring it in the house.

    PS the book looks like a winner. Hope I am too.

  61. Happy Blogiversary! I so enjoy reading about your knitting projects. I especially enjoy reading and learning about the patterns you’ve chosen and how you’ve made them your own. I hope you continue blogging for a long time.
    Interesting take on a book, I’ve been looking for a new cardigan pattern and Lady Gansey may just fill the bill.
    I love Loki, he seems just aloof enough to be cool, yet still in need of snuggles.

  62. Sandra Kerr says:

    What a lovely book. And your bunnies are adorable.

  63. Wow, 13 years! Happy Anniversary. I haven’t been reading your blog that long but I’m so glad I do now. It’s so inspiring to see what you accomplish! I taught myself to knit, with a little help from my Aunt. I believe that if you don’t know how to do something, just keep trying until you get it right. I’ve learned so much from professional knitters like you and others who don’t let anything stand in their way.
    That’s a beautiful book and I’d love to try making some of those gorgeous patterns.

    Thanks for all your generosity!!

  64. I do, I do. What a great book.

  65. Great looking patterns. And happy anniversary!

  66. sagerain says:

    Happy 13th anniversary! I rally enjoy your blog. Winning this book would be fab!

  67. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! Only you would start on April Fools Day…
    I would love to win the book and make the Lady Gansey Sweater.
    You have inspired me so much. I had never knitted a socks, and due to your awesome Toe Up patterns, I have completed about 20 pairs. Thank you, and Blog On!

  68. Would love to win this one. Congratulations on 13 years of blogging. That’s BIG!

  69. Happy Easter to Dottie and Inga! I would really like to win the book.

  70. Happy Anniversary! Love your blog and love the patterns in this book.

  71. Julie Sall says:

    Love the gloves. always looking for new patterns. Thanks!

  72. Chris Reeske says:

    I’d love it, I need some new inspiration for spring.

  73. Debbie M says:

    Wow! 13 years is a long time in blogland. Happy blogiversary! I like Cascade and find them affordable. Thanks!

  74. Lynne S. says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Wendy!

  75. Nice patterns!
    Happy anniversary/blogaversary!

  76. Alicia Grayson says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Nice book too!

  77. Happy Blogiversary! Hard to believe it has been that long. I have been reading your blog almost that whole time. It’s been many years since I won a book from you so I am “due”. haha I hope your number generator picks me.

  78. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I enjoy reading about your knitting projects!

  79. Linda Newcomb says:

    Wow…would I ever love this book. I just bought yarn to make a new pair of wool mittens for next year. This book has great mitten and fingerless gloves. Want!

  80. Hi Wendy, love your little bunnies and creative hat. The book has some fun patterns!

  81. Fun looking patterns. Enjoy reading your blog.

  82. kathyann says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Love your little bunnies and all their cute dresses.

  83. Carol Brookover says:

    Looks like a cool book…! Thanks for the opportunity to check it out!

  84. Haven’t followed for all thirteen years but congrats.

  85. Leslie F says:

    Congratulations on your 13th Blogiversary! Wishing you many more.

  86. Debbie H says:

    Happy blogiversary! It’s been fun to read about your knitting and kitties! Thanks for the chance to win the book. It looks great!
    gussek on Ravelry

  87. Sounds like a great book and Happy 13 years of blogging.

  88. Congrats on blog anniversary! Great reading and sharing. Many more good years to come.
    Love the patterns of Wanderlust. You can never have too many good knitting books, right?

  89. Kathleen says:

    Happy 13th Anniversary! I really enjoy your blog and Loki. I just finished 3 hats by Tanis Grey.

  90. Happy Blogiversary, 13 years, that’s incredible. Yours was one of the first knitting blogs I found, guess you were a pioneer in the knitting blogosphere. Hope we get to enjoy many more. Looks like a very cool book. Thanks

  91. Lynne in Florida says:

    Happy 13th! I’ve been around for most of them, and have enjoyed every word. That Lady Gansey cardi is worth the price of the book all by itself, but I certainly wouldn’t object to winning it.

  92. Jeanne H says:

    Congrats on the 13 years! Thanks for sharing your knitting life with us readers. And thanks for sharing your review copies

  93. Mary Pat says:

    Been with you from the start – remembering those pictures of sunrise when you wrote in the morning. Never left for work without reading your BLOG. I love and remember Izzy and Lucy; Loki has a lot to live up to.



  94. Erin M. says:

    Will the bunny boy be getting a complimentary April outfit? Congrats on your Blogiversary! That sure looks like a nice book.

  95. Your little rabbit family is just adorable and the fact that you are making so many clothes for them makes me smile. I would really enjoy receiving your latest book give away…count me in.

  96. I would enjoy a copy of the book. Also the bunny girls look sweet in their new dresses.

  97. Midnite Baker says:

    Lovin’ the bunnies & Loki. Interesting book. Count me in on the drawing.

  98. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and current projects!! I look forward to your regular postings!The book look very interesting…thanks for sharing with such great pictures and descriptions!! Hoping to being able to knit some of the very attractive designs!! Would love to have the book..thanks for your kind offer of sharing!!

  99. knittingdancer on Ravelry says:

    Congratulations on your 13th blogiversary. I love all the different outfits you knit for your bunnies. Looks like a great book.

  100. Aurelia says:

    Happy blogiversary! Love the dresses for the bunnies. So cute.