My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Hat Trick

I’ve knit three hats in a row: a hat trick! Here is Hat the Third:

The pattern is Mountain Peak Hat, by Sandra C, and I knit mine in Dream in Color City yarn, in the Grey Tabby Colorway, on a U.S. size 6 needle.

That’s my colleague Kate modeling the hat.It really looks great with her eyes, but not so great that I am willing to give the hat to her.

This hat is delightfully warm and cozy and it fits beautifully. The openwork panels give it enough stretch so that it adjusts to different head sizes. It easily accommodates my metric ton of hair.

Since the photo shoot with Kate, I have added a faux fur pompom. Lately I am all about the faux fur pompom.

Incidentally, Kate is a New Knitter. She went to a weekend “learn to knit” party hosted by a friend and three days later had a finished hat. I am doing my best to enable her and it is working quite well. (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

Speaking of enabling . . .

I really love the Mountain Peaks Hat and want to share the love! If you love the hat too and would like to knit it, leave me a comment and tell me:

  1. what color you would knit it in
  2. what yarn you would use
  3. your Ravelry name

On Sunday February 4, noon-ish, I’ll select a couple of you at random and send you the pattern as a gift in Ravelry. Designer Sandra C has also kindly offered to gift two of you the pattern, so that’s a total of 4 winners. Remember, you must answer all three questions to be eligible to win!

Loki is still a big help!


  1. Very pretty! I’m not a hat person but love to knit them!
    Dark Green
    Plucky Scholar

  2. Gloria Alvarez says:

    Love it! Thanks to you both for sharing.

    Red! Red! Red!
    Shepherd’s Wool (from my stash) in Garnet

  3. Thanks for sharing this hat. I love it!
    I think I would knit it in Red – actually Tart is my favorite Madelinetosh red
    I happen to have some Madelinetosh in Tart in my stash

  4. Sapphire blue – although I like the gray color you used
    Patons Classic Wool Worsted


  5. I love hats and love to knit them, even give them away.

    Joan from Wisconsin

  6. Color – Red
    Malabrigo Rios

    Mary Pat

  7. Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Thistle colorway. I am Mcmaori on Ravelry.

  8. Nancie Williams says:

    Purple – yeah for being color of year!
    Probably use my Shepherds wool – bought a bunch on sale

    Love to knit hats as travel a lot and easy to take a long and who doesn’t need a hat


  9. Well I love knitting hats, instant gratification projects.
    I checked out everyone else’s projects on Rav and I think I might be knitting one in Dream in Color Classy in Nightwatch

  10. Blue
    Just bought Madelinetosh Vintage in Favorite Pair colorway which would be perfect.

    Thank you!!

  11. I would love to knit this in purple hyacinth of cascade 220! I just finished my very first real sweater (fitted, not a cardi or shawl) in this color, so. What would be a great accessory to go with it ?
    Whether you choose me or not, thanks for bringing this fabulous patternt to my attention!

  12. Sorry, my Ravelry name is MusicalMom.

  13. Carol Myers says:

    knitfaster would use Madelinetosh Tart. It will be georgeous!!!

  14. A red
    Ultra alpaca worsted

  15. Carnelian
    Miss Babs Heartland

  16. Melody Bryan says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a hat, even was inspired to order the faux fur pom pom from TLE.
    I would use a beautiful blue marl yarn
    By Blue Sky Fibers , American Scenic

  17. I received a skein of Dream in Color City in the Dive colorway for Christmas so that is what I would use 🙂

  18. Madeline Tosh Vintage
    Color Cardinal

    I love all the hats!

  19. This is a nice hat pattern. I like that it can accomodate many head sizes — therefore a good gifting pattern. I would knit a brown hat in Swan’s Island worsted weight. Where do you get your faux fur Pom Poms? I see the poster above mentions TLE, but are there other sources? I like the hat without the Pom Pom too, but I might be tempted to put one on just for fun!

  20. Oh, and I’m yarnyeti.

  21. Love the hat!
    I think you got the color right. I’d go with a nice dark grey.
    I love knitting with Madelinetosh yarns

  22. howdy – my brother’s going bald, so he totally needs a hat. His favorite color is purple, so I’d try Flashdance in Madelinetosh Vintage.
    on Ravelry, I’m Mauserati.
    Thanks to you & Sandra D for this giveaway.
    Happy 2018!

