My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Garter Stitch Revival

I have a new book to review! Garter Stitch Revival: 20 Creative Knitting Patterns Featuring the Simplest Stitch by Interweave Editors.

Back in the olden days, I was not overly fond of garter stitch but in recent years I have gained a new appreciation for it. Perhaps this is due to all the lovely garter stitch shawl patterns that have cropped up over the past few years.

This book is a lovely celebration of garter stitch and contains 20 lovely patterns. You can see them on Ravelry, here.

My faves:

This is the Boardwalk Brioche Cowl by Jessie Ksanznak. It is knit from Madelinetosh Vintage, one skein of each of two colors.

And how about this?

Cotton Candy Cardigan by Amy Gunderson, knit from Universal Bamboo Pop, a DK weight bamboo/cotton blend. The colorwork yoke is achieved using mosiac knitting.

And this:

Flapper Cloche by Megan Nodecker, knit from one skein of Cascade 220 (worsted weight). I am a sucker for clever shaping.

In addition to the lovely patterns, the book has a nice how-to section, illustrated extensively with clear drawings.

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in the giveaway for my copy of Garter Stitch Revival: 20 Creative Knitting Patterns Featuring the Simplest Stitch, please leave a comment on this blog post and tell me which pattern from the book is your favorite.

We’ll pick a winner at random at 11:00am Eastern time this Sunday, February 26, 2017.


Yes, I am still sewing. It was a three-day weekend last weekend so I made three doll dresses. I showed you the first one on Sunday. Here’s Number Two:

And Number Three:

Thank you for all your kind comments about my sewing. I am a bit of a ringer when it comes to sewing. While I had not really sewed anything for a good 15 years, I used to be pretty darn good at it. I’ve made tailored suits, wedding dresses, and other fairly complex garments. Doll clothes are great fun! They go much faster than full-sized garments.

And here is Loki, doing what he does best!


  1. Wow! Great patterns. I think I like the Santa Monica Cardigan best, but that Cotton Candy Cardigan is great, too.

  2. Blackcomb cowl and the hat. Hard to pick! Thanks!

  3. Goodness…it’s so hard to pick a favorite pattern.
    I like so many of them… One of my
    favorites is the Cotton Candy cardigan…shawls…socks…cloche….
    Would love to win this one for sure…

  4. Oh, gosh. Great book. Asymmetrical Cropped Jacket as my first pick. I really, really, really like that one. But also Seashell Dolman Tee, Santa Monica Cardigan, Cotton Candy Cardigan, Coney Island Shawl, …. Your sewn garments are beautiful. Looks like a blast to do, too. But who’s to say who has the best idea, you or Loki? (I have a little crush on your gorgeous furball friend.)

  5. Hi Loki!?

  6. I’m a garter stitch fiend . . have been for years. This would be right up my alley!

  7. Linda Newcomb says:

    I absolutely love Asymmetrical Cropped Jacket. The front and back details are just the kind of thing that draws my interest. Would love to win this book. Thank you.

  8. Roseann E. says:

    So many great patterns from which to choose! I think my first choice would have to be the Asymmetrical Cropped Jacket, followed closely by the Cotton Candy Cardigan. Thank you for the opportunity to receive this book.

  9. Jean Palionis says:

    I love the flapper hat from this book. Is the pattern available on Ravelry? Also, I have made doll clothes but you do a fantastic job. They are darling. And your Loki is absolutely rotten! How cute in his little couch. Have a very wonderful day!


  10. Karen M. Monroe says:

    I really like the cotton candy cardigan

  11. I love the Pixie Hooded Scarf . and wow Loki sure looks comfy on his sofa.
    Thank you for offering this great book.

  12. A lot of great patterns in this book. Your doll clothes are very nice. You need to scoot Loki back on his couch.

  13. Boardwalk Brioche Cowl for sure. I love cowls and scarves. It doesn’t seem to get cold enough for more than that here lately.

  14. Hard to choose one favorite, but I really like the Santa Monica Cardigan. The patterns do not scream garter stitch. It is worked in very nicely.

  15. Elayne Alexander says:

    I like the shawl on the book cover but that candy cardigan is a close runner up.

  16. What a lovely book! Cotton Candy Cardigan is my favourite.

  17. Cardigan…oh my goodness, I love it!

  18. I love garter stitch! And I’d really like this book. It looks fabulous.

  19. Michele Ross says:

    So many good ones!! I like the one on the cover.

  20. Garter stitch is soothing. Lovely patterns. Thanks for so generously offering us a copy of the book

  21. The flapper cloche would look great with the adult Sawtell sweater that is also garter stitch body. That is the pattern that I learned to like garter stitch in solid and tonal colors.

  22. Very pretty. I like the Cardigan and the cloche. I would enjoy having that book.

  23. Flapper Cloche

  24. Thanks for the chance to win this book! I think I was drawn to the “Just Peachy Cardigan”. I really like the color of the yarn and the simplistic and attractive lines of the sweater. Looks like many lovely items to knit up!

