My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



All the sewing I have been doing has put a big dent in my knitting time, but I did finish the first sleeve of Aspen last weekend.

I am planning on lining this coat: I am going to us Liberty Tana Lawn for a nice lightweight lining. In order to do this, I need to construct a pattern for the lining. What I have done is to lay the blocked pieces of the coat on brown paper, and cut around them to create pattern pieces.

The sleeve is lying on top of brown paper which makes a nice sleeve template.

I am going to do a deep inverted pleat in the center back of the lining for ease of movement. I’ll hem the bottom of the lining so that it is about even with the top of the ribbing, and it will hang free — I’m not going to attach it to the ribbing around the bottom, just around the neck and down the side fronts inside the ribbing, and at the armholes. I’ll tack the lining in place in a couple of spots above the sleeve cuffs.

Do I sound like I know what I’m doing? Yeah, only time will tell.

I still have this sleeve to complete:

And then miles and miles of ribbing for the neckband and front bands.

But I’m not in a hurry.


  1. Wendy, your Aspen is coming along beautifully. It is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing all your work and Loki with all the world!

  2. Sophy0075 says:

    Sounds like you know what you’re doing to me. Making the lining a bit larger is necessary for clothing ease.

  3. Dorothy Bunch says:

    Stunning absolutely stunning. Cannot wait to see finished. Ahh
    That sweet kitty!

  4. It sure sounds like a plan and a combination of sewing and knitting. I am sure it will work out well. I love the cables.

  5. We’ll all hope this plan works like a charm. Multi-craftual projects are amazing.
    Also amazing: Loki’s eyes are open! I know, I know — it’s absolutely normal for the little darlin’s to sleep 16 – 18 hrs a day. But don’t you miss the days of Thunder Kitty?

  6. Ooh, I hope you show us what pattern the Liberty Tana Lawn is?

  7. Hummm. I would be baffled as to how to line a stretchable fabric (the knitting) with an unstretchable fabric. I look forward to your experience with this. You will construct the entire lining before you attach it to your knitted garment? That might be the time to check out you range of motion in the arms. Or try a muslin first if your Liberty of London lining is expensive? I’m glad you’re doing this and not me;-) Good luck, but your sewing is excellent so you might not need luck.