  23. Suzie Picciano says:

    Oh my, so cute!
    Sublime, baby cashmere merino silk dk

  24. Madeline tosh vintage
    Some shade of gray
    Thanks! Cool pattern

  25. Lestersmama says:

    Betty Draper Blue
    Mad Tosh

  26. I would knit this in red. Peace Fleece has a gorgeous shade of red called Amaranth, and I even have a skein in my stash. Thanks

  27. I would use Three Irish Girls “Elenya Alpaca” from the Net Loft in Cordova, AK.
    The color way Three Mile Bay (a verigated light-blue water mix) would be my first choice, with a Nagoonberry colored worsted from the Net Loft as my second choice.

  28. 1. Blue – there isn’t any other color
    2. In my stash – either Plymouth Encore for ease of use for gifts or Cascade Superwash for those who live in colder climes than Texas
    3. Liannf

  29. Color…hmmmm I think deep rich blue
    Yarn…Malabrigo Rios-Azul Profundo
    Rav ID: Ettenna
    Lovely design.

  30. Lovely hat!

    Color…Medieval (tis a lovely purple)
    Yarn….Madelinetosh 80/10/10worsted
    I’m Graebel on Rav

    Thanks again 🙂

  31. Chris Reeske says:

    Heather brown
    Knit Picks worsted

  32. SaBine Schneele says:

    Your hat looks nice ♥

    Color….gray or off white
    yarn…..fair alpaka DK
    I’m knitting-bine on rav

  33. I would love a red hat made with patrons wool. I’m Gracie57 on Ravelry

  34. Monica Cortada says:

    Color – ivory or other very light color to show off the stiches
    Yarn – a Cascade
    Ravelry name – MCortada

  35. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Color – Dark purpley Blue (Paris Night)
    Malabrigo Rios

  36. Christine Frostenson says:

    Oh, I would knit that in gray with a huge pompom, too! Probably would use Cascade 220 or Blue sky fibers Woolstok in a nice charcoal color. I’m Northcoastchris on Ravelry.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Elizabeth says:

    ooh! that’s a nice one!
    what color you would knit it in: natural or maybe lavender
    what yarn you would use: malabrigo worsted
    your Ravelry name: pixiewear


  38. Jackie Wilson says:

    Fluor Rose
    Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage

  39. Susan Steele says:

    Purple heather
    Indiecita DK Alpaca

  40. frosted grey
    Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine

  41. Ooh, I’ve got some lovely Shepherd’s Wool & a deep red that I’d use for the pattern. I’m Samina in Ravelry, too.

  42. Debbie Huett says:

    Love that hat! I would knit it in Knitters Brewing Company Brewski in purple. My RAV name is KnitterDeb1030.

  43. Beautiful hat!
    I would knit it in:
    Ravelry Red
    Malagbrio Rios
    Knittingbiker on Ravelry
    Thank you!

  44. Conni Durrwachter says:

    Great Hat !

    Green , blue green

  45. Jennifer Wade says:

    Fell in love with that exact hat, color, yarn that you knit it in – why change perfection?

    Dream in Color City
    Gray Tabby colorway
    jenniferlinn on Ravelry


  46. I’m jeanniegrayknits on Ravelry and would most likely use Wool of the Andes. (I’ve made the mistake of challenging myself to knit only from my stash & I have a ton of it.) As for the color, probably Dove Gray, Noble Heather or perhaps Claret Heather. And yes, I might even knit the hat 3 times – it’s lovely! Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    Jeannie Gray´s last blog post ..Three on Thursday – A Month in Review

  47. Well, I’ve just knit a hat, so with this pattern, I’d be one goal away from a hat trick!

    My daughter and I both are petite, so a DK should work for us. I’d knit this lovely hat out of Springvale DK, in the Enna ( a red/purple) colorway. I love the cable and lace combination, and think the yarn would compliment it.

  48. That is a cute hat!

    yarn from my kids llamas that I spun

  49. Rebecca J. says:

    Ravely: BeccaJ5580
    Knitpicks City Tweed
    Morning Glory colorway
    Hooray new knitters! I love enabling those around me. 🙂

  50. Anne Patton says:

    I want one exactly like yours
    Dream in Color Gray Tabby

  51. Nicole Acuna says:

    I would knit it in a violet/Gray yarn (I’m thinking Malabrigo Plomo) or Aguas.

