My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knit Noro: Accessories 2

I have another book to review:

This is Knit Noro: Accessories 2: 30 More Colorful Little Knits by Sixth&Spring Books. As you might have surmised from the title, it has 30 patterns for various accessory items: Hats, wraps, cowls, gloves, and socks.All worked in glorious Noro yarns.

You can take a look at the projects on Ravelry, here.

In picking out my favorite projects from the collection I am trying hard not to be influenced by my color preferences. Here goes.

This is the Art Deco Wrap by Cheryl Murray. It is worked in Noro Silk Garden Sock and Silk Garden Sock Solo — fingering weight yarns. This is a modular knit, worked entirely in garter stitch. It reminds me very much of a project I finished not too long ago: Welcome Back Garter. Totally different look, but same technque: knit modularly in garter stitch. That was a very fun andsatisfying project and I anticipate that the Art Deco Wrap would be just as fun!

And this is another project in my favorite colors — can’t get away from thsoe blues and greens:

Corrugated Basketweave Hat by Michelle Porter, also knit from Noro Silk Garden Sock and Silk Garden Sock Solo. I love the subtle color changes achieved here!

Okay, branching out a bit in colors now:

Slanted Poncho by Sandi Prossner is knit from sportweight Noro Taiyo 4-ply, a self striping yarn. This poncho, which is knit in stripes that are joined as they are worked, is a good showcase for Noro self-striping yarn.

Lisa Craig’s Wavy Eyelet Cowl is knit from aran weight Noro Silk Garden (and I imagine you could use Noro Kureyon as well). More fun with self-striping that would work up pretty quickly!

Those are just a few of the projects — there are many more in a range of delightful Noro yarns.

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in the drawing for my review copy, please leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite project from the book. Leave your comments by 11:00am Eastern Time on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 to be entered in the drawing.

Loki is all excited about the giveaway!




  1. I love the Art Deco Wrap, though would probably choose to knit it in purple/red shades.

  2. I love the Art Deco Wrap, wouldn’t change the colors.

  3. yolanda v says:

    .My favorite patterns are the Wavy Eyelet Cowl and Evening Lace Fingerless Gloves.

  4. patricia says:

    tough decision! Art Deco wrap, closely followed by Slanted poncho. I’d swap colors on the two if possible.
    Don’t strain yourself, Loki.

  5. Janet White says:

    I like the columned lace shawl. I knit a lot of prayer shawls. This pattern works for that.

  6. Rusty Boyd says:

    I absolutely live the Corrugated basketweave hat.

  7. Thank you for bringing this book to our attention. It looks LOVELY.
    My favorite (that I would actually complete in this lifetime, LOL) are the cabled boot toppers found here:
    but I would aspire to the Slanted Poncho eventually (time issue at the moment!) Both would be selfish knits the first time ’round – made for my own use, I mean. Love to Loki from Miss Meowple, southern belle.

  8. Mary Henderson says:

    Oh, oh, oh everything! I guess I could choose eventually but right now I guess the Bamboo Stitch Fingerless Mitts mainly because I’m having pain-in-the-thumb-joint problems that are better when kept warm by Fingerless Mitts and those are MY COLORS. Nothing to change, just knit so I can get started on the Boot Toppers.

  9. Love the art deco wrap. Gorgeous.

  10. It’s a toss up–The chevron short row wrap or the twice mitered cowl or maybe even one of the mitts.

  11. I really like the colors of Noro yarn and the Slanted Poncho would be my pattern to attempt to knit. Thanks for this opportunity.

  12. Karen M. Monroe says:

    I like the art deco wrap and the slanted poncho. Karen Monroe

  13. Susan James says:

    well SHOOT! I like the Tuck Stitch Scarf, but everyone is getting fingerless mitts for birthdays this year, so I really like the 5 fingerless mitts patterns! but I think my favorite is the Art Deco Wrap……….I’m a sucker for shawls!

  14. Patricia Stanko says:

    I like them wavy eyelet cowl.

  15. Love Twice Mitered Cowl.

  16. The Slanted Poncho is gorgeous! I love the cowl neck and the beautiful colors.

  17. I love Noro and love all of the projects in this book! But the Wavy Eyelet Cowl looks fun and somewhat quick, so I’ll pick that one!

  18. Slanted Poncho. Yum yum yum.

  19. Love the Corrugated Basketweave Hat and the Art Deco Wrap. They both look like things I would knit. Would love the book. Loki looks excited.

  20. Cheryl L. says:

    It’s hard to choose from all of the great patterns from this book, but I really like the Columned Lace Shawl.

  21. I love the patterns in this book, but my favorite is the Chevron Short Row Wrap. I am into the chevron pattern lately and would like to make this pattern. I really like using the Noro yarns. Thanks Wendy!

  22. I love Noro yarn. My favorite is the Brickstitch scarf

  23. I love the Brickstitch Scarf by Jacqueline van Dillen. It just looks so cool and cozy. I like the pattern and it looks wonderful in Noro yarn.

