My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Brooke Nico Does It Again

She’s back with a new book:


This is More Lovely Knitted Lace by Brooke Nico, newly published by Lark Crafts. It has sixteen patterns that are organized by basic shape: circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. You can view all the patterns here on Ravelry.

I’ve picked some favorites. From the “Circles” section, I love the DeBauliver Top.


It is knit from Heaven’s Hand Silke, a 1005 mulberry silk yarn. In the book they say it is DK weight, on Ravelry it is listed as worsted. It’s a multidirectional knit and I can only imagine how fabulous the drape is in the 100% silk yarn.

In the “Triangles” section, my pick is the Peony Tam.


The sample is knit from SMC Extra Merino, a dk weight wool and it is knit from the center out.

In the “Squares” section, the Holly Shawl really stood out for me.


It’s knit from Schoppel Wolle Leinen Los, another DW weight yarn that is a wool/linen blend. (I’m picking all DK-weight projects here — not done on purpose!) While labor-intensive (look at all those nupps!) I think the results are well-worth the effort expended.

And finally, in the “Rectangles” section, I love the Primrose Tunic.


Knit from Debbie Bliss Angel, a laceweight mohair/silk blend (it looks like it’s comparable to Rowan Kidsilk Haze), each panel features a meandering vine pattern and the sample is knit in three different colors. You could use different colors or do a smashing monochrome version!

The patterns are clearly written with nice big charts and the photography, by Carrie Hoge, is exquisite.

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in the drawing to win my copy of s More Lovely Knitted Lace, leave a comment on this post by noon next Sunday, April 17, 2016.


The winner of my copy of 60 Quick Cotton Knits: The Ultimate Cotton Collection in Ultra Pima™ from Cascade Yarns® is Kari M., who has been notified.

And the following people, identified by their Ravelry IDs have won cowl patterns from me: Sophy0075, PickleSoup, jdnrob, Ismenecat,Uny, SassyFrass, BCGramma, bufknitter, Swakins, knitandfiber, liso, monibknits, jdnrob, HLMauera, KaisaWM, Philhellene, brendac, and ccfan. Thanks everyone for weighing in on your favorites!

Excel for Knitting Charts

There were a number of questions in the comments after my last post, regarding using Excel for creating knitting charts. I do make the squares in my charts wider than they are tall so they more realistically resemble a knitted stitch. The ratio varies depending on the gauge of the item I’m working on, so rather than describe how I do it, I’ve uploaded a sample Excel Workbook that you can download, save, and use. I put a small chart in the corner and entered a few squares, using the Dingbat font, so you can see how to get started. Download here.


Now, you are on your own to figure out how to use it and make changes to it.

There was also a question sent to me about how I deal with the “jog” in colorwork when knitting in the round. For some of my cowl patterns, the ones knit “vertically,” I have a plain stripe of color at each side, so the jog is not visible. For the “horizontally” knit ones, it doesn’t seem to matter too much either. Here is my current cowl-in-progress shown at the beginning of the round:




Loki is showing off his toe-hawks.


  1. Ha. I was just looking at the patterns in that book last night! I’d love to win your review copy of it.
    We call that tufts between (his) toes and my xSo is always enchanted by them.

  2. Nice book – she’s got some lovely patterns in it.

  3. Thanks for the review. If I don’t win, I’ll have to buy a copy! I appreciate the Excel download – will come in handy.

  4. What a wonderful book.

  5. Love that tunic, too!

  6. I took a class from Brooke Nico several years ago, and would love to add this book to my library. Thanks for sharing!
    Robin V´s last blog post ..“Come to Redeem Us, Come to Deliver – Here is Hope!”

  7. I would love to have this book. The patterns look lovely! Thanks for the excel chart!
    Pat Hensley´s last blog post ..Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 4/8/16

  8. Gemma Wright says:

    Gorgeous patterns. I’d love to win it.

  9. Knitting lace now, and I’d love to knit some from this book.

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  11. I really like that tunic, too. Would never have the patience to knit the square shawl!

  12. Thank you so much for the excel tips. Love the wip as well.

  13. Susan James says:

    beautiful patterns!!!

  14. Deborah Smith says:

    Love your tips and that gorgeous cowl. What a wonderful lace book. The for the giveaway

  15. Roseann E says:

    I would love to win your review cott of this book! The Primrose Tunic is lovely, but I’d have to say that the Montauk sweater is my favorite pattern in the book. I’ll be buying this book, if I’m not fortunate enough to win it.

  16. Susan Picciano says:

    Oh how i love to knit lace! Would love to review this book. That tunic is fabulous!

  17. Beautiful patterns in this book!

  18. Paulette Schirmer says:

    I absolutely love lace knitting and can see the tunic as a great all season layering piece. I also would like to thank you for the Excel pattern suggestions.

  19. Rusty Boyd says:

    Have wanted to make more shawls. This might help!

  20. Thanks for the chance to win the book with so many beautiful patterns. Thanks also for the excel download. Beautiful colorwork on your cowl.
    Kathom´s last blog post ..Happy Easter to Ewe

  21. Sophy0075 says:

    Thanks for the cowl pattern! I like Nico’s book, but I’m staying quiet to give another knitter a turn.

