My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Angelina Complete

Check out this very clever graphic. you may need to click on it to enlarge it to 100% in size. Then scroll down and enjoy. This was provided to me courtesy of


As the title of this blog post suggests, I did finish my Angelina Cardigan.


My Camp Loopy Project for June 2015, completed.

In retrospect, I’d do things a little different — I’d make the sleeves a bit bigger in diameter. They are (and are designed to be) rather fitted. The body of the sweater is quite wide so the sleeves start at about the elbow and go from elbow to wrist. It’s just personal preference — I don’t like tight sleeves.

Although this is knit in cotton, I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing it in summer — the tight sleeves would bother me in heat and humidity. But I’ll give it a try when the weather is cooler.

I added some length to my sweater. I do like the construction and think it very clever. I could see me knitting another one with re-engineered sleeves!


I have returned to knit on Boxy until I can start my Camp Loopy July project.


This is the back. I ought to be able to finish it and get a good start on the front. I do have a stealth project I need to get started on as well.

Mousie Pattern!

Total sales of my Nose-Up Catnip Mouse pattern to date: 245. That’s over $220.00 I will donate to the Snow Leopard Trust. Thank you, all!




  1. Thanks for telling us about the sleeves. I have “fluffy arms”, so tight is a real deal breaker.

    DH and I thoroughly enjoyed the sheep/garment chart. He was stunned at home many sheep it takes. Thanks, again!
    Barbara Seiver´s last blog post ..A magnificent cat

  2. Kathleen says:

    Love the chart! I need to branch out and explore some of the other yarns available!
    There is a glaring error in the yarn weights section – Number 5 has the lace description again.

  3. Totally great chart. Thanks for spotlighting it.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Minimalist Couture

  4. Denise Wessman says:

    Gorgeous sweater. You knit so quickly. Can’t wait to see boxy. Does Loki love knitting needles?

  5. What a nice picture of “his highness” He is beautiful and very regal looking.

  6. The chart is quite interesting. I did not realize you needed so much wool per item. Thanks for the mousie pattern . The cats each have one of their own and the dog has rather a rat, done with 4 strands of cotton sock yarn. (He was feeling neglected. ) I am sure my toe up sock making will improve too.

  7. Sweater looks great!

  8. While the chart is cute, it’s way off in how many sheep it takes to make a sweater (or other garments). My estimate (from raising sheep for 15 years) is that you can make 2-3 sweaters from one sheep. It’s about 3:1 not 1:3 as shown.

  9. Your Angelina came out super fab. Always a great feeling to get a big project off the needles.
    Andrea @ Thisknittedlife´s last blog post ..Getting Ready for Waterlilly

  10. Any thoughts as to a summer knit a long? Planning out the next couple of weeks and wanted to save space if there was going to be one. Thanks!

  11. I just realized that Boxy was in the project bag, not the project bag, itself! Too funny!