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Roscalie Cardigan by Alice Starmore, knit from Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift  on a US 3 needle

I’ve Got My Mitts On a New Book

First things first, here are Dottie and Inga in their November outfits. They are dressed as pilgrims.


For their dresses I based them on Julie Williams’ Seasonal Dresses Pattern that fits all her little critters. I winkled together the rest of their outfits. I used leftover fingering weight wool.

Next, we have a winner for the Crazed Scandinavian Cowl kit, and it is Syd T., who has been emailed.

Third, I have a book to review: Spilly Jane Knits Mittens by (you guessed it) Spilly Jane. It’s published by Cooperative Press, and you can purchase the book in paperback via (who is temporarily out of stock) and in electronic pdf via Ravelry.


If you have spent any time on Ravelry and are at all into mittens, you will likely recognize the name Spilly Jane. She has lots and lots of cute mitten patterns (as well as patterns for other items, like socks) available on Ravelry. So it’s nice to see a whole book of mittens from this mitten maestro!

In addition to thirteen mitten patterns, the book has a lot of useful information for both new and experienced mitten knitters, including notes, tips, and tutorials on sizing, different thumbs, carrying yarn for colorwork, and adding embellishments to your mittens. The tutorials are accompanied by nice clear photos.

And . . . the patterns are extremely cute! They are all colorwork, in one way or another. There are two patterns for fingerless mitts, both worked in stripes. The Plain Blue Mitts would be a good pattern for a stranded colorwork newbie, as it is worked in stripes with just a bit of stranded knitting taking place when you switch colors.


I love the Cupcake Mittens:


This would be a great pattern for using up bits and leftovers.

The Penguin Mittens are another favorite:


Who doesn’t love penguins?

All patterns use fingering weight yarn and would be a great way to dip into that sock yarn stash to knit holiday gifts. The samples in the book are all knit from either Brooklyn Tweed Loft or KnitPicks Palette, but you could use any fingering weight wool or wool blend.

The publisher has authorized me to give away a copy of the eBook to one of my readers. Who’d like it?

To be entered in the drawing for a copy of Spilly Jane Knits Mittens, please leave a comment on this blog post by noon Eastern Time, Sunday, November 8, 2015. The random number generator will select a winner.

Here is Loki, practicing for the Sleep Olympics.


Freestyle. It is his best event.



  1. Mitten season is fast approaching (fingerless season has arrived) here in Sweden. I’d love to win this book and make some new ones!

  2. I love making mittens but the penguin mittens are calling my name!!
    Pat Hensley´s last blog post ..Goals are Good Things

  3. Love Spilly Jane. Thanks of offering the chance to win the patterns.

  4. Cheryl S. says:

    Mittens make great Christmas gifts. Love Spilly Jane!

  5. I love Spilly Janes work, count me in.

  6. I would love to win the book. I am in a mitten knitting frenzy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. OH! I could really use this book!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    i love spillyjane. the fish, the gnomes, the cupcakes… that looks like a great book. thanks for the chance!

  9. Joanne M. says:

    Love Spilly Jane’s mitten patterns!

  10. I would love to have this e-book!

  11. Alexandra Woods says:

    Loving those mittens! Thanks for the chance.

  12. Amy Schulze says:

    Neat book! I love the November dresses!

  13. Loki, you are a shoo-in (paw in?).

    The penguin mittens are so adorable! I’ve knit lots of fingerless gloves but never mittens.
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Foxes in Sweaters in Green Tall Mia Bag by ThreeBagsFullStudio

  14. I’d love to win the book!

  15. I love the cupcake mittens. Love the bunnies and their outfits.

  16. I’ve always wanted to try some Spilly Jane patterns and have just not gotten around to it. Maybe this book would make me get moving!
    Bridget´s last blog post ..How About a Recipe?

  17. I love SpillyJane!
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Random rant about knitting patterns

  18. I would love a copy of this cute mitten book. Thank you!

  19. Natalie Doyle-Hennin says:

    Dottie and Inga are precious.

    I’ve never knit mittens; the examples make me want to try.

    Thanks again for your generosity in sharing. Please tell Loki that he shouldn’t be so up-tight; Mama will make things right in the end. Love the cute little furry paws.

    Thanks, Wendy.

  20. Love Spilly Jane patterns. So fun.

  21. Venice Smith says:

    Who doesn’t love mittens! They are a fairly quick knit, fun, hone skills, and there is always someone who needs them.

