My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

I recently received a review copy of this:

This is Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book by the Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine, which came out last month. It was first published in the late 1980s, and a second edition came out in 2002. This is the latest update.

The 2002 edition was pretty great, and this new edition is even better. It has a huge library of techniques: cast-ons, bind-offs, increases, decreases, different stitches, etc. Also has sections on different types of knitting — colorwork, entrelac, brioche, etc. There is lots of information on design and construction, and info on knitting tools, correcting errors, finishing, etc. There’s even a section on crochet.

According to the press release, there are more than 70 additional pages over the previous edition, and the book has more than 1600 illustrations.

I’m keeping my review copy, but I want to send a copy to one of you as a gift. Who’d like a copy?

To be entered n the drawing for a copy of Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book, leave a copy on this post be noon on Sunday, March 11, 2018 at noon Eastern time. I’ll draw a winner at random at that time.

Almost there . . .

I am a few rounds from completing the body of Strathendrick.

I am making it a bit longer than the pattern directs, with the armholes a bit deeper as I don’t want the sleeves as tight as shown. Once the body is done, there is still a lot of knitting to be done, but finishing the body will definitely be a milestone!

Loki is surprisingly chill abut the whole thing.


  1. mary mcmahon says:

    I would love a copy of the Vogue book. thanks. Mary in Cincinnati

  2. Kate Wilber says:

    Thank you, I’d like a copy of Vogue Knitting. Kate in Seattle

  3. Ellen Z says:

    What a beautiful book! Thanks for sharing with some lucky knitter!

  4. I’d love to win the copy of the book; it looks great. Of course, so does your knitting, and so does Loki!
    ccr in MA´s last blog post ..The Three-Sock “Pair”

  5. Stella G. says:

    I’d love it! Thanks!

  6. When I saw the book photo pop up in my blog feed, my first thought was, “but that’s not a new book…” and then “Completely Revised and Updated” caught my eye. =)

    I have several of the other Vogue knitting (and crochet) publications, and I like their styling and formatting. I’d be interested to see the section on crochet that you say is now included in this new edition.

  7. Gloria Alvarez says:

    Me, me! Maybe the Vogue Guide to Knitting will convince me to really engage with color work.. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have enjoyed your blog for years, thanks. Also, I would love a copy of the Vogue Guide. Give Loki a skritch from me.
    Otter in Portland

  9. I’d love to win the book, too. I’ve been in the knitting doldrums of late and could use a boost to get my knitting mojo back. Does anyone have any sure fire methods they use when the knitting blahs hit?

  10. Thank you for giving a copy away like that! I’ve put this on my birthday list for myself this year already but oh – so much more lovely to win one. Fingers crossed.
    Great colourwork btw!

  11. Tiffanie says:

    Strathendrick is beautiful, those colors are one of my favorite combinations. And Loki is adorable as always. 😀

  12. Winning this book would allow me to gift several other knitting books to save space in my library and reduce duplicate information sources. Thank you for your offer.

  13. Would love to have a copy of this book. Maybe it would help me learn to knit colour work as beautifully as you do!

  14. Seamyst says:

    I would love a copy of Vogue Knitting!

  15. Elaine in NYC says:

    A copy of the revised Vogue Knitting would be a welcome addition to my library. Seems as though Loki is chill about everything. Strathendrick is definitely on my to-do list.

  16. Lynn Davis says:

    I have been wanting a copy of this from the moment I heard there was a new edition.

  17. I have the 2000 edition and would love to have the newest one!

    Yes, your colors are beautiful. So is Loki, as usual.

  18. I don’t have any edition of it so I’d love it. It would also be a nice surprise on a day I lose an hour of sleep.

  19. Gorgeous knitting, gorgeous book and mighty fine looking cat! 🙂

  20. Robin D says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  21. I would love a copy. Thanks for the opportunity ❤️

  22. I love their books. Been using them for years. I’d love to add it to my collection. The sweater looks great and so does Loki.

  23. I’d love the copy……thanks!

  24. Would love a copy, thanks Wendy 🙂 Gorgeous sweater. Think you’ll ever knit another Dale of Norway one?

  25. For once I’m not praying to win a book drawing – because I already bought a copy. I had the original version & didn’t plan to buy the updated one but once I saw it….

