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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Pool & Conquer

First of all, the winner of my review copy of  Weekend Wraps: 18 Quick Knit Cowls, Scarves & Shawls by Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre is knittingdancer who has been emailed. I just received another great new book, so look for a review and a giveaway for that soon.

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My Pool & Conquer is done!


To recap, this is a wrap/cowl designed by Martina Behm. I made mine from one skein of Wollmeise Lacegarn in the Franz colorway.

I love it as a cowl:


I love Martina Behm’s patterns — she has such clever ideas for unusual constructions that result in lovely wearable finished products. So when I heard the following, I was more than a little perturbed.

You probably know of DROPS Design — a Norwegian yarn company that offers thousands of free patterns in quite a range of languages on their website.

This pattern was pointed out to me. If it looks familiar, that’s probably because you are familiar with Martina’s pattern Lefty. I’ve compared the photos of the two patterns side by side and they are pretty darn close to identical. Martina’s pattern was published in 2012, the DROPS pattern was posted in their Autumn & Winter 2016/2017 collection. Looking at the DROPS pattern, I see it starts with the long edge and has you decrease down to the point while Martina’s pattern starts with just a few stitches and increases to many. I wonder — is that a big enough difference in a pattern to make it NOT a copyright violation?

I don’t know — I am not a lawyer and copyright issues are confusing. Whether this is an actual infringement or not, I think it is stinky (and that, my friends, is a bona fide legal term 😉 ). And I am told that people who left comments about the similarity of the DROPS design and Martina’s Lefty not only had the comment deleted, but were banned from the DROPS site.

Draw your own conclusions.

I love indy designers and I love Martina’s designs. Stuff like this just makes me want to support indy designers and eschew big companies all the more.


On August 2, 2013 this purring bundle of floof came to live with me.


Yesterday was my third Loki-versary. Seems like it was yesterday!


  1. Happy Loki-versary!!

  2. Happy anniversary to you both!
    sprite´s last blog post’s the limit, lemonade, and sharing the bounty

  3. Tiffanie says:

    I love Martina’s designs. The undulating pools of the Franz colorway are fantastic, your cowl is beautiful. Pool and Conquer is on my knitting wish list, but I’ve promised myself I will knit up more of my sock yarn stash before I allow myself to buy any yarn. Go Indy!

    And go Loki! He’s adorable.

  4. Very cool looking pattern. Martina is quite an artist, and I love her patterns. Where does she get all her inspiration? Loki looks so at home in front of the camera and very settled in his home.

  5. Yes, DROPS have totally stolen her idea. However the construction is different, the shapes between the leaves are different and the leaves themselves are slightly different. The odds of them coming up with this design without looking at Lefty are miniscule, and yet…. you can’t copyright an idea. The ethical thing to do would be to acknowledge the inspiration, but judging from their actions in removing comments, that will never happen.

  6. Annette Dufek says:

    Happy Loki-versary!!!

  7. Patricia says:

    Oh, what a happy day for both of you! Best wishes for many more Loki-Wendy-versatile!

  8. I like Martina’s designs also. Unfortunately I think this happens way too often.

    You use Wollmeise often. Where do you get it? I don’t see there is a US supplier and I’d love to try it.

  9. What an adorable picture of Loki – he looks like an alien! Happy Lokiversary!

    That sucks about Drops, I always like how they have so many many great free patterns. That’s a shabby thing for them to do – both the possible copyright infringement and the banning people. I don’t know which irks me more.

  10. Hi again – I just now poked around over at Drops pattern page you link to above, and there’s something curious going on – the “Comments” tab says there are 21 comments, but when I click on it I get a pop-up window that says, “There are no comments to this pattern. Add yours!”

    Hmmmm… gets curiouser and curiouser…

  11. Deborah Gajee says:

    Happy Loki-versary. May you have many more. I was looking for a third Camp Loopy project and did notice a DROPS pattern that looked similar to Martina’s. Thought it odd but let it go. Love Martina’s. I bought several for my Ravelry collection.

  12. Sophy0075 says:

    I am a retired lawyer, and spent my career in the computer industry, worrying about copyright issues, among other things (remember the Year 2000 glitch?)

    When I scrolled through Drops’ latest catalog – before you wrote your blog comment – my first thought when I saw that pattern was “that looks VERY familiar!” and “Lefty!”

