My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Another New Book and a Palate Cleanser

First, the winner of my review copy of Ami Ami Kittens: Seriously Cute Crochet! by Mitsuki Hoshi is Elaine, who has been emailed. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!

Next, check out this great new book!


This is Masterpiece Knits: The Modern Collection by Kate Chiocchio and Nancye McGill Bonomo. The book description, shamelessly lifted from Ravelry:

The team at Dragonfly Fibers are inspired by color but that’s not all. For this book, Kate Chiocchio and Nancye Bonomo of Dragonfly started by choosing paintings they loved that represented the full color spectrum of modern art.

Their goal was not an exact match between paintings and yarn; rather, they created colorways that best express what they appreciate about the works used.

Whether it’s bold blocks of color melding together at the edges of a Rothko (and attempting to create a similar effect on Dragonfly yarn) or challenging designers to develop knitwear inspired by particular works of art, Masterpiece Knits will surprise and delight you!

Are you familiar with Dragonfly Fibers? I have long been a fan of their gorgeous saturated colorways and have a fair amount of their yarn in my stash. I designed a cowl recently using their yarn.

I love the idea of this book — designs and colorways inspired by works of art! The designers represented are Toby Roxana Barna, Barbara Benson, Erika Flory, Rosi Garmendia, Tanis Gray, Fatimah Hinds, Danielle Nii, Meg Roke, Andi Smith, and Ann Weaver.

You can view all fifteen designs on Ravelry, here. Some of my faves:


This is “Morning at the Tate” by Meg Roke and it uses Dragonfly Fibers Pixie fingering weight. The pattern description: This unisex scarf combines the movement of the O’Keeffe painting and the boldness of modernism. The scarf features irregular strips of color stacked together at varying lengths apart. These burst of color are what really give the scarf punch, energy, and an urban feel.


Here is Rothko Beret by Rosi Garmendia – I love this colorway worked in this pattern! It’s Damsel sportweight.


And the Picasso Socks, by Fatimah Hinds. The patterning on these unisex socks, knit from Dragon Sock, stems from the lines in Picasso’s Paisaje Mediterraneo.

The book is available in hard copy from Dragonfly Fibers. This comes with a download code for the ebook version. You can buy just the ebook on Ravelry.

Or you can enter to win not only a copy of the ebook, but also the yarn to knit the Picasso Socks, shown above! To be entered in the drawing, leave a comment on this post by noon on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

And around here, I have a new shawl pattern!


In between my insane cowl patterns, I wanted to make something quick and easy — immediate gratification. So here is my Palate Cleanser Shawl.


It takes 800 yards of dk weight wool and is a combination of garter stitch and simple lace. You could use any weight wool to knit it. Choose a needle size that gives you a nice drape: a size or two larger than recommended for the yarn. You can also vary the patterns, working more or fewer rows of the garter and lace patterns.


You can knit this shawl using a gradient, a solid color, a variegated colorway, or work it in stripes of two or more colors. The pattern is written out: no charts.


The finished size: approximately 76” wingspan x 36” deep, at deepest point, lightly blocked.

The pattern is available for $3.00 in my Ravelry store.

I teleworked today, and now Loki is exhausted from “helping” me!



  1. Your Palate Cleanser Shawl is gorgeous!!! Loki is resting so he can supervise your knitting project!

  2. Very pretty, particularly in this week of the Wearing o’ the Green!
    sprite´s last blog post ten books on my spring tbr list

  3. The book is amazing. I have a book with a similar title but which actually recreates the art on sweaters (mostly). Knits that are inspired by art is much more what I was looking for. Thanks for bringing the book to my attention.

    It must be wonderful to have such a handsome assistant helping you when you work from home. 🙂

  4. Lynne S. says:

    Your shawl is fabulous! I agree with you, the gradient in this yarn is very good.

  5. I love Dragonfly and adore Kate. This book looks fab!

  6. Oh my word! Those socks are amazing!

  7. I haven’t tried knitting socks yet…but that yarn might just give me the incentive!
    Dizzy´s last blog post ..Upcycling!

  8. Shirley Gallagher says:

    OMG, I love the Picasso socks! I would love to win the yarn and ebook. Loki is so sweet looking when he’s asleep. Precious little nose.

