My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Strathendrick and a Giveaway


I finished Strathendrick Thursday evening. Here is a less artistically lit photo:

The Strathendrick pattern is part of Kate Davies West Highland Way club and is worked in her own Milarrochy Tweed yarn. It is a very oversized sweater worked on 3.25mm needles, so this was a whole heckuva lot of knitting!

After completing Strathendrick, I finished up what I had been using as my commuter project. Remember my Mountain Peak Hat I knit earlier this year? I made the matching cowl!

This is the Mountain Peak Cowl from designer Sandra C. I worked mine using one skein of Dream in Color Classy in the Grey Tabby colorway. The pattern calls for 250 yards of worsted wight yarn, and I used all but approximately 18 yards of the 250-yard skein.

Now for the Giveaway . . . 

Who’d like a free pattern for this lovely cowl? Sandra C and I are each offering 2 free copies of the Mountain Peak Cowl pattern to my readers . . . so that’s a total of 4 pattern we’ll bestow in this giveaway. To enter, leave a comment on this post by noon eastern time next Sunday, March 25, 2018, and include your Ravelry username in your comment. We’ll select 4 commenters at random to receive a free copy of the pattern. Thank you, Sandra C for offering up copies of your lovely pattern!

Meanwhile, here is Loki’s “I’m in Mommy’s lap and I am happy” face.


  1. The cowl is amazing but your sweater is super amazing!!! I’d love to win the cowl pattern; I have the perfect yarn for it!!

  2. Elaine in NYC says:

    Strathendrick looks great, as does Loki. Eagleeyeknits loves to do cables and would be very pleased to win the cowl pattern.

  3. Lovely job on both. I’d like to see how Strathendrick looks on you, as we have similar body types. My Ravelry name is margvv.

  4. Tiffanie says:

    Love your new sweater. I am so happy to see swingy shapes again, they are a joy to wear.

    And the cowl is amazing! I’m so curious to see the pattern and learn how to do those cables. Wow, they are gorgeous. I am tiffanie on Ravelry.

    Loki is adorable as always, such a handsome boy!

  5. Your sweater is a work of art; the cowl is lovely and I’d like to knit it. However, Loki is simply adorable. What a face!

  6. patricia says:

    What a lovely garment! And the cowl looks so cozy!

  7. That is a truely gorgeous sweater! Loki looks like the cat who got ALL the cream (and attention). What a beautiful cowl pattern. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy. I’m tmm14 on Ravelry.

  8. Wow your colorwork is amazing! I’m hoping this year to finally try something small as my beginning project. I would love to win a copy of this beautiful cowl. Thanks for the giveaway and we are neighbors, I live in southern Maryland. Kitty hugs to your beautiful fur baby.
    Rav: HollyBerries

  9. What a lovely cowl! And I’m pretty sure I have the perfect yarn!

  10. What a beautiful cowl and LOVE your sweater. Loki looks like he’s happy you aren’t knitting a big project anymore so he can lay on your lap.

  11. Your sweater is very nice, a lot of work from a professionnal knitter. I like the cowl and would be happy to win the pattern. Loki is so beautiful, a joy to see him every week on internet.
    my name on ravelry is doctorette.

  12. Lisa Simpson says:

    Love anything that includes cables! That cowl is superb. I am LisaAnn33 on Ravelry.

  13. love the sweater – and I looked up the cowl pattern before I saw you are giving the pattern out to 4 lucky winners. My rav name is fancydear

  14. Mary Lou Keenan says:

    Beautiful sweater, love the cowl…..Sewsweet here!

  15. Love that cowl you’ve knitted! I’m a sucker for a good cable pattern & that one is stunning!

  16. Gemma Braiding says:

    That’s a very nice cowl, and I finally live somewhere cold enough to enjoy wearing all the warm things! My Rav name is Gemma

  17. Strathendrick is gorgeous in those spring colors. I am audioknits on Ravelry.
    Kristen Chambers´s last blog post ..March on

  18. Lovely cables! The cowl and the yarn are lovely. Your sweater is amazing!
    Love the colors.
    My revelry name is SingingSue

  19. geniaknitz says:

    Oh, sweet Loki!

