My current work in progress:

Stornoway, designed by Alice Starmore from her book Fishermen’s Sweaters, knit in Frangipani 5-ply guernsey wool in the Aran colorway, on a 3.0mm needle.

Classic Knit Shawls

I was recently sent another lovely book for review:

This is Interweave Presents – Classic Knit Shawls: 20 Timeless Designs Featuring Lace, Cables, and More published in April by Interweave. It’s a collection of 20 shawl patterns from past Interweave publications. You can view all twenty patterns on Ravelry.

The book has a nice variety of different shawl designs, from a lot of different popular designers, worked in a variety of shapes using a variety of construction techniques — a little something for everyone.

Some of my favorites:

The Purple Shawl by Andrea Jurgrau is a cresent shawl worked from fingering weight yarn. The pattern states 430 yards, so it can be made from a single skein of sock yarn, if it is a larger sized skein. I like the shape of this shawl — it looks like it would stay on the shoulders nicely.

The Return Journey by Lisa Shroyer is a shallow triangle, cabled and with i-cord edging that you work as you go. It’s a lovely thick piece knit from worsted weight yarn and it is worked sideways.

Ilme’s Autumn Triangle by Nancy Bush is a lovely triangle shawl knit from laceweight yarn. It’s modeled after traditional Estonian lace shawls for which Nancy Bush is famous.

Ennid Laceweight Shawl by Lucinda Guy is another triangle shawl knit from laceweight yarn, this one worked side to side. It’s quite plain — garter stitch — with a lovely little edging. While I love intricate lace, I also love large plain cozy shawls like this one.

That’s just a sampling from this great collection. Who’d like to own a copy of the book?

Leave s comment on this blog post telling me your favorite design from the book (you can see them all on the Ravelry link above) by noon on Sunday, June 25, 2017. The Random Number Generator will select a winner at that time.

Loki says:

“All those shawls look like they’d be great for me to sleep on!”


  1. Love these shawls. Count me in. Thank you!

  2. MizMelly says:

    *sigh* I used to go nuts knitting shawls and other accessories, but now my hands can’t take the repetitive motions of the needles anymore. BUT, if I could, I’d go for Ilme’s Autumn Triangle shawl!

    And Loki is a real fuzz bucket o’love!

  3. Sue Horowitz says:

    I seem to be in a shawl-phase right now. All of these patterns are so lovely. A few of my favorites are Lucinda Guy, Darjeeling, and Rhoeas. I’m sure I’d try to work my through all of the beautiful designs if I were lucky enough to be the winner. Thanks for the opporunity!

  4. There isn’t a shawl in this book that I wouldn’t want to make. Such a wonderful collection of patterns.

  5. Jessie Percival says:

    I love the Impasto Shawlette! I’m really into colourwork right now.

  6. Marisha A. says:

    My favourite is the Trillium Shawl. I admit that part of the reason is because I like the colour of the sample project, but part of it is because of its width. Another part is the fact that I am a sucker for diamond-like shapes

  7. Lisa D'Andrea says:

    I love the shawls! I work in a cold office and I’m always looking for something pretty to throw around my shoulders.

  8. Ilme’s Autumn Triangle. Also Ennid Laceweight– simple but classic.

  9. Christel Yates says:

    I like Trillium and The Purple Shawl. They are all beautiful! Hard to choose just one. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I love the Autumn Triangle.

  11. Andrea Davis says:

    I think my favorite has to be the Darjeeling shawl. Garter and lace edging makes it sweet and simple.

  12. I love The Purple Shawl!

  13. Choosing one favorite is not easy! Of course, I’m automatically drawn to Ilme’s Autumn Triangle, but I also find Lale to be interesting, and a bit different from other shawls I have knit. Then again, Orangery is so cozy, and Darjeeling is just lovely, too!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Merry Christmas!

  14. Galax for sure! But many of the others run a close second.

  15. The Autumn Triangle Shawl is my favorite. Thank you.

  16. Wow Lovely… I would love my wife’s look in the Emmy Lou shawl. It looks soo pretty 🙂

  17. Pretty sure I have the Purple Shawl pattern in another book — Pam Allen’s and Ann Budd’s Lace Style, perhaps. (No need to put my name in the hat. I already have way too many knitting books!)