    My ravelry name is AngelicEmbers

  52. Jill McKibben says:

    what color you would knit it in: Carnelian
    what yarn you would use: Miss Babs Heartland
    your Ravelry name: JillSusan

  53. Thank you for your generosity! (I’ve got my fingers crossed.)

    I’d knit the Mountain Peak Hat inThe Fiberists Newton Worsted in the Jadeite Jade colorway. I’m Soccerballetmom on Ravelry.

  54. Celeste Culpepper says:

    Ivy- a dark green
    Jo Sharpe Silkroad Aran Tweed (in stash)

  55. I love cables and this looks like a wonderful pattern. If I were knitting it for me I would use a purple of some sort. If I were knitting it for friends or family I would choose their favorite color. I like Malabrigo yarns and have found Rios to be lovely to work with or I might branch out into a new-to-me yarn. I am momcatb.

  56. Marseille says:

    I’d like it in red for me. 🙂
    I’m thinking Malabrigo, however, I have half a skein of Miss Babs worsted on my coffee table that would work.
    marseille on Ravelry.

  57. No better way to try something new than to make a hat.
    Brown Sheep Pride
    Giddy Granny

  58. Venice Smith says:

    It’s a beautiful hat. Hats are so great because their quick and portable. I would likely use my Fiber Company Canopy worsted
    Color Laguna (which is a gorgeous green)
    Venice1093 on Ravelry

  59. I’m totally missing my home state of Michigan and my sister who still lives there. I would knit the hat for her.
    Color Great Lakes by Stonehedge Fiber
    My Ravelry name is knitalittle

  60. I don’t enter many of your contests, but can’t resist this hat. Looks like a really fun knit! I would knit it in Dream in Color, Classy, colorway Tea Party ( ) . It’s a burgundy/brown color. My Ravelry name is KateJonze.

  61. Not in hat mode, but the pictures made me think – Loki could contribute a heck of a pom-pom.

  62. Robin Coreas says:

    I love this hat, and I’m not really a “hat” person.
    I would knit the hat :
    1. Color= “Beaches”
    2. Yarn= Shepherd’s Wool
    3. Ravelry name= Soxieknitter

  63. Madelinetosh
    Glazed Pecan

  64. I love this one! Have been thinking about a “fancy “ hat for myself, but wanted to finish some of my WIPs first.
    1. Color – either a silvery light grey or an icy blue (with fur Pom)
    2. Stash yarn or Knit Picks Swish
    3. Ravelry name is sranders827

  65. Can’t go wrong with gray.
    Patons Classic Wool

  66. 1. Gray of course
    2. Valley yarns from Webs
    3. Ginaf

  67. I would knit this hat in Malabrigo Rios, Amethyst colorway. It’s a new, really pretty light blue. My Ravelry name is AnimalCrazy.

  68. Purple!
    Madeline Tosh or Berroco Vintage

  69. Kate has beautiful eyes! Grey is totally her hat color!

    I would knit that in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in a blue – maybe Tartan or Almanac. I am Dogladyknits. 🙂

  70. knittingdancer on Raverly says:

    1. Oatmeal (grayish brown color)
    2. Cascade Eco Alpaca yarn (in my stash)
    3. knittingdancer

  71. I’ve got some deep purple handspun that would work very nicely, I think. catspawlace

  72. Christel Y says:

    Love to knit hats!
    1. Volcan—a mixture of shades of red
    2. Malabrigo Rios
    3. Knittingrd

  73. Martha Rice says:

    Color: Medium to dark green or blue
    Yarn: Malabrigo or Dream in Color Smooshy
    Ravelry name: Knittincat

  74. My Ravelry name is knitswithcats. I would probably knit it in either red Lamb’s Pride or chestnut brown alpaca from a local spinner. Both are sitting in stash waiting for the perfect project to come along!

  75. Love the cables + lace! I would use Dusky Aurora, which is a Dream In Color Classy color.
    Ravelry name AnnBan.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Too cold

  76. Jackie Felix says:

    Really pretty!
    I would use Lion Brand’s Heartland in Olympic, which is a gorgeous blend of blue shades.
    My Ravelry name is Jackie-Lynn.

  77. Miss Bab’s Heartland in a blue or black (can’t decide yet.
    Ravelry name is jkberg

    Thank you. 🙂


  78. Dream in Color City

    Thanks for the drawing!