  9. those are gorgeous socks! i love so many of the patterns in the book!
    – hodges00 on rav

  10. The Golden Landscape mitts have caught my eye! Thanks for the book link.

  11. Rusty Boyd says:

    Would love this book! I have several banks of Dragonfly.

  12. Alexandra Woods says:

    Would really love this book and the yarn for the socks,they look incredible. Thank you.

  13. Denise Nash says:

    Oh, such pretty socks! Would happily wear these under my blah old work scrubs to remind me of the beauty in the natural world.

  14. Awesome colors

  15. Monica Cortada says:

    Love those saturated colors!

  16. Oh my gosh, I would love to win this book. I love Dragonfly fibers yarns. That have really beautiful colorways. Thanks so much, Wendy!

  17. Sandra Kerr says:

    The shawl is gorgeous!

  18. Wow, this looks fun! Thanks for the chance . . . BTW – the shawl is gorgeous.

  19. Beautiful book and beautiful yarn!

  20. Beautiful patterns!

  21. The book looks fantastic, as does your shawl. And Loki is adorable as always.

  22. I look forward to seeing Kate and her yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May!!
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  23. Oh my heavens, I must knit the Picasso Socks! Gorgeous!

  24. Love your new shawl and want those socks!

  25. Jennifer T says:

    Love the idea behind the book. The patterns are interesting and lovely.

  26. alicia grayson says:

    Love the book and the yarns in it! Your shawl looks lovely too.
    alikat2004 on Ravelry

  27. Would love the book and enjoy your website

  28. Love Dragonfly Fibers!!

  29. Socks are my favorite thing to knit. Of course, I’love to win this book and yarn!

  30. Having spent much of my adult life as a museum curator, these patterns are just what I love. And Dragonfly Fibers dyes the most beautiful colorways on luscious yarns. win win win

  31. Linda (Elleyarn on Ravelry) says:

    I love the Masterpiece book inspiration and what a generous prize with the yarn too! Love the Palate Cleanser – perfect after finishing and before starting something complex!

  32. gorgeous yarn! love the sox – thanx for the chance to win the yarn to make them!
    ritainalaska´s last blog post ..a piece of this and a piece of that

  33. I would love to have this book. And the Monet socks — wow! (I’ve loved his work all my life.)

  34. Great patterns. Love the socks and it would be great to win the ebook and yarn to knit them too!

  35. Enjoy reading your blogs and updates

  36. Chris Reeske says:

    I would love to get the book and yarn, I once wove a rug based on Van Gogh’s room in Arles. And I pleased to buy your newest pattern, I just tried my hand at gradient dyeing and this would be perfect for the yarn==thanks.

  37. Your shawl is beautiful! I would like to win the book and yarn. Love Dragonfly Fiber’s colorways.

  38. Art + knitting? Sounds like my cup of tea!

  39. Teleworking was a smart move yesterday. I wonder how your shawl pattern would look in colors more like the Picasso socks? I’m not sure I’m ready yet for the bright greens of Spring.

  40. Your shawl looks great!

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  42. Those Picasso socks look pretty happy!

  43. Dragonfly fibers makes delicious yarn, I’d love to make those socks!

  44. Linda Beyer says:

    Would love a copy of the book and the yarn for the Picasso socks. Socks are always my travel project, would love to make these.

  45. Gina Zahra says:

    Such a beautiful book!! And poor Loki – he needs a raise 🙂

  46. Oh those socks are gorgeous! Also love your new shawl — very pretty.

  47. Wow, I love the yarn, and the book is wonderful. I would love to have. Thanks for the fun.

  48. Love it and the colors

  49. knittingdancer on Raverly says:

    Love your new shawl pattern and the Picasso sock yarn is beautiful.

  50. Those Picasso socks blow my mind!!

  51. What an amazing book! A nice addition to any knitters library.

  52. I love knitting socks and it would be fabulous to win the yarn!

  53. Gorgeous knitting pics, but I had to comment on Loki. What a gorgeous boy! Almost as gorgeous as my Loki (a seal-point Maine Coon)!

  54. ☘☘☘ Happy St. Paddy’ s Day. Would love to win book and yarn for sock! ☘☘☘

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  56. Another wonderful give-a-way.

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  59. Philhellene on Rav says:

    My comment: Oooh, these socks, this yarn…
    Lilly’s comment: Oooh, Loki…

  60. Gina in the SF Bay Area says:

    The book sounds intriguing. And the colors in the Dragonfly yarns are to die for.