  24. Leaf lace gloves is my favorite, but I would wear or gift almost all of the patterns. Loki looks comfortable.

  25. Cecilia David says:

    It is a tie between Corrugated basket weave hat and eyelet cowl. Beautiful patterns.

  26. Ginger Klein says:

    I like the Brickstitch scarf, amoung others.

  27. Love the slanted poncho.

  28. Ooo – so many to choose from, but would likely have to start the Art Deco Shawl first – gotta love those colors!!

  29. Virginia Kessen says:

    You’re so right about being swayed by colors! However, I’ve seen very few Noro colors that I don’t love so that makes this book a fairly level playing field. I love the Slanted Poncho.

  30. Lauren Kowalczewski says:

    Although I haven’t knit with Noro, I have some and just don’t know what to do with it!
    Thanks to your generosity, I would love to make the Bamboo Stitch Fingerless Mitts.
    My fingers get so cold here in the Michigan winters, those look so comfy and warm.
    I have lots of colored socks because my fave knitting saying is: “Life is too short
    to wear dull socks”!!
    Now I could make some beautiful colored mitts…..for starters!

  31. Garter and Lace shawl or Wavy Eyelet cowl. Just like you, I tend to focus on “my” colors!

  32. Debbie Hallamek says:

    I love the Slanted Poncho. So pretty!

  33. Marcia M says:

    I love the cabled boot toppers – because what could be more fun than wearing your rubber boots in the rain, with such a delightful colourful top to them. They double the fun of rubber boots on a rainy day.

  34. My favorites are the wavy eyelet cowl and the brickstitch scarf

  35. Nothing beats that Art Deco Wrap! Gorgeous, gorgeous.

  36. The slanted poncho is my favorite!

  37. Yummmm, I really like the pink and orange cowl, but then again Noro makes any pattern magical. Yes, please sign me up!

  38. Oh my – the Slanted Poncho! Gorgeous.

    Kisses to Loki!!

  39. Susan Picciano says:

    Love the deco design!

  40. KathyM in SE VA says:

    Really like nearly every pattern in this book–but the Brickstitch Scarf is what I would do first. The pattern looks pretty repetitious, except it wouldnt be in lovely Noro colorways! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity

  41. Roseann E. says:

    I’m having a hard time choosing began the Brickstitch Scarf and the Wavy Eyelet Cowl.

  42. Trudy Elliott says:

    I love the Brickstich Scarf. I think it would be beautiful in Browns, Golds, and Gray/Black. I also am very intrigued by the Leaf Lace Fingerless Gloves. This pattern has a few special features the are not normally found in fingerless glove patterns. I would love to win this book!!

  43. Linda Newcomb says:

    I really like the unique pattern in Tuck Stitch Scarf. Would like to knit this one. Colors are perfect, too.

  44. I love the Wavy Eyelet Cowl! The colors just play so nicely in the pattern.

  45. Deborah Gajee says:

    They are all so beautiful but I love the Brickstitch scarf.

  46. I couldn’t pick just one! My favorites are Reversible Cabled Scarf and Cabled Gloves. The Corrugated Beanie is a close third. Thank you for offering your book!

  47. I love the look of many of these projects, but the one that I want on my needles NOW is the Columned Lace Shawl. I’m just seeing it in warmer tones & I love the non-pointy back. but they’re all beautiful.
    On a Loki note: It’s hilarious that his kitty pocket is right next to his sofa: It’s like he never gets up except to move to another resting place! I wanna be a cat! LOL

  48. Martina N says:

    Hard to choose… The Wavy Eyelet Cowl is a winner, but I was also eyeing that Turtleneck Cape. Noro is one of my favorite yarns, especially for larger garments. But I’ve made a lot of hats, mitts, and cowls/scarves over the years as well.

  49. Chris Reeske says:

    I like the Tuck Stitch Scarf. Never tried this stitchand I’ve got some Noro in my stash (sable).

  50. Eleanor Swogger says:

    My favorite is the corrugated basketweave hat but like several others.

  51. Beverley Francis says:

    Noro ! My favorite yarn! It would be either the art deco wrap or the brick-stitch scarf.

    Thanks for the chance


  52. Donna C. says:

    I really like the wavy eyelet cowl

  53. Monica Cortada says:

    I like the Peruvian Chullo. I always wanted to make one. The Lace Beanie is also nice. I could make one in cream to go with my brown coat.

  54. Annette Dufek says:

    Many of those patterns are perfect for gifts and a few are perfect for me!!

  55. If I had to choose my favorite would be the Art Deco wrap….just stunning.

  56. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I love the Art Deco Wrap, and it looks like a fun knit.

  57. Christine Frostenson says:

    The Art Deco Wrap is my favorite! I could wear that with so many things in my closet!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. My favorite projects from the book are the Turtleneck Cape, Chevron Short-Row Wrap and the Lace Edge Fingerless Gloves. Noro is one of my favorite yarns.

