My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



You will be relieved to hear, I am sure, that Angelique now has a dress she likes.


Her lace dress, my own design, with the bodice based on the Seasonal Dresses pattern by Julie Williams, is knit from Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere. Angelique feels very elegant in it.


But that’s not all . . . she has a new friend.


This is Florian the Fox, knit from Julie Williams adorable pattern.


I love his bushy tail!


You may wonder why I am suddenly obsessed with knitting small animals. Several reasons:

  1. Julie Williams’ patterns are brilliant and the resulting animals are adorable.
  2. I can’t start knitting my August Camp Loopy project until August 1 and I don’t want to commit to a large knit right now.
  3. When it is eleventy-billion degrees with 900% humidity outside, knitting on small items seems like a good idea.

What’s not to like?

Loki sez:





  1. Shirley Gallagher says:

    What wonderful little animals you’re knitting. Love the lace dress and the striped sweater on Foxy.

  2. Of course you can stop any time.

    But they are adorable.

  3. So sweet. Their clothes are cute especially the lace dress.

  4. Midnite Baker says:

    I like the “new” dress. As for Foxy, Love his tail and especially his ears. Loki needs a chin rub today. Have a Great week. M

  5. I love your new interest! They are absolutley adorable:) Thank you for the updates and for sharing.

  6. I am thinking little animals might be the thing….

  7. Charlotte says:

    I think Angelique could use an little shawl using the same lace stitch as the dress for the cooler evenings.

  8. I just love, love the little kitties, bunnies and fox. Sooo adorable.

  9. Martina N says:

    I live in your area. #3 is a 100% accurate description of our summer weather! : }

  10. You are having entirely too much fun with Julie’s patterns!!

  11. Lee Long says:

    How wonderful. I can’t wait to have time to get these patterns. They are so cool. I have a grandbaby that will love all of these.

  12. Leslie F says:

    Awww, summer in Virginia! During the winter months, I always wonder why so many people are wishing away the cool weather for this!!!

    Love your critters!

  13. Eleventy Billion Degrees! THATS HOT! you have my sympathy. The animals are adorable!!!