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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Self-Striping Yarn Studio

I’ve got a great book to review today:


This is Self-Striping Yarn Studio by Carol J. Sulcoski, published by Sterling Publishing. Publication date is August 16, but it is available now — the link above will take you to the book on Amazon.

This is a collection of patterns that use — you guessed it — self-striping yarn for all the designs. But it is a lot more than just a pattern collection. The book starts with a wonderful comprehensive section “All About Self-Striping Yarn.” This section explains how self-striping yarns work, talks about segment length, discusses gradients vs stripes, and pretty much explains everything you could possibly need to know while working with these fun yarns.

The patterns are organized by yarn weight: fingering, dk, and worsted. I could not find the patterns on Ravelry, so just picked a few favorites to show here:


This is the Hexagon Sweater, designed by Amy Gunderson. It is knit from Wisdom Yarns Saki Bamboo, a self-striping fingering weight wool/bamboo blend. The yarn does all the work here for the color changes and the result is a gorgeous complex-looking sweater! The difficulty rating is intermediate.

Next up:


Chamounix Mittens, designed by Carol Sulcoski, knit from Schachenmayr Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos. The cuffs are knit from Schachenmayr Regia Silk. These are sock yarns, but look how well they work for mittens!

Moving on to DK weight patterns:

This is the Fairfax Baby Jacket designed by Carol Sulcoski, made from Schachenmayr Regia 6-fadig Color Stripemania — a DK weight sock yarn. Again, the striping in the yarn does a lot of the work for you. This design is rated easy to knit.

Also in the DK weight section:


The Hillaire Pillow, also designed by Carol Sulcoski, made from KFI/Noro Taiyo sport, a cotton/wool blend. This is an easy knit and looks like such fun!

And from the Worsted weight patterns:


The Tracks Scarf, designed by Erika Flory and made from KFY/Noro Silk Garden and Plymouth Galway Worsted. Another easy to knit design that gives striking results — it reminds me of stained glass!

The publisher has thoughtfully offered up a copy of the book for my giveaway so I can selfishly keep my review copy. If you are in the USA or Canada, you can enter the drawing for this book:

Leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am Eastern Time, Sunday, August 14, 2016 and I’ll select a winner at random at that time.

By my next blog post I should have a completed Kallara Shawl to show.

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  1. yolanda v says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Kallara Shawl .
    Love the Hexagon Sweater!

  2. Loki may not be impressed but I am!

  3. I would love to knit the Fairfax Baby Jacket for my next grandbaby (due in Dec.).

    Tell Loki not to get over excited! He’ll have trouble getting to sleep.

  4. Loki prefers solids- the classic look. Count me in

  5. Love this book idea – sounds wonderful. Love the Baby Jacket for my grand baby due any day.
    RAV ID: Ettenna

  6. sandy downs says:

    The mittens are tooo cute.

  7. I love self-striping yarns, and they show up beautifully in these patterns! Looks like a great book–thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Neat book, whatever Loki thinks.

  9. I have a large stash of sock yarn. This might help me find patterns other than just socks. I’d love the copy.

  10. What a great idea for a book! Would love to win a copy.

  11. Patricia A Stanko says:

    Lovely book and lovely patterns…would love to own it

  12. Kallara shawl has to be my next project.
    Thanks for featuring it!!!

  13. Thanks, Wendy, for a chance to win this book! I love self striping yarns, so I would love to have this book. I always enjoy your posts and book reviews. Loki is adorable, but as the owner of three amazing kitties, of course I love seeing him in your posts!

  14. So pretty! That Hexagon sweater is amazing. Yes, please, sign me up 🙂

    Loki sez: “I choose not to self-stripe, TYVM.”

  15. I love self-striping yarns. Can’t wait to see what happens next. And, of course, everyone thinks you’ve worked really hard to get those results. Would love to have a copy of this book.

  16. Linda G Howell says:

    Patterns for self-striping yarns? I’m in!

    Give Loki a nuzzle from WV.

