My current work in progress:

Newlyn Jacket, by Jane Gottelier, knit from Rowan Original Denim, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.

50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit

I have another gem of a book to review. This one is 50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit:The Ultimate Easy-to-Knit Collection Featuring Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted.


This is a new book from Sixth and Spring, and as the title suggests, it contains patterns for 50 gift items that are knit in garter stitch and use Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted. (See how cleverly I figured that out?)

You can see all the projects on Ravelry, here.

I had a hard time selecting just a few favorites to show here because there were so many projects that caught my eye. But here goes:



How cute are these? And what a great idea for a really fast present.

Next up, a cute. colorful baby blanket.


This could easily be resized into an afghan or blanket for an adult.

And the Graphic Mosaic Cowl:


This is a lot easier to knit than it appears, because the patterning is achieved by slipping stitches. You are only ever knitting with one color at any time on every row.

Another quick gift:


The yarn is held double on this cute hat, so it can be finished very quickly!

And a more challenging project:


The Semicircle Shawl incorporates short rows and intarsia techniques.

In the back of the book is a nice how-to section with good clear illustrations.

With a little something for everyone, you could just about cover your whole holiday gift list with items knit from this book.

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in a drawing to win my copy of 50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit:The Ultimate Easy-to-Knit Collection Featuring Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted, leave a comment on this blog entry by 11:00am ET, Sunday May 24, 2015. I’ll invoke the Random Number Generator and select a recipient at that time.

Meanwhile at home, Loki is concentrating on relaxing.


You can see how stressed he is.


  1. I’d love to have this book — knitting grater stitch is my tried-and-true method of stress relief!

  2. I love the drape of garter stitch shawls,
    I would love this book, the pin cushion looks
    like an interesting knit.
    Many thanks for a great review.

  3. Eleanor says:

    What a great book to use up stash. It seems to take over my home.

  4. I love the mosaic cowl and the shawl. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Thanks for a chance to win!

  6. Always enjoy reading your blog. Would love to win this book.

  7. I’d love that book just for that shawl! It’s gorgeous.
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  8. Oh, Mighty RNG, pick me!

  9. Super cute projects! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I would love this book, please enter me into the drawing. Loki looks so dreamy.

  11. Looks like a great book.

  12. Alice Moisen says:

    Great book for quick last-minute gifts. i’d love to have it

  13. Donna C. says:

    need looking book, would be a really nice book to win

  14. This book looks like fun, I’d be glad to win it.

    And Loki looks as though if he were any less stressed he’d be comatose. Or should that be catatonic?

  15. Natasha says:

    This book looks great. I love the baby blanket. Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. I think this book would be perfect to help mom move beyond the dish cloth.
    Still garter but something a little more challenging.

    Looks like Loki has the relaxing part down.

  17. Bridgette W says:

    Oh the pin cushions are so cute! I’d love to have the book.

  18. Would love to have this book. I have been knitting for 60+ years and still love to do garter stitch projects.

  19. knittingdancer on Ravelry says:

    This book would be great. I love the shawl and would like to do more Mosiac knitting. I knitted one cowl in Mosiac.

  20. That book looks fabulous. Would love to make the hat and baby blanket

  21. What a great book. Would love to make the hat and baby blanket, and the cowl, and the pincushions……
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  22. I’m teaching my granddaughter to knit, and I would love to have this book to share with her.

  23. Karen F says:

    I love garter….
    there are several patterns that have my intrest

  24. If I don’t win it, I’m buying it! Scritches to Loki!
    Cindy in un-Happy Valley´s last blog post ..Happy Spring!

  25. grace yaskovic says:

    totally addicted to pin cushions!!!

  26. I’m just about to buy my first sewing machine, so those pin cushions would be perfect!

  27. Pick me! Pick me! If you don’t, I’m going to have to buy this book. Thanks so much for doing reviews!! You’re concise but informative. Perfect!

  28. I need garter stitch projects…working on my nurse practitioner degree so only time for occasional mindless knitting!

  29. Ooh la la! pick me!!!

  30. Roseann says:

    So many great twists on the unsung workhorse of knitting! This would be a nice addition to my knitting library.

  31. Always looking for good fast knit for gifts.

  32. BridgetG says:

    Obviously, the odds aren’t in my favor — but pick me, me, me, me!

  33. I “heart” garter stitch!!

  34. Phyllis says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. There are a lot of fun patterns to knit in this book.

  35. Celeste says:

    Thanks, for another wonderful give-a-way.

  36. I like the Simply Striped Mitts. I’d love to win the book.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  37. Fuego Azul says:

    For some reason, I used to look down my nose at plain garter stitch, but lately I’ve been loving it. Thank you for yet another giveaway! To be shameless, I hope I win, lol!

  38. Frankie says:

    There are a lot of great projects in this book — I’d love a chance to win a copy!

