My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


August Camp Loopy Project

I started my Camp Loopy project right on time on August 1. I am knitting Kallara, a shawl pattern by Ambah O’Brien. Funny story there.

I bought the pattern in early July, shortly after the designer released it. I picked out two yarns from my stash and started knitting it in mid-July, after I completed my July Camp Loopy project. I was just not feeling the colors I selected, so I ripped it out and returned the yarn to my stash. I selected two different yarns and started again. And again, I was not feeling the colors together and ripped it out again.

But I really wanted to knit the shawl, and it fit the parameters required for the August Camp Loopy project, so I picked out two more yarns. I gave the selection a lot of thought, and purchased this from The Loopy Ewe:


This is Shalimar Yarns Enzo Sport in the “Bees Knees” and “Sand Dollar” colorways. I purchased two skeins of each colorway for a nice big shawl. I started knitting.

When I had around 50 rows completed, I realized that I had messed up the rate of increase because I did not read the pattern closely enough. Yeah, I thought I could remember what to do from having started it twice before. So I ripped it out, yet again.

But the fourth time was the charm!

The moral of this story: don’t be a Know-It-All like me. Read the pattern!


The photo above shows my work shortly before I completed working the increases. Because I have more yarn than the pattern calls for, I weighed the yarn before starting and worked the increases until I had used up just under one-third of the yarn (as the pattern said should be used up at this point) rather than knitting to the number of stitches indicated in the pattern. I wanted my shawl to be bigger: a soft warm cozy wrap.

I am now knitting the first decrease section (after reading the pattern very carefully). I am loving this color combination (thankfully!) and I love the shape of the shawl.


The yarn is lovely — my first time using Shalimar Enzo Sport, and definitely not my last. I’ve used Shalimar Breathless a number of times and loved it. The darker shade I am using here, Bees Knees, is such a gorgeous mix of shades of orangey gold. I think of honey while I knit.


Loki thanks you all for your good wishes for our Loki-versary last week. He says he has put a lot of work into training me, so he thinks he’ll keep me.


  1. Lovely yarn, beautiful colors, great shape. (I’m knee-deep in afghans right now, but am itching to cast on another shawl. Soon 😉
    Barbara´s last blog post ..Pattern | Angletyn Afghan

  2. Sophy0075 says:

    This pattern looks very tempting. And Loki looks very adorable, as usual.

  3. Beautiful! Love your color choices!

  4. OOoh, beautiful! The colors really work! Subtle but still the pattern shows. Simply lovely.

    That pattern looks like it would be interesting using two complimentary Noro coloryways.

  5. Just wanted to add that I just now clicked through the projects for this pattern on Ravelry. I am guessing you are not alone in struggling to find the pitch-perfect color combo: The pattern has those two geometric thingies going on – the stripes plus the zag – so looking at the projects it seems easy to over-shoot: with too strong colors that make the eyeballs throb, or under-shoot and the pattern disappears.

    … I can’t believe I logged back on to state the obvious, lol, but yeah, I’d frog three times to get this right, too…

  6. Tiffanie says:

    Loki, you have the most amazing toe floof. Please, show us your toe beans? 😉

    And Wendy, your Kallara’s colors are lovely. That pattern is intriguing. I can see that it would be fun to knit more than once!

  7. Charlotte says:

    Thank you very much Wendy!!
    Sometimes I also have restart after restart with the yarn choice or yarn color or gauge or stitch, but I didn’t know the experts did.
    Note, I don’t count marketing folks who think we’ll buy “x” weird / crazy colors as experts in any way, but you are an expert 🙂
    I won’t fuss at myself so much the next time.

  8. Good to know that you rip things out a lot too! Have been doing that frequently lately and thinking I was incompetent. Your yarn choices look pretty with Loki;O))

  9. Hattie Tavares says:

    I love your color choices, I haven’t really been drawn to this pattern until I saw yours!