  17. My birthday is next week. This book would be a GREAT present. I really enjoy working with self striping yarns. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Susan Picciano says:

    Loki is just so cute!

  19. Love the idea of a book full of self striping yarn projects!

  20. Wheeeee! Nice book!

  21. Those are some great patterns and I do love self striping yarn. Looks like a book i need to put on my wish list for sure.

  22. Looks like a fun book to use!

  23. Beautiful patterns, looks like a great book!

  24. This looks so great…..I would love to try it…..I love self striping yarn!

  25. Love self striping yarn!

  26. Donna Cook says:

    That baby jacket is so cute. I would love to win the book.

  27. I love self striping yarn. It makes a lot of projects look complex. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book.

  28. Valerie brown says:

    I’m a huge fan of self striping yarns and would love to get a copy of Carol’s book!

  29. Beautiful patterns, especially the motif sweater!

  30. That’s a lot of comments already!

  31. Deborah Gajee says:

    Ooohhh!! I met Carol at Stitches East. I won of her books at Marly’s pajama party. I love it. The lucky winner will love this one too.

  32. I would love to have this book. I have another of her books, and I love it. Very well written, patterns are mostly easy to follow.
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy. Give Loki a neck sketch from me.

  33. I’m enamoured with self striping yarns and would love this book!

  34. Sophy0075 says:

    Oh, I love the self-striping baby sweater- what a great “go-to” shower gift!

  35. Teresa Schuman says:

    This looks like a book that I would love!

  36. This book looks very interesting and I need ideas for self striping yarns. I hope I win it

  37. My favorite kind of yarn. I love taking patterns for regular yarn and changing them up by using different striping yarn. The book would be neat

  38. celestine says:

    I love self striping yarns. I have often wondered the differences.

  39. Anne Patton says:

    I need this book.

  40. Beverly Shearon says:

    Love self-striping yarns and would love this book. I like that there are some easy patterns in it.

  41. elizabeth says:

    What a cool idea for a book! I feel intimidated by self-striping yarns and think a book addressing these types of yarns would be really helpful.

  42. Thanks for the chance at this great book!
    Anxious to see your shawl.
    Hi Loki (didn’t want to forget our star)

  43. Self striping yarn is my favorite type to play with! Thanks for the opportunity to win the book!

  44. I have been a long user/lover of striping yarns especially Noro and Opal, but there are now so many to choose from that this book sounds like a perfect match for my striping stash!

  45. julie sall says:

    Given how much self-striping yarn I have this would be a welcome addition to my knitting library!

  46. Jean Palionis says:

    I love new books with new ideas. Self striping yarn is really fun to work with.

  47. Love to have a copy of this . . . . have been a huge Noro fan from the beginning and quite a stash has accumulated at my house! This will be on my ‘buy’ list for sure.

  48. Jennifer T says:

    What a fun looking book. I’m anxious to see the rest of the patterns.

  49. I would love to learn more abut striping yarns and how best to work with them – thanks for the opportunity!

  50. I would love to understand self striping yarns, too. THanks for offering up a copy!

  51. I love self stirping yarn, knit an easy project and make the yarn do all the work!

  52. Beverley Francis says:

    Yes please !! Random dyed yarns my favorite. Many thanks for the chance. 🙂

  53. Chris Reeske says:

    Love the look of this book, would like to try some patterns.

  54. I really love the look of thone mittens made with fingering g yarn. Would love to knit them.

  55. Mary Tole says:

    I think the stained glass scarf is quite interesting. Thanks for the drawing.

  56. What a great book for the self-striping yarns available now.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely patterns, and the yarn does much of the work!

  58. Hmmmmmm…. The patterns in this book definitely look interesting and I would love to see how it all works. I think the patterns would feel complex and still be interesting. Thank you and the publisher for the chance to win. Hi, Loki!

  59. What a nice book! Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. What an excellent resource for that yarn! Thanks for the offer.