  39. This book is on my Amazon wishlist – I’d love to have it!

  40. What a great book. As someone who hates purling this book is right up my alley.

  41. Oh what fun! Love the pincushion and the baby blanket! I would love a chance to win this book.

    Loki is such a handsome guy, can’t believe how big he has gotten.

  42. Garter stitch – perfect swimming pool knitting!

  43. I love garter stitch! Count me in

  44. Love Garter Stitch!! Would also love to win :).

  45. robinmc says:

    Wow, it does look like something for everyone! And the projects look super cute!

  46. Nilda Muniz says:

    how nice of you. I would love to be the winner of the book. The pincushions and the baby blanket are adorable and imagine all the treasures inside the book.

  47. Camille says:

    This book looks great! I would really love it.

  48. Would love to win your review copy!

  49. celestine says:

    I am a garter stitch girl. I would love to have this book

  50. as a newer knitter this looks like the perfect book for me! The cowl is beautiful. That would be the first project I would try.

  51. Nancy Clark says:

    Looks like a fun book that I would enjoy!

  52. That book looks interesting, as you got my sister and mother into knitting this might be a good book for them to look at.

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  54. Looks like lots of fun kn its in tnis book.

  55. The pincushions are darling, and I love the shawl! Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. Savannagal says:

    Looks like a lot of fun and easy projects. Thanks for the giveaway. Savannagal on Rav.

  57. Heather K says:

    Garter Stitch – gotta love it ! ! The projects really look like fun.

  58. I’ve been doing a lot of boring garter stitch lately, but these projects don’t look boring at all. I’d love a chance to try something fun in garter stitch.

  59. I would love to be entered, it looks like a great book. Thank you,

  60. The book looks great for quick presents

  61. Janet w says:

    Oh me, oh me, oh me!!

    But seriously, what a bunch of great patterns! Who knew garter could be so interesting!

  62. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    What a lovely book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy! I liked everyone of the project pictures that you posted!

  63. Love the projects in the book. Thank you the chance to win it.

  64. What great projects. Love the pin cushions a lot!

  65. I would love a copy of this book. Thank you for the opportunity, Wendy!

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  67. Shirley says:

    Looks like lots of fun and quick projects, great gifts to make.

  68. rad review,thanks for the tip on this book! i’d be happy to possess that review copy for a bit, and pass it on again when I’m done leafing (and knitting and purling)!

  69. Peggy Dyer says:

    Would love to have a copy of this book. As I get older, I find garter stitch much easier on my hands and wrists but not always easy to find good patterns!

  70. Oh I love that cat!

  71. I like those pincushions! I’d love to get my hands on this book.

  72. patricia says:

    the pin cushions are almost as cute as Loki!

  73. Erin M. says:

    Those pin cushions are worth getting the book!

  74. Astroknot says:

    since I screwed up my wrist by falling down too many times, garter stitch is my new best friend–easy on the limbs. I’d love to take a look at this cool book.

  75. I love garter stitch.

  76. Sharon M says:

    Garter stitch is the new stockinette.
    Thanks for sharing with us. .

  77. I’m in love with the baby blanket, but I’m curious as to what the back of it looks like. If there are floats, I’d be worried about the baby getting his/her little fingers caught in there. Or pulling at the floats and wrecking the blanket.

  78. Sharen Warren says:

    I’d love to win this book—knitting garter stitch is so relaxing. Thanks for the tip re the Rowan Linen – I ordered the salmen color from JB. Loki is so adorable!

  79. I would love a chance to win. Always looking for something new to knit.

  80. Love all the cute projects!!

  81. Terri B says:

    Love the semicircle shawl, and the cowl, and … Well really everything looks great.

  82. Would love to see a video of how fast you knit

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    Looks like the perfect blanket for the newest baby in our family, due in December.

  84. Interesting book. It would be a great one to have in my library.

  85. Linda Swenson says:

    I could give this book a good home!

  86. Lynette says:

    I’ve rediscovered the zen of garter stitch. This book proves it’s not just for beginner scarves! And how do you manage to go to work every day with that precious little furry bundle of Loki lounging around at home?

  87. Looks perfect for quick gifts! Thanks for the chance to win.

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    What a great book! Many quick gifts to knit…I love it!

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    I don’t quite hate garter stitch, but it’s close – but I loves that pincushion (and can think of a million things to do with it besides sticking pins in it), and also the shawl. I’d not refuse the book shelf space.

    Loki is becoming quite skilled at relaxing.

  91. shirley says:

    would love to win this book as garter stitch is my favorite as i need quick projects thanks in advance

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    I really love that baby blanket!

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    Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for the great photos of Loki!

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    I’m so drawn to the mosaic cowl (Barbara Walker is a genius!) I think in purple and slate blue it would be perfect for my brother. Hope I win!

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