  20. Your sweater is beautiful. Love the cowl in gray. Loki is adorable. My cat spent part of the day in my lap which is not a common thing for her to do. Suziknits on ravelry.

  21. Oh that cat!! Ginaf

  22. Lynne S. says:

    Strathendrick looks great. I think it would be fun to wear. Loki is adorable, absolutely. Melt.

  23. Gloria Hornbecker says:

    Your exquisite Strathendrick sweater is a masterpiece!
    Loki exudes peace and happiness!
    Thanks for the generous give-away offer for pattern to “Mountain Peak Cowl”!
    My Ravelry username: ghornbecker
    Best wishes from New Mexico! 🙂

  24. The sweater is amazing! Thanks so much Wendy and Sandra for the chance to win the great cowl pattern! Ravelry ID is Geegaw

  25. Debbie M says:

    I love anything with cables. Thanks, Sandra and Wendy. My Ravelry name is ‘stitcherdebbie’.

  26. Lots of Cabley goodness in that cowl, looks like lots of fun.

  27. Loki looks so solemn!
    I’ve been doing one of those mitred square oddball blankets, I get what you say about small gauge/large project. Originally, I was going to make a wrap, but the cold weather is almost done, so maybe I’ll keep going . . .
    Anyways, gj on the latest, & thanks for offering the giveaway. Looks like a terrif gift project.

  28. Color work is gorgeous. Love the cowl. I need another commuter pattern to knit and that looks great.

  29. What a lovely cowl. I would love the pattern. 14Amelia

  30. Martha R. says:

    Great looking cowl, love the color! Knittincat on Ravelry.

  31. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the marvelous projects that you knit. Love the Strathendrick sweater and would love to knit the Mountain Peak Cowl! I’m ckel on Ravelry and although I now live in Florida, I knit for family in CO, TN, UT and ID! My first (and last) stuffed animal was a furry little white cat- a real one would be so much better!

  32. Lestersmama says:

    I love Dream in Cour Yarns.
    I’m Lestersmama

  33. Peggy AKA PickleSoup says:

    Those cables are amazing!! Thanks for the chance(s)!!

  34. I love cowls, what a beautiful pattern. Your sweater is very pretty. NaomiKnitster is my rav id.

  35. Lovely cowl, and the photo brings out the details well. denraven is my ravelry name.

  36. Linda Newcomb says:

    I would love to win and knit the Mountain Peak cowl pattern. Thank you both for the opportunity.

  37. I really like cowls!
    Ravelry: SassyFrass

  38. Your sweater is amazing. The cowl is lovely and I would love to have a copy. I’m yarnyeti on Ravelry. Thanks to both you and Sandra C.

  39. Jean Palionis says:

    That beautiful cowl would give me just the challenge I need right now. Nothing fitted, not too large but with enough texture to be interesting. Thank you. My Ravelry name is jpalionis.

  40. Lovely Cowl. And wow your sweater is gorgeous.. skibum on Ravelry.

  41. Thank you so much, Wendy for hosting a giveaway for my pattern and allowing me to take part in the fun! ? Your sweater is a work of art! Your cowl is gorgeous! And Loki is as gorgeous and sweet as ever! ?

  42. I love your sweater and think you should model it! The cowl is awesome and I really like the color, too.

    I’m MrsGreenjeans on Ravelry.

  43. Hats and cowls are my favorite go-to projects for gifts. Your Mountain Peak Cowl is a beautiful pattern. cllcraft

  44. Love the texture of the cowl….hopefully you will send a winning pattern to —knitfaster (Ravelry)

  45. Kelly Norman says:

    Loving the Strathendrick, what a gorgeous sweater!
    Also loving the cowl & would love to win the pattern ❤️
    Kellynella on Ravelry

  46. I am a sucker for cables! Ravelry id is gibbles83.

  47. Diana Brewer says:

    What a beautiful cowl! I would love to win the pattern! My ravelry name is brewerdj1.