  61. Looks like a really fun book! Thanks.

  62. Count me in I’ve loads of self striping yarn

  63. I’m a big fan of self striping yarns, you have to keep knitting just to see the next color.
    I love that last worsted scarf, just beautiful

  64. What a great idea for a book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Love, love, love self-striping yarn!

  66. Monica Cortada says:

    Wendy’s review got me curious about the introduction’s discussion of striping techniques, lengths, etc. Now I’d like to read it. I’ve always wondered how interchangeable striping patterns are with other striping yarns. It sounds like knowing about striping length would be a way to figure out if a pattern would work with a yarn other than the one it was designed with.

  67. Tracy R Beck says:

    I would really, really, really love to win this book. I really want to make that hexagon sweater, in that same exact yard, really!

  68. Joyce Talley says:

    I would love to have this book! Thanks for giving a copy away!

  69. I like the pillow. It looks like it would be fun to knit.

  70. The top sweater convinced me that I need this book. Had given up on self-striping (except for stash), but this may change my mind.

  71. Oooooooo. I so love self striping yarns.

  72. I would love to knit that baby jacket!

  73. I try to be good and not enter for every book you review, although I am always super tempted, but I can’t let this one pass. I just *know* there are things to be done with self-striping, gradient yarns that are beyond my figuring out. I am so happy that someone has put a book together with what look to be fantastic patterns.

  74. This book looks like it has a lot of useful information. I know I often buy yarn for the beautiful colors and then dont know how to take advantage of those colors. love the patterns.

  75. Another great give-a-way.

  76. carmelle Tidd says:

    I love self-striping yarn. This book would be a fantastic way to use more of it. I need to learn to spin self-striping yarn so I could knit the patterns from the book.

  77. I am loving that hexagon sweater. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  78. I love the look of that pillow. I only have the pillows that came with my couch and slipcover, so knitting that would be infinitely more interesting. Count me in for the drawing.

  79. Sue Horowitz says:

    The samples of the patterns in this book are amazing. So many options for self-striping yarn.
    I’d love to win the book to learn more about self-striping yarn and try some of the gorgeous patterns. Thank you.

  80. Looks like an interesting book and I have some babies for that little jacket! Count me in.

  81. That book looks really interesting.
    Loki is handsome as always.

  82. Looks like a great book for using self-striping yarn……I better keep my amount a secret!

  83. I would love to try some of the patterns for gifts for family and friends!

  84. JillSusan says:

    would love a chance to win the book…Loki says I can knit something wonderful with the instructions therein.

  85. Gina in the SF Bay Area says:

    OMG, i love, love, love Noro yarns and the way they use them in their patterns. i got my first taste of Noro doing the classic striped scarf, and have done at least a dozen since then.

  86. Love the look of that hexagon sweater. Really clever!

  87. The book looks good! I love self striping yarns! Loki doesn’t look too excited about it though;O))

  88. This looks like a great book. It’s fun using striping sock yarn for things other than socks. And I have that exact color of Arne and Carlos yarn!

  89. love self striping yarn and I have lots. This book would be put to good use.

  90. Love the Hexagon sweater! And those mittens!! If I don’t win the drawing, I’ll be putting this book on my wish list. Loki should learn to contain his enthusiasm.
    AnnBan on Rav

  91. I love that baby sweater. Definitely going on my list.

  92. Great idea for a book. I really like the scarf. Thanks for the contest.

  93. Heather Koncz says:

    have a ton of self-striping yarn, this book would certainly help me de-stash, right, Loki??
    Seriously, the book looks interesting and the hex sweater is a ”must make”.

  94. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. I have a lot of self striping yarn: lets just admit I have a lot of yarn! Loki is so handsome!

  95. I have really liked these striping yarns. Its fun to see what color is coming up next.

  96. Birgit Rosenberg says:

    I would love to knit that purple sweater.

  97. Nice of the publisher to offer you a book for us! Looking forward to seeing these designs knit up by others.

  98. I would love to understand the “ins and outs” of self striping yarns……..

  99. Self striping yarn is my crack. Haha ?

  100. The patterns you chose to show are very nice and tempting. It would be a wonderful book to have.