My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Before the “Meh”

First things first, the winner of a copy of Knit Mitts: Your Handy Guide to Knitting Mittens & Gloves by Kate Atherley is Jeannie Gray, who has been contacted. Thank you all for your comments on this great book!

Now . . . Meh

On to the “meh” portion of this blog post. I finished the Moth cardigan. And . . . I hate it. It is both unflattering and uncomfortable to wear. Couple that with a lousy pattern fraught with problems, it adds up to a big fat zero. I won’t bother to post a photo.

On to the Good

So I moved on, and finished One for the Books.

This is a free pattern by Martina Behm that she designed so one could knit a cover for her new 2018 Strickplaner. I ordered the planner kit, which included a skein of Schoppel Crazy Zauberball. I chose the “Flussbett” colorway.

The cover is knit all in one piece and is a genius of architecture. A fun and relatively easy project, and all you need to do at the end is weave in two ends and block. Because it is knit on the diagonal, you do need to block the cover. I put it on my planner and stretched out and pinned where needed with t-pins.

I am all ready to document my 2018 knitting projects. I may sneak my sewing projects into my knitting planner as well.

Speaking of sewing, I’ve made my Gotz dolls a couple of new outfits.

Vroni loves her Scottie dog skirt and blouse.

And Clara is in a little dress made from Liberty of London Tana Lawn.

Loki prefers to nap and channel-surf.


  1. Birgit Rosenberg says:

    Flussbett is German for river bed. That is so sad about the Moth cardigan. I hate when that happens.

  2. Amy Schulze says:

    So what do you do with a cardigan that you invested all that time and yarn in? Gift it? Frog it? I plan to order the planner too! I’m sure I’ve got some Zauberball in the stash as well. I think Miss Babs is carrying it in the US so I don’t have to pay shipping from Europe.

  3. So sorry about the less than pleasing project. I love the book cover.
    And Loki is delightful as always

  4. I’m so sorry about the cardigan. That must be so disappointing. I sure am excited about the planner though. I immediately bought one for myself. I can’t wait to plan my 2018 knitting – I just hope I’ll plan my obligatory to-do’s as well. 🙂

    Also, thanks again for giving me the opportunity to win Knitt Mitts. I’m looking forward to it’s arrival.
    Jeannie Gray´s last blog post ..Crickets

  5. I hate to say .. but I’m kinda glad others out time and effort into knitting something… and hate it.
    On the plus side, I’ve been looking at that planner. But what about VAT? Is it included? And can I apply to get it refunded?
    (Oh ..yeah and we did finally get married… 17 years of engagement.)

  6. Barbara Burrs says:

    Love the cover AND the outfits, Wendy! Amazing!

  7. I ordered the Strickplaner when it was first released! Mercy there are places to track everything! I have the cover to knit, just have to finish some projects first.

    I saw your note about pinning your cover to block it…. was there any steam or spritz involved? Or did it just find it’s place once on the planner and secured with some pins?

  8. Not much more disappointing than a knitted garment that doesn’t please the owner. What do you do/what will you do with the garment?

  9. CIndy in Happy Valley says:

    I have to say, when you first started Moth, and I looked at the photos, it just didn’t resonate with me. It looked like it was “trying too hard”. I knew that as a woman of a “certain” age (read over 60), I would look really silly in that pattern. But you are such a fabulous knitter, I thought if anyone could make someone wonderful of this pattern it would be you.

    So sorry all those stitches when for naught. The last time I knitted a sweater that just didn’t work for me I gave it to my mom, who promptly threw in in the washer…. it was wool boucle. You can imagine how that worked out.

  10. Sorry about the cardigan. Maybe it will suit someone you know? I hate it when a good project goes bad! Love the planner and the doll’s cute new clothes;O))

  11. If you are looking for another shrug pattern, you might look at Callas by Bristol Ivy. It is a similar idea, but a little more fitted (although generously sized). I have just started knitting it and liking it a lot so far (only halfway through the back), but the comments from others who have knit it are favorable. The pattern has 15(!) inches of ease, but I decided to knit a size (or maybe 2) smaller than my regular size due to the amount of yarn I have.

  12. It’s so interesting & kind of comforting that the solid professional knitter and pattern designer that you are would find herself having spent a lot of time on a project that turned out to be, by your lights, unattractive and unwearable (the Moth). I’ve felt so stupid when I’ve had to frog or just plain dump an ill-advised project that had consumed both time and money, only not to work out. I always thought, “When will I learn” to match yarn to project successfully or to pick something I or my intended recipient would actually like when it was finished, as opposed to something I would be intrigued by as a project. So maybe that kind of thing can happen at times to the best knitters and I should just keep on trying and learning from my mistakes. Thanks for the (somewhat ironic) inspiration!

  13. Moth Cardigan is gone. Long Live Moth Cardigan.

    A bookcover – awesome!

  14. Ugh, I hate when that happens. The success of the cute book cover and doll outfits hopefully eased the pain.
    Kristen Chambers´s last blog post ..Designer daze