    Your sweater is beautiful! Hope you weren’t knitting in the dark during this past weekend’s storm.
    Jeannie Gray´s last blog post ..Three on Thursday

  26. Sharon M2 says:

    I would really love a copy,thanks for the chance!!

  27. I would love a copy of this book. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Loki says, “Pick Julie, pick Julie, pick Julie”!
    I’d love a copy of the the book…newly retired, so knitting is my guilt-tree hobby now.
    Thank you,
    Julie from California

  29. I’d love to have a copy of Vogue Knitting. Loki looks like such a sweet
    Boy I love seeing what he’s up to.

  30. I would love to own this book!

  31. Joan from Wisconsin says:

    You are always so generous to do this. It would go very well in my library.

  32. My mom has the original, I’d love my own copy!

  33. Shelley says:

    Would be super helpful having this book on my shelf. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Ooh, yes please!

  35. Oh, I’d love it!

  36. Lauren I Kowalczewski says:

    The Strathendrick is so beautiful, I love the colors!!
    I’d also love to win that Vogue book, it looks like THE book to have.
    I’m retired and 70 years young now, so I need to learn some new stitches.

    Thank you for your generosity and “Meow” to Loki!

  37. I have one of the earlier editions and could certainly use an updated version. Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Tracy beck says:

    I would absolutely love to have this book, my library is sparse.

  39. Karen Blancher says:

    I look forward to your emails and watching your knitting progress.
    The Vogue Knitting book is on my purchase list.

  40. Your sweater is beautiful! Have been looking forward to the release of the Vogue new edition!

  41. I would love this book! Thank you so much, Wendy. There are so many knitting techniques that I want to learn and work on.

  42. Linda Broglan says:

    Love the Vogue instructional books, so much info in them…hope I’m lucky enough to win a copy.
    Strathendrick is just gorgeous…beautiful beautiful!

  43. I would love to have an updated copy, and will be keeping my old, worn one too! Appreciate your sharing, love your knitting.

  44. What a beautiful book!

  45. Debbie M says:

    Wow. Thanks, Wendy! This book would be the ultimate knitting prize!

  46. That looks like a fantastic knitting aide! I definitely would like to win a copy!

  47. Jennifer T says:

    I’ve been aware of this book’s existence for years, but somehow never picked up a copy. I’m seriously regretting that now, so hopefully it will soon find its way to my library. I’ve added it to my cart on Amazon, just in case I don’t get lucky here. Thanks!

  48. Candyce Loescher says:

    How kind to offer a copy! Thank you!!

  49. Ooohhh pick me please, it would be a wonderful addition to my library and would be used tons. Thanks Wendy.

  50. Linda L says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful book! I really enjoy your blog. I’m not a cat person, but LOVE the photos of your Loki at the end of your posts 🙂

  51. Arlene Greathead says:

    I would love to have this book in my library. Your latest project is gorgeous!

  52. Would love to win this book. Your fair isle looks great. Thanks for the contest.

  53. Love everything Vogue! Looks like a great reference addition to keep by my knitting chair.

  54. Shirley says:

    Your Strathendrick is lovely. Please enter me in the contest for the Vogue Knitting book. Thank you!

  55. Sophy0075 says:

    Your Strathendrick is amazing, Loki has surpassed himself in sleeping skill, and I’d love to have that free copy of the revised Vogue Knitting.

  56. Elizabeth M says:

    Your Strathendrick is looking beautiful. I really like your color choices and can’t wait to see the finished product.
    I’ve seen several other reviews for the Vogue book, which seems like a wonderfully, comprehensive resource, and would love to win a copy (otherwise I’ll have to buy my own 🙂

  57. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy, thanks for making it a fun way to try and win it. You are way better knitter than I am, but maybe I could improve by learning from The Vogue Knitting Book.

  58. Deborah Gajee says:

    Would love it if I won. Thanks. And congrats to the one who wins it.

