My current work in progress:

Summit by Sloane Rosenthal, knit from Rowan SoftYak DK in shade 254 Canopy.

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It Grows

My big at-home colorwork project is growing. See?


I am a couple of inches away from the start of the armholes. I am doing a simple drop-shoulder design so I’ll insert steeks and keep on knitting.

Loki can barely contain his excitement!


Hitchhiker Beyond

Those of you who said that my new lunchtime project is Martina Behm’s new pattern Hitchhiker Beyond are correct!


A couple of weeks ago I got a surprise in the mail — some gorgeous handspun yarn from my friend Leslie.


I love that Leslie thought of me and spontaneously sent me some of her beautiful work for no reason that than that she is a lovely person. I loved coming home from work to a mysterious package and the contents definitely made my day. Heck, they made my week!

The yarn is a merino silk blend, 2-ply sport/dk weight, and there are approximately 350 yards of each color. As soon as I saw it, I thought “striped garter stitch shawl!” And then a couple of days after I got it, Martina released her new pattern. It was meant to be!

I worked a little swatch in stripes to decide on a needle size, and settled on a U.S. size 6. Working Hitchhiker Beyond in stripes instead of one color is working out beautifully — I don’t even need a row counter because I can see at a glance when I need to bind off for the points.

The two colors of yarn complement each other so nicely. Knitted up, you don’t see the blue bits in the brown/tan yarn nearly as clearly as you see them in the skein, which I find interesting. But they do look lovely together, don’t they?


My progress is slow because I am knitting this only in stolen moments here and there. I do a couple of rows while I eat lunch, or if I only have a few minutes. My “big” project is bulky and heavy now, so I don’t want to drag it out if I only have 15 minutes of knitting time.

I weighed the yarn before starting so I can knit my shawl by weight — I want to be sure to use all of the yarn!

Happy Labor Day!

Loki and I are in the middle of a lovely holiday weekend. When he is not in my lap, he is never far away:


He barely fits in his cat cup!