    Thank you for offering the Excel workbook.I never thought Dingbats could be useful.

    Loki, I love your furry feet.

  22. I love to make lacey shawls and cowls, and I would love to win this book. Thanks, Wendy for the book review and the chance to win the book!

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  24. Oooh, yes, please sign me up for the drawing!

  25. I would love to have this book, the lace tunic is stunning. Love your blog by the way and am hooked on colour work because of your cowl.

  26. Birgit Rosenberg says:

    Lace knitting is my favorite – so much easier on the old hands

  27. I love to knit lace. Would like more information on silk yarn in DK or worsted weight. I’ve never imagined a yarn of that weight in silk. I would love to have the book on lace.

  28. Deborah Gajee says:

    Lovely designs.

  29. Sandra Kerr says:

    First off, thanks for the cowl! Now I have to decide which of my stashed yarn will do it justice. And I love lace, so totally wouldn’t mind winning the book.

  30. I’d love to add the book to collection. My lace collection started with Wendy Knits Lace. I’ve been following you ever sin ce. Thank you.

  31. Thanks for the chart- your posts are always helpful and a good read. You can put me in for the book draw too – it looks interesting.

    Alicia (alikat2004 on Ravelry)

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  33. Sarah Fuller says:

    Thanks for the offer. Would love the book. I love lace knitting.

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    Thank your for the offer! Love this cowl!

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  36. I am endlessly entertained by knitting lace. Beautiful patterns and I would know just what to do with the book. Thanks again for the chance.

  37. Amy Schulze says:

    I love Brooke Nico’s work. I took a lace class with her several years ago. Thanks to her, nupps aren’t so bad!

  38. I would love a copy, so beautiful!

  39. I took a class from Brooke Nico years ago. She’s a great teacher and designer. I would love to have her latest book. Thank you for sharing yours.

  40. Christiane Johnson says:

    OMG,the patterns you have chosen are exquisite. And there is more? And the date 4/17 is just in time for my birthday. Shameless that I am, asking for a present for the 19th. LOL..
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  41. Thank you for offereing this book! I’d love a copy.

    Thanks for the Excel tips too!

  42. Chris Reeske says:

    Thanks for the chart maker, I’d love the lace book.

  43. Vasiliki says:

    Such pretty patterns. I would love to win this book!

  44. I love to knit lace. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. elizabeth streeter says:

    I love the look of the square shawl bug would certainly want to see what else was made with the lacy I wear my shawl s all winter and give away a lot as well so always need more love your blog and just hope this comment goes through as often they wont

  46. I love so many patterns in this book. I would love to win a copy of this book and even if I don’t win I will definately be adding this book to my knitting library. Thank you Wendy and thank you Brooke for this awesome giveaway.

  47. Gina Zahra says:

    Such a lovely book!

  48. That tunic is gorgeous! I love doing lacework, and it completely mystifies my husband (pretty sure he thinks knitting is some sort of sorcery, haha)

  49. Charlotte says:

    They are all pretty, but I’d knit Primrose for my daughter as first choice, then DeBauliver for a friend.

  50. I love her stuff — took a class with her at Stitches West and she’s so talented and informative. Thanks!

  51. All the patterns are lovely but that tunic is calling to me.

  52. Thank you for the excel chart. Set up already and ready to adapt. Trying it out today for a mitten pattern.
    Lace patterns are nice. Had to check out the tam as you put it in the triangle section. Then I got the wedge idea…lack of caffeine strikes again.

  53. Lace is my jam – I would love to win this book!

  54. Shapes,love shapes

  55. Thanks for another chance to win what looks to be a great book! Thanks also for replying to my question about Excel and addressing it here as well.
    Charlene´s last blog post ..Another double gate fold card

  56. Another wonderful give-a-way, weeeeee!

  57. Chingachgook says:

    Thank you, Wendy, for the Excel chartlet–using the Dingbat font is a new one to me! And I can see immediate use for it.

  58. Brooke Nico is so talented. This looks like a beautiful book.

  59. Debbie M says:

    So many gorgeous patterns! Primrose is my favorite. Thanks, Wendy!

  60. I love how lace patterns turn out. This is a lovely book and the patterns in it are quite inspiring. I would love to win it. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I am just starting to knit lace, the more patterns the better!

  72. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book, Wendy.

  73. This looks like a very lovely book. Thanks for giving away your review copy!

    I don’t fuss too much with the jog in colorwork; it’s just part of knitting. Too laid back? Maybe, but whatevs!
    pdxknitterati/michele´s last blog post ..Inspinknity Blocking Wires Review

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    Thank you

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    It looks like there is a lot in that book to entice someone to step into the world of lace knitting. I’d like to be the next one 🙂

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  80. Helena Örnehed says:

    I’m still a little bit scared of lace but this looks like it has smaller projects and on different level. The hat looks very nice. I will definitely look it up (if I don’t win, that is :-))

  81. I could use a challenge. Please enter me.

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    Yep, pick me! Thanks, Wendy.

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    Ah, Lace – the love of my life! Brooke Nico has really put together a lovely assortment. Thanks again for a chance to win.

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    That tam looks like it would be my pick as well. Added the book to my Amazon wishlist just in case I don not win 🙂