  48. Beautiful sweater as always. A totally it delightful lap kougar. I would love a copy and my Raverlry name is barncat97. Thanks

  49. The Cowl looks like you would never be bored with its cables and textures.
    Rav ID: Moonmaid7

  50. Amy Schulze says:

    Lovely sweater! The cowl is very nice too. I promised my sister a cowl by next winter. I think I could do this one!

    Rav: amyschulze

  51. elizabeth streeter says:

    Your sweater is stunning zs is the cowl what a fantastic offer from you both
    Rav firethread

  52. Chris Reeske says:

    Love the Strathendrick but I don’t think I’d have the patience, I knit so slowly. But the cowl seems to be my speed. Thanks for all your inspirations.
    My Ravelry name is: mcr

  53. I really love your knitting. It inspires me. I have knit several of your patterns. Thanks for the chance to win the cowl pattern. Rav ID is Gracie57

  54. I love you, Loki and I love the Mountain Peak Cowl. xo

  55. Patsy Coats says:

    I would love to knit that cowl!
    sparky136 on Ravelry

  56. What patience and persistence you have to complete that sweater! The cowl is beautiful. Love those cables. Susanbar on Ravelry.

  57. Nora Ann says:

    I am in awe of your Strathendrick. I’d love to make the cowl, and then use that wonderful stitch pattern to make a super bulky throw/lapghan as a gift for my student mentee’s high school graduation.

  58. Your Strathendrick sweater is absolutely beautiful. I would love to knit the cowl. Love cables of any kind.

    Deblyn153 on RAV

  59. I’d love a free pattern. Cables are awesome and the sweater is gorgeous.

    smalltownknitguy on Ravelry

  60. Ann Ross says:

    Beautiful Cowl and really great Kate Davies. I am hopeful she will make it into a kit later. My whole knitting group would like to do it as a knit along! Thanks for your blog and loki.

  61. Jeri Weiser says:

    I love to see what you’re working on and how you approach things. Both Strathendrick and the cowl are beautiful!
    Ravelry name: WYZR

  62. That’s a beautiful cowl. Hope you pick me.

  63. Love cables. Would be happy to win the Mountain Peak cowl pattern. Roxiesmom on Ravelry.

  64. JoAnn B Shupe says:

    The only thing better that cables is cables with some open work! win win
    knitter860 on Ravelry

  65. Your Strathendrick would take me years….I need to knit more…where does the time go?
    I would love cowl pattern…Ravelry…wsd12175

  66. Hazel Swoboda says:

    Cables are my favourite! Ravelry name is hazelpurls

  67. Your cowl and your sweater look amazing!
    i’m vstarborn on Rav

  68. Oooh, love your Strathendrick. I would enjoy knitting the cowl pattern with DIC Classy! my ravname is kat2nich

  69. Celeste Culpepper says:

    Another wonderful give-a-way, weeeee.
    CelesteKnits on Ravelry.

  70. knittingdancer on Raverly says:

    I love your sweater. The colors looks great together. The cowl pattern is beautiful.
    rav id: knittingdancer

  71. A lot of beautiful knitting. The finished Strathendrick is stunning. I love the cables in the Mountain Peak Cowl. Hope to be one of the lucky pattern recipients. My ravelry name is handmadebysue.

  72. Heather Koncz says:

    Your Strathendick, and indeed ALL of your knitting, is inspiring. I don’t know how you manage to get so much done in such a short time. And yes, Sandra’s cowl is very nice, aand I would love the pattern.
    KnitKnana on Ravelry
    Heather K the rest of the time

  73. Both pieces are beautiful! I bet Strathendick is stunning on you!
    I am LakeviewChica on Rav. Thanks!

  74. Your Strathendrick came out just beautiful! And the Mountain Peak Cowl looks so interesting – I’d love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance to!
    I am LannieK on Rav

  75. Lovely cowl and your Strathendrick is stunning! Your colorwork sweaters have always been my favorites, probably because I am not very good with stranded colorwork.
    Spinphd on Ravelry.