    Frankly, this is not the first time I’ve seen so-called “designers” “produce” patterns that are (ahem!) rip-offs. The gall of some folks who publish a rectangular scarf in a stitch pattern previously published by Barbara Walker, etc, and who charge for their scarf pattern amazes me. That’s chutzpah, for sure. Under US copyright (and Norwegian law may differ), if one produces a design that is based upon another’s copyright (e.g., in a knitting pattern, the original design was in worsted weight, the “new” design is in fingering weight), one must obtain the approval of the original copyright holder to publish one’s derivative work.

    I’m with you. I support the small businesses!

  13. Sophy0075 says:

    Onto happier things. Your Pool & Conquer looks great. I definitely don’t understand the mathematics (I’m sure there’s math involved!) of how it works, but it’s cool that it does.

  14. Congrats to Loki and You for three years together and wishes for more wonderful kitty time together! I love the photos you post of her =^•^=
    Yes… Support Indy designers, dyers, fiber people and small businesses everywhere ~

  15. Chris Reeske says:

    I bought Lefty and will use it some day, so along with you and others Drops stinks on this one.
    Loki looks as fluffy and sweet as usual…Happy Lokiversary

  16. Shirley Gallagher says:

    Happy anniversary! You and Loki belong together for many years to come,

  17. Charlotte Nay says:

    Happy, Happy Loki-versary! May you’nes enjoy many, many more happy years together! <3

  18. Happy anniversary to you & Loki! That is interesting about the Drops pattern. I just ordered from them recently! Will re think that in the future!

  19. Happy Loki-versary! I hope you two have many mores years filled with purrs and headbutts!

  20. Venice Smith says:

    I was very disappointed to see that Garnstudio capitalized on Martina’s design. I’m frankly baffled that as a large, well known company they would feel compelled to use the ideas of others. I have seen this many times, sometimes even with your own patterns (I’m thinking of your last MKAL design). I have also seen independent designers “lift” their ideas and inspiration without providing credit. There is a particular blanket with a castle/gingerbread house on it that is a Barbara Walker design but being sold by this designer as her own. I won’t by from a designer (or company) that shows this lack of integrity.

  21. This has nothing to do with copyright infringement but brings to mind a comment I posted on the Zen Yarn Garden Facebook page saying that while I loved their yarn, and I do, I thought their shipping was on the high side. They not only deleted my comment, but also blocked me from their page. Guess they didn’t want any negative input either.

  22. Such a sweet Loki! Happy anniversary!

    I love Martina’s patterns, she helps me to think out of the box. I agree with you about people and companies who infringe on others creative work. If a company can’t handle criticism or complaints how are they going learn how to improve? I know some companies delete negative comments, but to then block the sender?! I am done done done with them! I will be passing on this information about Drops to my knitting group. Thank you Wendy!

  23. Sorry hit the post button in haste. Thank you for sharing Pool & Conquer by Martina, I ordered her pattern as soon as I saw it on your blog….just waiting for my yarn now!

  24. 3 years!!! Oh that cat. Louis the cat says happy Loki day.

  25. GeniaKnitz says:

    Some cats just fill up your whole heart; Loki is certainly one of them.
    My boys and I send the two of you best wishes for many more Loki-versaries.

  26. Cindy in Happy Valkey says:

    I’m currently knitting Martina’s Lefty pattern. (Actually I’ve been knitting it for two years.) love the pattern, but I have a short attention span. Martina should contact Drops and confirm that she’s noticed the too similar pattern. These companies count on people being intimidated. They also forget about the power of social media when used for good.

  27. Do you remember the Hanne Falkenberg design ‘Mermaid’ that everyone with a lot of spare cash was knitting a decade or so ago? There is a DROPS knockoff of that design too. This seems to be something they do.
    Does this blog have an RSS feed anymore? I’m trying to get it back into my live bookmarks and having a little trouble!
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Random rant about knitting patterns

  28. I love pooling, intentional or happenstance. Congrats on your FO: It looks extraordinary with your coloring! May you wear it in good health for many years to come.

  29. Lifting design ideas not only happens in knitting but also in counted cross stitch and in quilting.

    A well known quilting magazine published a fish quilt a decade or so ago that had the same design concept as an independent designer, who also produced templates for the design. When I first contacted them about the similarity, they told me that (a) that happens sometimes and (b) as I wasn’t the original designer, I couldn’t prove otherwise (even though I sent them a copy of my pattern (which I was quite tickled that I actually found!!!). So, through the Internet and the help of a chat room or two, I found the original designer and tipped her off (as she DID have a say!!!). I don’t know EXACTLY what happened, but the original designer got recognition (and either a VERY GOOD advertising rate or free advertising).

    So, I would suggest that you contact Martina, include the information that you sent DROPS…and let Martina roll with it.