My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Wee Treasure

I’ve been meaning to show you something I got as a gift for myself a while back, but I had also gotten one as a gift for a friend, so wanted to wait until after her birthday to share with you all so as not to spoil her surprise:


This is a sterling silver tapestry needle, hand-forged by Celtic Swan Forge. Over the years I have collected several sets of their wonderful sterling silver double-pointed needles, and just a few months ago discovered that they also handcraft tapestry needles as well, in either silver or gold.

As I remembered from past dealings, customer service from Celtic Swan was excellent. Upon ordering, I got an email from Molly letting me know an estimate of how long it would take to make my needle, and when the needle was ready to ship, I received another email with tracking info.

I love supporting small businesses that handcraft beautiful tools. If you are in the market for a special fiber-related tool for yourself or for a special friend, do check out Celtic Swan Forge. They have a lot of lovely tools and jewelry. No affiliation here, I am just a very happy repeat customer!

I love my silver tapestry needle, so much that I hunted for and found an antique silver needle case to house it.


This is German, 19th century. I love it!

In other news, I finished my “The Joker and the Thief” shawl.

I kept trying to lay it out for a photo-shoot, but this kept happening:


So you will have to be satisfied with a modeled pic.


I knit mine from a kit put together by Sunshine Yarns. The background is Ultraluxe Light in the “Charcoal” colorway and the gradient is the “Bag of Limes” set in Classic Sock.

I ran out of the Ultraluxe Light with 12 rows remaining that needed the background color, so fudged the end of my shawl by doing fewer rows in BC and binding off in Color 6 of the gradient set rather than using it to work the last set of Indian Cross-stitch.

I note from looking at other projects on Ravelry that some others who have purchased the kit have run out, so be aware of this potential issue. I generally do not run out of yarn when working from kits, rather, I usually have leftovers. I used the recommended needle size and got gauge, so I don’t think it is “operator error.” 😉

I’m not overly concerned however — I think the shawl is lovely as-is and my mods to not take away anything from the design.

Loki sez:


“Isn’t that shawl for me?”


  1. The shawl is just gorgeous in that colorway. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with your layout pic, though :-p It looks just fine to me.

  2. catspaw says:

    Very beautiful needle and case! And the colors of the shawl bring out Loki’s eyes.

  3. PamelaR says:

    My kitty goes a little bonkers over wool. He gets a funny look on his face, rubs all over it and drools like crazy. Hmmmm….maybe we are two peas in a pod. I guess that actually happens to me to too. lol

  4. I absolutely love the shawl but gotta tell you that all I’m wanting to do right now is lay some smooches on that adorable little Loki schnoozle!

  5. Midnite Baker says:

    Oh! Wow! A Very Wee Treasure!! Love it!! And, also, the case – what a find! Going on vacation next week and will be doing some antique store hunting. I’ll be on the lookout for one on those cases. If I find one, well, only a sterling silver needle will fit in it. Don’t you think??
    LOL, Loki must rub her scent on your shawl. It’s her way of saying “Your mine”. Anything new I brought home, Sparky always had to have her way with it, too. Have a great week!! M

  6. Alice in Richmond says:

    Does that make Loki, dare I say it, a joker and a thief?

    Beautiful silver needle and case and I second the recommendation for Celtic Forge!

  7. Loki, of course that shawl is for you. I hate to suggest this to your slave (i.e. Wendy) but she could stoop to jailing you if you won’t let her take a picture without you in it.

    Our guy gets jailed for s hort periods regularly – and it’s such a terrible prison, one of the bedrooms. Horrors! Torture!

  8. Tiffanie says:

    Oh how I want to boop Loki’s nose. So cute! And your shawl is lovely. The colors are perfect for spring.

  9. Loki is a hoot! The shawl is gorgeous and so is your lovely needle. Nice find with that needle case!

  10. Fuego Azul says:

    I love your little treasure! That is truly exquisite. And beautiful job on your shawl! I wish I could knit as fast as you, lol.

  11. congrats on another completed work! beautiful.

    Wondering: is your needle case an “etui”? I’ve used that word in crossword puzzles for decades and somehow always assumed it would be made of fabric, like a huswif.

    PS. a custom that’s nearly extinct in Japan: sticking all the damaged needles and pins from the previous year in a block of tofu (the softest resting place), and thanking them for their indispensable service. I’m sure that arose from how painstaking it is to make fine needles and pins by hand.

  12. Btw, wanted to suggest August wardrobe for the bunnies: Dandelions! Because of Leo the lion, get it? If you want to go 3D, you can use novelty yarn for the puff ball (seeds).
    I think about these things because Daddy’s sign was Leo. Anyway, hope Memorial Day is all you wish; have fun.

  13. I love Celtic Swan Forge – I have a set of silver DPNs and a large brooch and hope to acquire more as funds permit. Using beautiful, hand-made tools to do my own handwork adds to my joy in knitting. I’m pretty sure I first became aware of Celtic Swan from a post here a number of years ago, so thank you.