  25. I love garter stitch-so squishy and warm and easy to make!
    I am not sure what is my favorite as I like quite a few of them but the first would be the Flapper Cloche.

  26. I have a love / hate thing going with garter stitch. I love the squishiness and warmth, but hate the glacial pace the rows add up. I liked the Just Peachy Cardigan (in a not so peachy color).

  27. I really love the Seashell Dolman Tee. Hope I win!

  28. Many lovely patterns but I think the braided beachcomber poncho is the one I like best.

  29. Donna Cook says:

    Beachcomber Braided Poncho is my favorite.

  30. I enjoyed seeing the doll dress you posted previously, and today’s round of dresses is equally adorable. My daughter and I enjoyed dressing up her Kit and Ruthie dolls, I’m sad she has outgrown them, but I may get them out their boxes for a sewing project of my own. I hoped my daughter would choose a Kirsten like the blonde doll in your pictures but alas Kirsten was dropped from the line up before she was interested in dolls. When I was growing up my mother insisted my sister and I learn to sew by hand and by machine, so we spent one summer making dresses and pajamas for our Cabbage Patch dolls. Good memories. Love garter stich, I too avoided it in the past but it has become a favorite. That cloche is cleverly shaped. I really like the oversized Blackcomb Cowl.

  31. Barbara A. says:

    Beautiful doll dresses, Wendy. You continue to amaze me with your God-given talents. Loki would agree. ?

  32. Linda G Howell says:

    Oh my! I love the patterns in this book. Hats are good to have on hand for gifts so I can see many Flapper Cloches in my future.

    Give a kiss to Loki from WV!

  33. Yvonne Murray says:

    Hey! I also love the Seashell Dolman Tee. But I would probably knit it in a more vibrant hue.

  34. The asymetrical cardigan does it for me. Love the back shaping. Like the cloche too, channelling Phryne. Thanks for the kind offer and the tip about the book.

  35. Sue Horowitz says:

    Garter Stitch Revival has a number of lovely patterns, but the Flapper Cloche is my favorite.
    Hope I’m the lucky winner!

  36. I like the Santa Monica Cardigan and the Asymetrical- tough choice-might have to do both.

  37. Susan murphy says:

    Great patterns. I really like the brioche cowl and have madelinetosh vintage to make it!

  38. So many beautiful patterns. I like the Just Peachy cardigan. Thanks, Wendy!

  39. The Beachcomber Braided Poncho caught my eye! Would love to give it a try.

  40. Sherry Walls says:

    Really like Just Peachy cardigan but Cotton Candy is my absolute favourite by a country mile.I would love to wear this cardigan.

  41. Garter stich has become my favorite squishy knit.

  42. Lisa Adcock says:

    I would love a chance to win the book. My favorite is the Flapper Cloche pattern.

  43. Dorothy Bunch says:

    I love your dolls. Are you a collector? Your dresses and clothes are beautiful. I would love the book also. Of course Loki is the true winner!

  44. Loki looks like the Sultan of Swing the way he is sweeping across his sofa, how adorable!
    I’d like a chance at the book. Love the doll clothes, you are a woman of many talents !
    I’m ready for some new bunny outfits, it’s almost bunny time! Cheers Mel

  45. There are so many lovely patterns to choose from! I think I would like to start with Boardwalk Brioche cowl.

  46. I am so in love with that hat. What fun to knit !!!!! Your doll dresses are amazing, is there nothing you can`t do. Sweet Loki, love his resting spot. If I don`t win the book I may buy it. I haven`t gotten books in ahwile and this one has my motor runing

  47. I’d like to make the Ocean Waves Shawl!

  48. Looks like a neat knitting book! I love the doll dresses, but really LOVE Loki on his couch;O))

  49. The Cotton Candy Cardigan is my favourite pattern so far. I’ve got this book on my Amazon wish list but winning it would be cool too! 🙂

  50. Nicholie Bufkin says:

    I think I like the flapper cloche best.

  51. Just Peachy Cardigan. It looks like just the thing to wrap up in on a cold winter day.

  52. Diane Taliani says:

    I am such a sweater girl so the Santa Monica Cardigan is my favorite for me!
    Love your blog and your cat not to mention your incredible knitting and sewing abilities!
    Thanks for this giveaway, hope to win.

  53. I’ve begun to “re-appreciate” garter stitch lately, too. Those patterns show why garter stitch deserves a second look – they’re beautiful and unexpected.

    Dollies! What pretty outfits! You might enjoy this article:

  54. Lauren Kowalczewski says:

    I have Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Garter Stitch book and it’s gorgeous!!
    I do like the Garter stitch, it’s so easy and not boring.
    I do love the Cotton Candy Cardigan and would love to make that.
    Your sewing is right up there with your knitting, now we never know
    what you’ll be surprising us with!

    PS….Loki needs a seat belt for his little couch.

  55. Oh my gosh, what an adorable photo of Loki on his couch! I love it!

    As for the garter stitch patterns, I really think the flapper cloche is the cutest thing in the book.

  56. Christiane says:

    Watch it Loki, you going to fall of your couch. I love the cloche and the cardigan and okay, I confess, I like them all.

