My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Double the Fun

Day Eighteen of the FrankenScarf and things are getting . . . long.


I have something else pretty spectacular to look at. This:


This is Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous, a new eBook by Alasdair Post-Quinn. You can purchase an eBook version on Ravelry, as well as order a print/download combo via the author’s website.

The book has 14 patterns, all viewable here on Ravelry, but it is so, so much more! It is over 200 pages long, and has pretty much everything you need to know about every nuance of double-knitting, including step-by-step illustrated instructions for many, many techniques:


And if that were not enough, the patterns are awesome! My favorites:


This is Ferronnerie, a pretty tam that is worked in double-knitting entrelac. I didn’t know double-knit entrelac was possible, but here is proof! The sample os worked in Quince & Co. Finch, a fingering weight wool.


This necktie pattern is called Twice as Sexy, the name taken from the yarn used to work it: Buffalo Wool Company Sexy, which is a bison down/silk blend laceweight.


Waterford Crossing is a gorgeous geometric wrap, worked in The Plucky Knitter Oxford, a fingering weight merino/cashmere blend.

Anyway, if you are interested in double-knitting and what to make some really stand-out accessories, this book is for you.

And I have bene authorized to give away a copy of the eBook to one of my readers!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post and tell me which of the 14 designs from the book is your favorite and why. Contest closes noon this Wednesday, December 21, 2016, at which time we will select a lucky winner.



Loki is practicing his selfie skills!


  1. Helen Mathey-Horn says:

    Wow some great ideas. I like the Atyria cap and also the Eureka…especially as it looks like Sierpinski triangles.

  2. Elaine in NYC says:

    I’m particularly taken with Adenydd, even though it would be a little large for me.

  3. Love his double knitting. One day I will get up the nerve to try one!

  4. Waterford Crossing, definitely, since wearing my knitted art any which way is best in show.

  5. Teresa Collins says:

    Spring Willow is my favorite, love double-knitted lace! PLEASE pick me to win this excellent book which I would use!

  6. That book looks wonderful! Beautiful scarf and Loki, too!

  7. Hexworth shows off nicely, and I love hexagons.

  8. Hesperos for sure. I like the design of Abaciscus but would do it as a scarf. I find most long loop scarves to extend out to far to be wearable for me.

  9. Hesperos for sure

  10. Waterford Crossing! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love geometric shapes and I’m very intrigued by the double knitting.

  11. I’ve been lusting after his books & Craftsy class forever! Waterford Crossing would be the first thing I’d want to try as I love shawls but several of the hats also catch my eye. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. acp in NOVA says:

    I love the hats–all of them. But if I have to name just one to knit it would be “Kontinuum”. As for one to wear it would be “Heartbound Again”.

  13. Hesperos- spirals and geometric shapes are just fascinating to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Janice in GA says:

    While Waterford Crossing made me exclaim loud enough to startle my sister, Adenydd is the first one I’d make if I had the book. What a glorious shawl!

  15. Linda Gustafson says:

    My favorite is SPRING WILLOW for several reasons. I like the stitch pattern, I like that it’s a cowl, I like the size of the cowl and I do love your color choices! Looks like a fun book……

  16. It is really hard to pick only one pattern, but if forced into that corner, it’s Heartbound Again. I’d really like to be a little adventurous and try some double knitting techniques. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  17. My favorite is Atyria II. What a talent!

  18. Laura Grams says:

    Kontinuum! What a great hat pattern! I just love it!

  19. Patricia Stanko says:

    I love the Waterford crossing. I recently took a class on double knitting at stitches and would love the book.

  20. Shelley Dawson says:

    Twice as sexy! With a husband, five sons and a son-in-law a tie pattern sounds perfect and double knitting is new to me.

  21. Deborah Gajee says:

    Heart bound Again is my favorite. I love knitting hats and love the twisty and twirly waves of thisnone.

  22. Spring Willow has been on my list of things I must knit one day, but that hat, Atyria II, really sings to me. So beautiful and elegant.

  23. Elayne Alexander says:

    I’d have to say atyria ll though I also like hexworth. I like them both as I can see myself wearing them and knitting them.

  24. I think my favourite right now is Atyria II, because it reminds me of spring plants.

  25. allyn josey says:

    ADENYDD! without a doubt. He has always been such an inspiration to me. Going above and beyond to lift us up to challenges and skills worth exploring. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for this. And a very happy, happy to you and the little prince,

  26. Linda Newcomb says:

    Love the geometric look of Waterford Crossing. Looks like it can be worn several different ways. I like that.

  27. Denise Nash says:

    Spring Willow!!! It’s beautiful and so is its name.

  28. I would love to make the Adenydd shawl! It looks like a wonderful challenge.

  29. I love them all, but I would say my favorite is Rustle of Leaves. I just love the way the scarf ruffles and the colors are so beautiful. I would love this book!

  30. Wow… Hard to pick just one. Spring Willow!

  31. Such beautiful pieces. I particularly liked the Ferronnerie hat and also the Waterford Crossing shawl.

  32. I really like heartbroken again. It looks fun.

  33. Ruth Schoof says:

    Oh, what fun! I’d love to give Waterford Crossing a whirl!

