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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Minky Mouse 2.0

Today I made Minky Mouse 2.0.

I found on Etsy a set of 5 vintage mink collars and ordered them for the princely sum of $19.95 for all five of them. This one has a fabric backing.

I decided to use this collar first — I would not have to sew fabric on the bottom of the mouse, just cut off mouse-size pieces. I am making 2 mice: one for Loki and one for my colleague’s kitties.

There was a hook and eye closure on the ends, so that had to go.

Those came off easily. I just needed to cut the threads holding them in place with a seam ripper. Then I cut off each end of the collar so I had a 4 or 5″ piece for each mouse.

You can see that there is some fiberfill stuffing in the collar. I pulled some of that out to make room for the catnip.

I save old pantyhose and cut off the toes to use as pouches for catnip stuffing. I like putting the catnip in a little bag, so if the kitty manages to rip a mouse open, the catnip has a better chance of staying contained and not going all over the place.

I have leather strips cut for the tails.

I sew the end of the tail to the open end of the mouse using a leather needle and waxed thread.

“Isn’t it ready yet?”

Then I sew up the open end of the mouse. You don’t have to be particularly neat because the fur covers up the stitches.

The important thing is making sure you have the opening securely sewn shut. And then finally . . .

Minky Mice! The mouse tummies are the lining fabric of the collar that I didn’t have to remove:

And Loki is a happy boy!




  1. Adorable!!!! Squee!!!!

  2. Barbara A. says:

    Ohhhhh, Wendy! Loki is certainly a lucky boy indeed! ?

  3. Very cute! One of my cats goes crazy for catnip and the other just walks by it.