  59. I am always ordering this book from the library to use as a reference for my master knitter certification. I would love to own a copy of my own. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

    suzannemm on Ravelry

  60. Love Loki in chill mode, looks a lot like Loki in most moods.

  61. what a wonderful gift! thanks for doing this …

  62. I’d love a copy! I’m very interested in knowing how it compares to The Principals of Knitying.

  63. Thank you I’d love to win. Thank you also for including your partner in knitting in all your posts. He is certainly a keeper

  64. I would love a copy! Im planning on buying it if I don’t win lol. Jamie from Kentucky (originally from Alaska).

  65. Pick me! Pick me!!

    Also, Loki is adorable. Miss Meowple says to tell him he’s looking especially fluffy in this photo. Very handsome. Now back to her nap… on the afghan I knit for her other adult human…

  66. Would love to win this book. !!

  67. Venice Smith says:

    This would be a great reference for my library. Thank you for offering a copy, Wendy.

  68. don’t want the book but would love to kiss loki nose he is too cute lucky lady

  69. Christiane says:

    Thank you for sharing. One person will be very happy to have it. Each time I go to BN, I check to see if it there so I can drool, but now I may have a change . Again many thanks. You knitting is gorgeous and the patience, wow. Loki is reserving his “whooza” for the finish project.

  70. Jean Palionis says:

    Having one great book to cover “everything” would really be wonderful. It be such a help to improving my knitting and expanding my style.

  71. I would love, love, love to win this book! Thanks!

  72. I thought the 2002 edition was amazing. How wonderful it would be to have a copy of the new one! And your knitting is exquisite, and Loki just so fetching!

  73. Ohhhh throw my name in the hat. Ravelry name, Patty.

  74. That sweater is so lovely! Looking forward to you modeling it for us. And yes, enter me in the drawing please.

  75. Love the colors you’re using in your Strathendrick. Just gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to enter for the book too.

  76. alicia grayson says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Alikat2004 on

  77. Patti Rounsevell says:

    I would enjoy having such a nice reference book. Thank you.

    Idknithat on Ravelry

  78. Phyllis Holder says:

    Love your sweater! The book will be a great addition to my very small library.

  79. Marilyn says:

    I would love to own a copy of this book for my knitting library!

  80. Sherry Walls says:

    I would love to win the book but if I don’t thanks for the opportunity.

  81. Lisa Loritz-Kieffer says:

    I would love this book. My challenge this year, for My Peak Challenge, is to expand my knitting skills.

  82. Thanks for offering the book! Very nice of you!

  83. Thank you very much, Wendy. I would love a copy of Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book, but I follow you from Spain, is the shipping worldwide?

    You’re work in progress is amazing. I love that colorwork.
    Con hilos, lanas y botones´s last blog post ..Flax Light

  84. Hello Wendy,
    I would like to win a copy of this wonderful book!
    Thank you for making this possible,

  85. What a lovely book!

  86. Thanks for this giveaway. Looks s great book. Love reading your blog posts.

  87. I would not say no to this book.

  88. Cheryl S says:

    Would love to win. Thank you.

  89. Love the book, the sweater, and the kitty!

  90. Juliana says:

    This book looks amazing!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  91. Barbara says:

    I’d love to own this book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  92. Linda R says:

    This book looks like a great addition to anyone’s library. I love for it to be mine! 🙂

  93. Patsy. Oats says:

    Please enter me into this contest. I would love to have this in my knitting library.

  94. Your Strathendrick is gorgeous! The West Highland Way collection has so many beauties. I’m halfway done with Coinneach.
    There is always more to learn and the Vogue Knitting Book would have a welcome place in my library. Thank you for the giveaway.

  95. LGinCharleston says:

    You are so generous Wendy. If it’s Vogue Knitting, you know it’s good. We can all use a great reference book for our knitting library.

    Kisses to Loki….

  96. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I really would love a copy of the Vogue Knitting Book. I bought the original when I was young, and this old knitter would appreciate seeing the new and improved version.

  97. I’d love to win a copy of this!

  98. Wendy you are an inspiration. Never miss your posts. I could use the knitting help, so would love the tonwin the book.

  99. Suzi in MI says:

    I would love a copy of the Vogue Knitting Book; thank you for the chance. Your Strathendrick is beautiful!

  100. This looks like the ultimate in reference books on knitting. Would love to have this in my knitting library. Please include my name in the contest. Love and have several of your books as well.