  61. Roseann E says:

    Love, love, love, the bold colorways of the Dragonfly Fibers! What a great array of patterns in the book. I would love to make those Picasso socks, keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for yet another terrific giveaway!

  62. I love the yarn and want this book!! I love the inspiration and concept!

  63. Gwynne Lassiter says:

    I have this sock pattern fav’d and Queued. Wouldn’t it be great

  64. I also have more than a few skeins of Dragonfly Fiber yarn in my stash and have been drooling over the photos on Ravelry.

    By the way, your shawl is just gorgeous!
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  65. I love your new shawl! It would be great to try the yarn and pattern!

  66. celestine says:

    Love the yarn and would love to have this book I need your new shawl pattern as well.

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  69. Love the colors in your new shawl. I assume you teleworked because of the subway snafu?

  70. The Picasso socks look like fun!

  71. The designs in the book are perfectly suited to the beautiful yarns!

  72. would love to win! Hi to Loki the blog famous cat!

  73. Those socks look AMAZING! I’m new to knitting and just finished my first big project; socks are next on my list.
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  74. Christel says:

    I’ve knit with Dragonfly Fibers before, it is beautiful! Very nice book! Thanks for offering!

  75. Jane Kettlewell says:

    The book looks great. I love the sock yarn! I have never knit with Dragonfly fibers and would love to try it.
    Your shawl is gorgeous!!!

  76. Looks like a great book. The yarn is lovely as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. I had to run over to ravelry to buy Palate Cleanser pattern. I would love the new book- I’ve used Dragonfly fibers once and would another chance to use them. Thanks for the pattern and the offer of a book and yarn.

  78. Amy Schulze says:

    Love those socks! Your new shawl pattern is just what I need right now. Going on vacation and I don’t want anything too challenging.

  79. I LOVE Dragonfly! And that cardigan is calling my name. If I don’t win it, I’m definitely going to buy the book.

  80. Those socks are *wicked* cool. I’d love to make them! The smoothness of the gradient in your Palate Cleanser is amaaaazing. I can’t tell from your photos – is the shawl symmetrical or asymmetrical?

  81. Some really interesting designs in this book. And, those socks, WOW!
    Your new shawl is beautiful, love the gradient!

  82. Lovely, just lovely>

  83. Your Palate Cleanser is an interesting shawl. It looks easy enough but interesting enough. The yarn for the first book project should almost be called “Starry Night”. And I’m starting to think that Loki is just a puppet, he is such a laid back cat!

  84. I was unfamiliar with dragonfly until today… If love to win the book and yarn!

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  88. I’ve got a skienn of Dragonfly Fiber yarn all ready to make a pair of socks with. It’s lovely! Your shawl is beautiful. Poor Loki. You must be working his sweet little paws down to the bone!

  89. Your shawl is lovely, and the book looks fascinating.
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  90. love the socks.
    love the kitty!!!

  91. Love your new shawl Wendy! The book is great – I would knit the hats first, then the mitts, then the socks 🙂

  92. ikkinlala says:

    That looks like an interesting book!

  93. Hi Wendy! I’ll jump on the “We love your new shawl” truck with just about everyone else. It’s stunning! I’ll need to bookmark it and the gorgeous yarn/colorway to reference for my next cast on.
    Masterpiece Knits certainly does a great job of choosing great designs with less complexity so as to highlight Dragonfly Fibers spectacular colors. I’ve added The Laundress to my queue already!
    Marta´s last blog post ..Gettin’ My RBF On

  94. Phyllis Holder says:

    Love, love the socks! I need that book!

  95. What beautiful patterns to display that yarn. The shawl is beyond gorgeous; the colors so reflective of dragonfly wings.

    I’ll be adding the shawl pattern as soon as I post this.

    Thanks for a great design.

  96. From its beginning, the Dragonfly team has created amazing colorways & the pattern support has been outstanding, too. Love the ways the patterns in Masterpiece Knits continue that tradition!. Thanks for the chance for a copy in your giveaway.

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  98. Ah, Picasso! I love Picasso and those sock certainly live up the expectation!

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    Loki is as handsome as ever, of course 🙂

  100. Kristine M says:

    I love Kate Chiocchio & her patterns! Sign me up for this one!