My current work in progress:

Roscalie Cardigan by Alice Starmore, knit from Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift¬† on a US 3 needle

Archives for August 2015

Enough for Now!

Meet Jean-Claude:


He is Souris’ boyfriend.


I made him a purple cable-knit sweater. I think he looks very debonair in it!


And with this I am done (for now) with kitting adorable little critters from Julie Williams’ patterns. That is subject to change at any time, of course.

I have made the August dresses for Dottie and Inga — can’t forget that:


Now that it is August, I am working on my Camp Loopy project. More on that next time!

Two years ago today, My buddy L-B and I took a road trip to West Virginia and returned with this little guy:


And here he is today:


Happy Loki-versary!