My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Halfway There

This weekend I hit the halfway point on my Crazed Scandinavian Cowl. Here is a photo of it when it was a bit past halfway.


It is getting to be a bit large to carry around, so it is now delegated to at-home knitting only. I need to find something else for commuter knitting.

Meanwhile, I do believe Loki has started studying drama. Here he is, in the middle of rehearsals for the role of Camille:


“Woe is me.”


  1. Loki reminds me of Pavarotti’s various deathscenes – very dramatic albeit somewhat badly acted. Give that poor kitty some food!

  2. I have one just like that, only orange! (The cat, not the Cowl.) Quite dramatic. This morning he parkoured off the foot of the bed because I wasn’t responding to meows.

    Love the cowl! The design is fantastic.

  3. that scarf is a knockout! and loki is just knocked out LOL

  4. How adorable.

  5. Absolutely can’t wait for the pattern for this one. I’ve got the black and white Sanquahar just waiting for some really cold weather!

  6. I really love your cowl. Please tell me you plan to produce it as a pattern?

    And of course, Loki is as gorgeous as ever – when my cat used to strike that particular pose, it was for belly rubs.

  7. Catherine S. says:

    Gorgeous cowl, Wendy. Loki? Hahahahaha!

  8. This cowl is soooo gorgeous, I hope you’ll be doing a pattern for it!

  9. Loki! That is one dramatic pose. Your cowl looks great, but Loki takes the cake!
    pdxknitterati/michele´s last blog post ..Stop me before I steek again!

  10. Jackie Bartlett says:

    Love the cowl design and enjoy Loki’s drama!

  11. Midnite Baker says:

    When I first saw Loki’s picture, I thought “He has had too much catnip or something else.” Have a great week. M

  12. What is it about the feline love for acting dramatic and tragic death scenes? Or is it just a bid for a tummy rub?

    Your cowl is exquisite.

  13. That cowl is absolutely beautiful! And, Loki always cracks me up.

  14. Ginger Klein says:

    The cowl is fabulous! Is it double knit? I doubt it…but i’d love to see the back in any case. (If you don’t mind sharing your rear end. 😉 )

  15. The cowl is beautiful, but as always Loki manages to steal the scene.
    maryanne´s last blog post ..Sunday Images Knit and Crochet

  16. I too am waiting for the pattern for this stunning cowl. It’s so beautiful!
    I have a little dog that sleeps in the same position as Loki shown in the post.

  17. Please publish this gorgeous pattern!

  18. Ha! Loki kills me!

  19. I would love this book! I love knitting cables, and the patterns you show look great. I really want to make that cowl! Thanks, Wendy, for the review!