  22. I want to play! Pick me!

  23. I was thinking I needed a pair of mittens! Would love to win the book.

  24. Diane OBrien says:

    What fun mittens! I’m seeing next year’s Christmas presents!

  25. Cute bunny outfits.

    Book looks like fun.

    Does Loki have mittens?

  26. Gina Zahra says:

    I love Spilly Jane!!! I have made a few of her mitts already and would treasure a book of patterns!!

  27. Michelle L says:

    Oh my stars, I have admired her patterns for a long time but haven’t been brave enough to try any of them (yet). So cute!

  28. I’ve got the mitten book on my Christmas wish list – maybe I’ll win it instead. My cats are practicing for their Olympic sleep events too. Their specialty is the holding down the bedcovers event, both single and pairs.

  29. I love Spilly Jane’s mittens – I’m so glad she finally has a book!

  30. I would love SpillyJane’s book!!!! I have drooled over her patterns for a long time, it may be time to knit a few!!! I really hope I win!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..{this moment}

  31. Spilly Jane mittens are SO cute!

    Loki looks like he’s in the running for GOLD for the Sleep Olympics! GO Loki!

  32. This mitten book would make me a very happy knitter. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  33. Marilyn Nance says:

    Cupcakes and penguins! Perfect!!!

  34. This book looks wonderful!

  35. the Pilgrim outfits are too cute! I love seeing what you do each month.
    The Spilly Jane book looks like a really nice one.
    Denise Bein Kroll´s last blog post ..This Just in!

  36. I’ve followed her for ages, great to know her book is finally out! Thanks for offering this.

  37. An eBook give-a-way, sweet!

  38. Really cute patterns. Lots of grandchildren gift possibilities here! Thanks for entering me into the drawing. 🙂

  39. It is that time of year Christmas Gifts and they are one of my favorite things to knit. Please give Loki a hug for me. Thank you for being so gracious

  40. Spilly Jane’s mittens are so much fun! I’d love to wind the drawing, but I’m bookmarking this for just in case I don’t — I’ll still want the book!
    Anna´s last blog post ..Slow day

  41. Yum, that mitten book looks so great! My best to your bunnies, the most delightful creatures on the web (with the exception of Loki of course). Keep it up Wendy, I enjoy your blog and pattern so much.


  42. Barbara aka Potchke says:

    Ohh, Spilly Jane! Are there beer mittens? Count me in.

  43. Spilly Jane is genius 🙂 I love her patterns.
    PS Rita is also in training for the sleeping Olympics right in the middle of the bed!

  44. Great book!

  45. Fun mitten book!

  46. Thanks for the chance to win – those cupcake mittens ARE adorable!

  47. Dolores Yanover says:

    Dear Wendy,
    I have enjoyed you, your knitting,cats,books, and creativity. And choices.
    The mitten book sounds lovely.

  48. Tesla is working hard on his freestyle sleeping with apparatus….the kitchen table. And ohhhh a Spilly Jane book. Please add my name to the hat.

  49. I LOVE Spilly Jane! I’d love to make all the mittens. 🙂

  50. I love Spilly Jan’es gnome mittens – all of her mittens are fun!! Thank you for letting us have a chance to win! Happy knitting!

  51. Loki gets a 10 from this judge! (But, of course, he always does!)

    I love Spilly Jane’s patterns! I think it’s impossible for her to create a bad one. I would be thrilled to have this in my library!

  52. I love her mittens – several years ago, Yarn Harlot spotlighted a pair of her mittens with beer mugs on them. Very cute idea – would love to win….may have to buy the book either way.

  53. I love Spilly Jane. Thanks for the contest. :o)

    Loki, I give you a 10 for your excellent performance!

  54. Fabulous work – both the mitten patterns and the bunnies!!

  55. Leslie Fischgrund says:

    Oh, I love Spilly Jane, and those penguins would be a cute gift for my sister. Please include me.
    I love the monthly costumes for your bunnies. It is interesting to see what you come up with each month.

  56. I love Spilly Jane patterns, and would love to win.

  57. Mary Alyce says:

    Huge Spilly Jane fan here. I would love to give this book a home in western Canada, where we know mittens!