  57. got to be that fabby flapper hat!

  58. Shelley Dawson says:

    Seashell Dolman Tee and that beautiful pink colour would be first up on my needles if I had this book. There is something about garter stitch that’s effortless and timeless. Will you knit for the doll too? Cheers.

  59. Annette Dufek says:

    That looks like a great book! I’ve been promising myself a new knit jacket.

  60. I love long, cozy cardigans, so the Santa Monica Cardigan is right up my alley!

  61. I love garter stitch and would love to have this book! I think the Cotton Candy Cardigan is my favorite. Thanks!

  62. Arrowhead Stole looks elegant. I’ll make that one first!

  63. Beautiful work, as always.
    I loved Barbara G. Walker’s knits for Barbie dolls that she made to study patterns and stitches before translating them to human size.
    I think you should also knit some more holiday outfits for the bunnies 🙂

  64. I love the Cotton Candy Cardigan…would be perfect for spring if it ever gets here.

    Your doll clothes inspire me to get my patterns out, I love sewing small things and I have dolls to dress.

  65. Christine Frostenson says:

    Wonderful patterns, thanks for the giveaway!
    Loki is so cute!!

  66. Nice! The Arrowhead Stole, I think is my favorite, though the shrug is appealing as well.

  67. I like several of the patterns and I enjoy garter stitch. I would knit the flapper hat first it sounds like an interesting knit.

  68. The Santa Monica Cardigan is my favorite, but it did take me a bit to pick it as tops. There are several patterns I like.

  69. Elizabeth H. says:

    I love the Cotton Candy Cardigan!
    lizardknits on Ravelry

  70. I like the Just Peachy Cardigan….but I love Loki!

  71. Ellen Bates says:

    I like the Cotton Candy Cardigan (I have some Bamboo Pop in my stash) the Just peachy Cardigan and I’d like to see a front view of the Autumn Evening shrug.

  72. Gale Longley says:

    Great looking book I like a lot of the patterns, the Seaglass Lace scarf is beautiful

  73. I love the Venice Beach Wrap. It’s so long! I love a wrap that I can actually wind around myself. The Santa Monica Cardigan is great, too. I love the stylish simplicity of it.

  74. I think my favorite pattern in this book is the cloche, but the Cotton Candy Cardigan is a close second. A nice belly rub to Loki, and thank you for the opportunity to win.

  75. I love the Cloche hat

  76. I’m with you!! All of a sudden, after years and years of stockinette mindlessness, garter has taken over. Maybe it was my switch to Portuguese Knitting. Since I’m just learning the mysteries of brioche, my favorite is the cowl….best of both worlds! Thanks!

  77. grace yaskovic says:

    Coney Island Shawl is gorgeous!

  78. Wendy: What a great book – thanks for sharing and the contest. I think your doll dresses look great. Loki looks like he’s ready for his close up.

  79. I love the book and garter stitch. My favorite pattern in the book is the Asymmetrical Cropped Jacket – but it is hard to choose. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book!

  80. knittingdancer says:

    I like the Flapper Cloche.

  81. Hard to pick… But, Cotton Candy Cardigan is my fav

  82. Jill McKibben says:

    I love so many patterns in this book but the Asymmetrical Cropped Jacket is wonderful! I’d love the book.

  83. i’ll go with the boardwalk brioche cowl.

  84. The Cotton Candy Cardigan looks lightweight and lovely and I have always wanted to knit something like the Sea Shell tee.

  85. Jackie Felix says:

    My favorite is the Autumn Evening Shrug. My granddaughter would love it!

  86. What a great book. I like the cowl a lot. Loki looks like he has melted on that kitty sofa. So cute!

  87. I love the Seaglass lace shawl and the Just Peachy cardigan. Would love to have the book.

  88. love the hat and sweater been sweater happy the last couple of years, my granddaughter even liked one I knit for her , she wore it to school. high praise from a 15 yr old!

  89. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I love the doll dresses. And garter stitch has long been a favorite of mine.

  90. Cotton candy cardigan is my fav.

  91. The Arrowhead Stole from the cover is very pretty but I really love the Just Peachy Cardigan, even that color is perfect.

  92. Lovely book, lovely patterns – I am in, too.
    Thanks, H

  93. I’d love your copy of Garter Stitch Revival. I admit, I covet the Flapper Cloche!

  94. Karen Oaks says:

    Flapper Cloche by Megan Nodecker – I LOVE hats!!!

  95. That cloche is pretty nifty – love the design!!

  96. Anna Housholder says:

    I like the Flapper Cloche by Megan Nodecker. It has great curves. I like garter stitching.

  97. Love the Boardwalk Brioche Cowl!

  98. Garter stitch, so soothing! Hi Loki :>)

  99. Annette Schipf says:

    Definitely the cotton candy cardigan. I love everything about it! ❤️ Rav ID Ettenna

  100. Love the Flapper Cloche. I too was not a fan of garter stitch. Slowly coming to realize its simplicity and beauty. Thank you for the giveway.