  34. Wow, those patterns are amazing. They make me remember why I started knitting in the first place. I think my favorite is “Heartbound Again” because it has such a 3-D sense to it, but honestly it’s a tough call because they are all clever and interesting and make me want to learn to double knit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Never did double knitting before! Are you going to make something from this book, Wendy? Would love to see it. My favorite is the Hexworth scarf. I love all things hexagon and the words “hexagonal lattice” have me hooked. The description also says that it has very little color changing, which is good! Thanks, Wendy.

  36. I really like “Adenydd”. It reminds me of a bird in flight when it’s spread out. When it’s wrapped, it’s designs are so intriguing. Alasdair is a true genius. Thanks for the preview.

  37. I think I like Ferronerie best because I like entrelac and learning new ways of doing old things. Though frankly I might convert it to a scarf – or poncho – because I am not too wild about berets-just entrelac! All the designs are interesting however.

  38. Sandra Kerr says:

    I really like the Adenydd, because I love shawls, and think the design of this is just lovely.

  39. ROBIN DIEBOLD says:

    I love Waterford Crossing. I like to knit shawls and I’m intrigued by the shape of this one.

  40. Double knitti,g is so interesting!

  41. Kristi Harbage says:

    Wow. I finally figured out how to leave a comment on your blogspot. I love all the patterns but would love to make Waterford Crossing because it looks like something I could wear iin Norris h Carolina in the winter.

  42. There are so many interesting patterns in this book, many of which I’d love to knit. The first one that I’d cast-on would be Kontinuum. I’ve already used Anne Berk’s technique for intarsia in the round in several projects with great results, and this pattern builds on her technique. Also, I’m drawn to the strong geometric lines of the colorwork.

  43. Waterford Crossing or Heartbound Again.

  44. I especially like Atyria II, and Loki

  45. Too many to chose a favorite. I do like Adenydd.

  46. Wendy, it can be hard for me to single knit…but, I am game. I did my first lace on a knit along with you a few years back and it turned out to my liking (far from perfect) but nice.

  47. Jean Palionis says:

    Uh-uh-uh, I like the warm and cozy looking wrap Adenydd! Looks like a challenge, but I certainly would give it a try if I could win this book. Thanks to everyone.

  48. Waterford Crossing is adorable and Heartbound again I would knit first………….

  49. Adenydd looks gorgeous. Have been wanting to try double knitting for ages. Like the Tam as well.

  50. The patterns are fascinating. I especially like the Atyria II. I like that it feels organic in nature.

  51. 1. I love tams, 2. I love working entrelac 3. I don’t speak French but guessed that “ferronnerie” had something to do with wrought iron: therefore, it is fate that I choose Ferronnerie.
    I don’t have much experience with double-knitting, but I love the concept of twice the knitting, twice the pretty, twice the satisfaction.

  52. I love Hesperos! The beautiful geometric shapes caught my eye immediately, it would look great in any bold colour combination. Besides that, I didn’t know that there were different techniques of double knitting, I would love to learn how to use them!

  53. I just have to get that book if I win it or not! Waterford crossing would be first on the list. Thanks for the chance.

    Merry Xmas


  54. Monica Cortada says:

    Wow! What color popping combinations. I really like all the patterns. I’d probably try Atyria II first in a red and white to go with the new commuter coat I bought for this winter.

  55. Rusty Boyd says:

    The patterns are amazing

  56. Love the Ferronnerie Hat. The way the top decreases end up is spectacular!! Wendy, thanks for the opportunity to be in the drawing for a copy of the book. Whether I get extremely lucky and win or not I know that this book will become part of my library in the new year.

  57. Nancy Maushak says:

    Wow, I am dawned to the hats. But if have to pick one it is the Tam ferronnerve purely for the challenge! Two tough (at least for me) techniques in one project.

    By the way, love your scarf.

  58. This is definitely not your glass of wine and some knitting evening! All of his designs are beautiful but the mittens would have to be my pick. Double knit mittens make me feel warm just thinking about them.

  59. Annette Schipf says:

    Love the designs in the book – especially Atyria II, oh & Adenydd, oh & Rustle of leaves, oh & … You get the picture. But Atyria II is my very, very favorite of all. If I had to pick one…
    Rav ID: Ettenna

  60. Hard to choose but I choose Kontinuum because one can never have too many hats & I would love to knit this!

  61. I really like all the patterns, but I think my favorite was Eureka -it would be a good first project to explore double knitting. I also liked Kontinuum-I would just like to knit all the projects in the book!

  62. Waterford Crossing – for sure! Love double knitting, Celtic symbols and what an intriguing shape / design.

  63. Kontinuuim is gorgeous and my favorite although I think they are all lovely.

  64. Julie Castle says:

    I want to make all but one of the patterns…I live in retirement land and we don’t do ties! I would start with Adenydd because the name is Welsh and it’s gorgeous! I want to learn how to do double knitting. 2016 was about color…2017 will be double stitching and other impossibles!