  58. Cupcakes and mittens are a winning combination!

  59. Love Dottie and Inga in their new outfits. And I have so many of Spilly Jane Mitts in my favorites list on Ravelry.

  60. Love the Penguins. Thanks for the giveaway

  61. I’d love to win the Spilly Jane book. Her mitten patterns are wonderful! Please give Loki some chin scritches from me. 🙂

  62. Love Mittens and Spilly Jane. Please include me in the lottery!

    Thank you

  63. I would love the book! I just had both hands operated on this Summer and it’s time to start knitting, again!

  64. Spilly Jane is so clever and whimsical – I’m constantly amazed (and amused!) by her patterns.
    Faith´s last blog post ..The Brutiful

  65. Neat patterns!! My granddaughter would love the cupcake mittens!

  66. I’ve always loved Spilly Jane’s Mittens!
    Melanie´s last blog post ..Elektra off the needles and blocked

  67. Okay loving the penguins even though colorwork makes me homicidal.
    Tiny Tyrantt´s last blog post ..Almost Three Years

  68. Heather K says:

    Love Spilly Jane mittens, love your cowl, love Loki

  69. gnome mittens!

  70. Gah! Those colorwork mittens are the cute-ist. I want the cupcake and penguin ones on my mitts now!

  71. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful ebook.

  72. Marseille says:

    I desperately want that book! 🙂 Would love to win a copy!

  73. Sandra Kerr says:

    I love the dresses for Dottie and Inga, it’s one of my favorite parts of the month.
    And I’d love to win a book of mittens!

  74. I would love an e-book copy. I was all set to give a plea that my mailing address would be in the USA in a week, but an ebook solves that problem. Love SpillyJane. Such off the wall creativity.

  75. Love Spilly Jane’s patterns. Also the bunny’s dresses are adorable.

  76. Susan Deeter Murphy says:

    A disease named Reynaud’s,
    Causes Cold Hands and Toes,
    Wool Socks and Knit Mitts,
    Are the Rx that fits.

    If I won this book I would be so goofy, like Loki my fingers would be floofy.

  77. Soxy Jane says:

    I couldn’t see the penguins in the mittens at first, only star shapes. It’s kind of an optical illusion, looking at them sideways. Lovely mittens!

  78. Mittens are my favorite knitting project. i usually like worsted but maybe I should branch out into fingering weight yarn…….

  79. I love mittens! As a Minnesotan, we have a long cold season so need bright and fun knitwear to make it thru the season.

  80. This looks like a fun book! I have knit more mitts than mittens but these look challenging.

  81. SuthernGirl says:

    Those penguins won me over!

  82. I just bought yarn to make myself a new pair of mittens. So I could really use this mitten pattern book!

  83. Oh what wonderful mittens!! Dottie, Inga and Loki are looking pretty wonderful too!

  84. I love to knit mittens! This book looks great!

  85. Spilly Jane is marvelous, I’d love to win the mitten book!
    Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  86. Wendy, thanks for all the great give-aways! I’ve always wanted to knit mittens and would love to win Spilly Jane’s book.

  87. New mittens!! How wonderful!!

  88. paula henderson says:

    I love Spilly Jane patterns. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to try & win her book!

  89. Yea, Spilly Jane. I’d love to win this book.
    Loki is a fierce contender in the freestyle, and has lots of potential in the other lounging and sleeping style events. Good luck Loki!

  90. I love, love, love Spilly Janes’ designs! I spotted this as a new release from Cooperative Press a few days ago and have lusted after it ever since.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..I’ve Been Pinned!

  91. Deborah Glaus says:

    I love Spilly Jane’s patterns! This sounds like a great book!

  92. So cute! I would love to make penguin mitts!

  93. I would love this book. I have made her owl mittens, would love to try the penguin ones! Thanks

  94. Lestersmama says:

    Wouldn’t SpillyJane’s book be a lovely gift for my rapidly approaching birthday?

  95. Just what I need, winter is here!

  96. I think Loki is going for the gold!

  97. Dottie and Inga look very smart in their pilgrim outfits!! I hardly ever wear mittens in the great southwest, but I have lots of friends and relatives that live in colder climes!!

  98. Love to have the mitten book, as I am in serious need of replenishing mittens for fMily and me!

  99. Who doesn’t love penguin mittens! And Dottie and Inga’s newest dresses, those are adorable. 🙂

    Loki has the freestyle event in the bag. That’s not stopping my Turkish Van from trying for his place in the Freestyle sleeping Olympics.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  100. 1st of all…I think Dottie and Inga are absolutely adorable in their new dresses. Please enter me for a chance for the new mitten book. Thank you.