My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Can Quit Any Time

I don’t have a problem, honest.


They are just so danged fun to knit!

All these kitties are knit from Julie Williams’ new “Boy Cat” pattern. She also has a “Girl Cat” pattern and both of them have clothes, but unlike my bunnies, I don’t necessarily think the cats need clothes. But bunnies do. I never said my life was governed by logic.

So, in addition to the tuxedo cat I made last week, I now have a tortie and a Siamese. There will be at least one more: a lilac point Ragdoll.


Bet you can’t guess why.

But I do not yet have the yarn for the Ragdoll, so he is on hold.

Like all of her little animals, the pattern directs you to add the features to the head after stuffing. I have found that for me it is easier to do so before stuffing the head. Same with the body: I attached the arms, legs, and tail before stuffing. I knew pretty much where to attach everything after having made one, so I was good to go!

In other news, I got my yarn for my Camp Loopy August project.


This is Wollmeise Pure, in the Sabrina and Tambopata colorways. I plan to make Martina Behm’s “Match and Move” wrap. As you can see, I’ve wound my yarn into balls so I’ll be ready to go on August 1st. I weighed each ball because in the pattern, Martina suggests doing so, and using the heavier of the two for Color A because that uses a bit more yarn. My Sabrina (the solid) weights 165 grams, and Tambopata (the variegated) weights 167 grams, so Tambopata will be color A.

The two colors are very closely matched, so the stripes will be, I think, very subtle. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Match & Move looks in this combination! Actually, I have a pretty good idea, because there is a Match & Move made from these colors on Ravelry, here.

I googled the word “Tambopata,” by the way, and it is apparently the name of a┬áriver, a national reserve and a province in Madre de Dios state, southeastern Peru. Seems appropriate for the colorway!

Loki sez:


“What the hell is that thing supposed to be?”


  1. patricia says:

    A clowder of knitted cats–love it!

  2. Denise Wessman says:

    You’re animal family is growing. Can’t wait to see your rag doll. These cats are much easier to care more. No litter boxes to clean. Love your next shawl choice. I love her designs. Can’t wait to see yours.

  3. catspaw says:

    Love those kitties – and the colors of the WM

  4. Looking forward to seeing your shawl. I love Martina’s patterns. Knitting Trillian now with a skien of Madelinetosh I had on hand.

  5. Midnite Baker says:

    You get too many of those “stuffed” animals and Loki is gonna feel crowded and pack her bags and move out. ­čÖé Give a Loki a good body rub, ’cause that last picture doesn’t look like a happy one. ­čśë Take care and have a fun rest of the week. M

  6. Meow meow. Loki surely loves the company.
    Andrea @ Thisknittedlife┬┤s last blog post ..FO: Dolores

  7. Sure you can…
    And one wonders what Loki’s playmates will look like if he ‘plays’ with them.

  8. Charlotte says:

    My favourite projects to knit or crochet are toys, only problem is no grandchildren in sight, so I have to give them all away. I didn’t select some toys because they had too much hand sewing afterwards. But after the bag I just finished, I’m definitely going back & knitting some of them. It took longer to sew the bag pieces together than to crochet the bag.

  9. Gretcheng says:

    Hmm, I can’t wait to see how you make that knit-cat as fluffa-licious as Loki!

  10. How can you resist., they are SO cute!
    Louise┬┤s last blog post ..A couple things to finish

  11. Catherine S. says:

    You’re KILLIN’ me, Wendy.