  65. It was a tough choice. I can see myself knitting several of these pieces. I think Hesperos is #1, though.

  66. I love all of Alisdair’s designs, but I really like Kontinuum and Ferronnerie. Kontinuum is not just your aveage hat design and would be a good start for double knitting, and Ferronnerie because it combines two techniques. Both would be super warm.

  67. I love Kontinuum, the spiral is awesome!

  68. Cheryl King says:

    I love all of the designs,but Hexworth is the one I want to knit. I love the way the pattern looks different depending on which side of the scarf you view.

  69. This is really a hard one as I like several of these patterns. I think the first one I would try is Abaciscus cowl, why not start big, right?

  70. Alex from da 'Burgh says:

    Interesting patterns. It’s a hard choice between Heartbound Again, Hesperos, and Ferronnerie for me.

  71. I like Hesperos and Twice as Sexy because those are items I’d knit for my new hubby.
    The best part of this offer is the thorough how-to that you mentioned. I haven’t tried double knitting because of the intimidation factor; I’m hoping for this book to help me get past that.


  72. I’ve been drooling over some of the patterns from this book. Please sign me up for a chance to win! ๐Ÿ™‚ Purrs to Loki. >^..^<

  73. Some double knitting sounds perfect for cold days!!!

  74. Waterford Crossing is great and one I would make and wear. Very unique scarf, shawl wearable.

  75. It was extremely hard to choose a favorite, but I think I will have to pick Atyria II. The design reminds me of beautiful leaves and vines, and I’m a ‘flower girl.’ I even love the color scheme chosen for the sample in the book! I would love to knit an exact replica! I have been wanting to try double knitting, and this book looks like the perfect place to begin.

  76. Oh, what a beautiful collection of patterns! I think my immediate favorite is Atyria II. I usually don’t care for hats, unless they have unusual construction, but something about the mixture of organic and structured patterning really struck me. Of course, this may change the next time I look at the collection again. All the patterns are so gorgeous!

  77. Atria II is my favorite. I love the colors in the sample and the art nouveau style.

  78. LaVelle Nott says:

    Waterford Crossing is my favorite. I love the shape and versatility of this shawl/scarf. and to think it is double thick to keep my shoulder warm.

  79. My favorite are the Ranelva mittens. I’ve been looking for a mitten pattern and this caught my eye. I would love to make these.
    Merry Christmas!

  80. I like Twice as Sexy; I’ve been working on a silk-blend, laceweight knitted tie and this one looks good. I’m going to line my own with silk fabric but with double knitting, there’s no need!

    Loki looks so happy. He really is adorable.

  81. Abasicus is my favorite because I like longish cowls. I’ve done a lot of double-knitting in the past and I’m certain I own Alastair’s first book on double knitting. I made the crow scarf and I’ve loved double-knitting since.

  82. My double knitting experience is pretty limited, but I really like it for extra cold weather.

  83. I love the look of Adenydd and want to knit Ferronerie, but Waterford Crossing is my favorite

  84. So many wonderful patterns! My favorite is Atyria ll, followed by Waterford Crossing, Adenydd and Heartbound Again. Thank you for giving this book away!

  85. Charis White says:

    So many pretties! Waterford Crossing may be my favorite, though, for the Celtic knots.

  86. Martha Rice says:

    I can’t make up my mind between Spring Willow and Waterford Crossing. I’ve made an early New Year’s resolution to learn new techniques. This book will be a great way for me to accomplish that resolution. Happy holidays!

  87. Happy Holidays Wendy. I really like all of the hats. I think they would all be fun and interesting to knit. I am currently taking a double knitting class so the patterns would come in handy.

  88. The pattern that I’d start with in the book is “Kontinuum.” I really love it.

  89. Sue Horowitz says:

    Double Knitting is fabulous. I love hats and the Ferronerie tam is one of my favorite patterns. I would be thrilled to be the lucky winner. Thanks and happy holidays.

  90. Hexworth – I really love them all and my birthday was yesterday. The book would be a great present!

  91. Nannett McDougal says:

    The Adenydd shawl/wrap….Wow….. Have curly red hair and that would look wonderful on me.
    The book looks wonderful…
    Thanks Nannett

  92. Hard to pick just one–if you pushed me, it would probably be Heartbound Again. But… I like more than just this one!

  93. I think I would have to go with the tie!

  94. Impossible to pick one. I quickly see at least 6 items that I really would like to knit. Looks like a great book to have in my knitting library whether I win it or not.

  95. Heartbound Again. hats are light and portable and i like to donate “special ones” every so often.

  96. Hard to pick a favourite, but I’d probably start with Rustle of Leaves

  97. Kristin/HLMauera says:

    I just started a double knit scarf and am trying the technique for the first time. I’d love to have a copy, but I’m not sure I made your deadline.

  98. Dorathy Martel says:

    Oh, that tam! Ferronnerie for sure.

  99. I keep meaning to take one of his classes.

    I like Rustle of Leaves because ruffles, yeah, new ways to do ruffles. I’m all about the ruffles! LOL!