  76. I love this cowl! The pattern is amazing & as always your knitting on both items is incredible. Rav ID:Ettenna

  77. Jen Rice says:

    Very pretty cowl!

  78. Your sweater is lovely! Loki’s happy face is too cute! And the cowl looks like a great pattern.
    vicksbears on Ravelry.

  79. Oooh, I’d love that pattern! Rav ID: IrishKnitCat

  80. Beautiful Strathendrick finish, love it! What a pretty pic of Loki 😀 Also love the cowl, thanks Wendy!

  81. Gloria Alvarez says:

    I was just in the northeast and bought some lovely local yarns. They NEED to be a cowl. Would love that pattern. Thanks for sharing.
    gloriaal on Ravelry

  82. Sandy Aldridge says:

    Phenomenal colorwork in your sweater – I stand in awe!!! And deeply in love with the gorgeous cable pattern in the cowl – wow, wow, wow! Ravelry ID: hummandknit

  83. Wow, that’s a LOT of knitting in the Strathendrick. Love the cowl pattern. wjcsydney on Rav

  84. Congrats on finishing your Strathendrick. It’s Gorgeous & looks like it would be so comfortable to wear. I can’t imagine how much knitting time it took. The cowl is great too. Love all those cables! I’m jeanniegrayknits on Ravelry.
    Jeannie Gray´s last blog post ..Makers’ Monday

  85. Beautiful cowl! I can’t get enough cables. I’m Starmaiden on Ravelry.

  86. Hi Wendy, I would love to win a copy of your Mountain Peak Cowl pattern. Your sweater is gorgeous. Hope I am lucky! Hope you are well.

  87. Erica Boivin says:

    Love the Mountain Peak Cowl! Hats and cowls are my new “thing”. So quick! I’d love to win the cowl pattern! My Ravelry name is Ericaknits.

  88. Susan Lapierre-Jones says:

    I love to see your beautiful knits. Although I am not at all as prolific as you, I recently got my “knitting mojo” back and I would love to make a cowl for one of my 4 daughters. My Ravelry name is Susabella.

  89. Loki is gorgeous and so is Strathendrick, and the cowl too. I am Socks4me on Rav. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern!

  90. I love your Strathendrick, it’s gorgeous! I would also like to knit this cowl, if I win the pattern. My Ravelry ID is harrps57. Thank you both for the offer and under the chin skritches to Loki.

  91. Roseann E says:

    Your Strathendrick is gorgeous! And little Prince Loki is as adorable as ever!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the Mountain Peak Cowl pattern. I’d knit it in green, specifically, I’d use Newton Worsted by The Fiberists in their Peridot colorway.

    My Ravelry name is Soccerballetmom.

  92. Mariela Siegert says:

    So pretty! I’m marris1 on ravelry.

  93. The sweater is amazing! And I love cables, so the cowl is perfect:) Ravelry name: eowynofrohan
    Mihaela´s last blog post ..Magic Star Cowl – free knitting pattern

  94. Cindy Decker says:

    Stunning projects! I’d love to win the cowl pattern. Ceedeeknits

  95. Love your sweater, it makes me dizzy to think of all that knitting and colorwork!! And I just love Loki’s pose! He’s a real fluff-muffin! my name on Ravelry is mizmelly

  96. What a beautiful sweater. I’m so envious of how quickly you knit. (But I’m sure Loki is the little elf who helps while you sleep.)

  97. Oops – forgot my ravelry name: It’s mouseal.

  98. I love this beautifully cabled cowl! Please pick me!

  99. Pretty cowl. I’d happily knit one.

    – afagelson on Ravelry

  100. Heather Crowe says:

    Your new sweater is so beautiful and so well knit. I would love to knit the Mountain Peak cowl. It looks so warm and has such an interesting pattern.

    -oakkitten on ravelry