  59. I am more excited about the book than Loki is – LOL!

  60. Hmmm… I think I’d have to go with either the Brick Stitch Scarf or the Tuck Stitch Scarf, though that Corrugated Basketweave Hat is really cool too.

  61. My vote goes to the Twice-Mitered Cowl.

  62. like you I am heavily influenced by the colors…love Brickstitch scarf, wavy eyelet cowl and several others. Just so beautiful…
    Rav ID: Ettenna

  63. I have several favorites – but would start with the Art Deco Wrap. Having a stash full of Noro since I’ve loved it for 20 years (or since he first started with Kureyon!) . . . I could then move on to the Twice Mitered Cowl and the Brick Stitch Scarf! Great book.

  64. Pam Huang says:

    I love Noro yarn.Don’t have much in my stash since I have actually used it for projects. The Art Deco Wrap is scrumptious !

  65. I like the Brickstitch Scarf.

  66. I love the Cable and Eyelet hat, it is my favorite! I loved the first book and am thrilled they now have a second one.

  67. The Brickstitch Scarf is eyecatching, and totally wearable. If I gotta pick one, it’s this one. On the other hand, the next one I’d knit from this book is the Columned Lace Shawl, just lovely amd also a good addition to the wardrobe.
    I guess it’s finally getting warm where you are; Loki looks like he’s melting off his couch! of course, cats are liquid — and I think Ragdolls are more so!

  68. Lots of these projects are beautiful; I would choose the Reversible Cable Scarf as my favourite.

  69. Tracy Beck says:

    I really like the Twice Mitered Cowl and would love to get out of my comfort range and try a new technique. I do not have many books, so would also love to add to my small collection.

  70. I like the turtleneck cape. I can see wearing it on the beach.

  71. I enjoyed looking at all the patterns on Ravelry. My favorite is the Corrugated Basketweave Hat. I’ve made a scarf using a Noro pattern and their yarn & love how it self stripes. A vary nice book that I’d appreciate adding to my small collection of quilting, knitting, & sewing books!

  72. Turtleneck Cape

  73. knittingdancer says:

    Reversible Cabled Scarf

  74. grace yaskovic says:

    the columned lace shawl is spectacular, but the whole book looks wonderful, lots of great gift choices there

  75. The Brickstitch scarf.

  76. Love the Cabled Gloves, although I also love the other glove patterns too.

  77. Helen Johnson says:

    I *lurve* the Art Deco Wrap, it looks so warm and beautiful…but they’re all so pretty.

    Please give Loki ear scritches for me. 🙂

  78. Ooooh, I love Noro!! So hard to pick a favourite but I LOVE the Reversible Cabled Scarf (partly because I am a sucker for certain colours too, 🙂 )

  79. Brigitte says:

    Hmmm…tough one! But, I have to say the Peruvian Chullo with the llamas is pretty cute, and definitely something I would wear.

    All the Little Prince needs to make his sofa that much more luxurious is a handmade blankie! And if he’s anything like mine, he has a few to choose from…

  80. Celestine says:

    I love Noro anything. Probably one of my favorite yarns. Art deco wrap is lovely.

  81. I have a few skeins of Noro tarn. This book would be the perfect companion. Thank you for the giveaway.

  82. Oops, forgot. Favourite pattern is the Basketweave Hat

  83. There are several items that I really like, but I would probably start with the brick stitch cowl and then go to the Art Deco Shawl.

  84. I am a sucker for Noro any yarn and garter stitch wraps so this is a win-win all around.

  85. Anna Housholder says:

    I like the Garter Ridges Scarf. Doing a project in garter stitch sounds interesting.

  86. Would love to own this book!

  87. I can’t pick I love this book.

  88. My favorite is the Art Deco Wrap, closely rolled by the Reversible Cable scarf.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book, Wendy!

  89. My favorites are the Art Deco Wrap and the Cable-Rib Beanie! I even have some Noro yarn in my stash!

  90. Definitely the Art Deco Wrap!

  91. Jill McKibben says:

    I’m a poncho freak! I love all of them but especially the slanted poncho! hi Wendy!

  92. Cindy Lou says:

    First of all, I love all the color! My favorite is the Reversible Cable Scarf. I’m just drawn to scarves that are the same on both sides or look great from both sides.

  93. Love Noro yarn! The Wavy Eyelet Cowl and Corrugated Basketweave Hat are my favorite projects, small and easy to complete!

  94. Oh, that twice metered cowl! But how to choose just one?

  95. I’m really liking that Slanted Poncho also. Very clever design!

  96. Art Deco wrap will work well with the tub of Noro yarn waiting in my stash.

  97. The Brickstitch Scarf is simple and stunning.

  98. Oh that cat!

  99. love the slanted poncho

  100. I loooooovvvveee the Evening Lace Fingerless gloves, although I would wear them anytime!
    I have some Noro just waiting for them.