My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Another Mountain Peak Giveaway!

The winners of last week’s pattern giveaway are, by Ravelry name:

  • hummandknit
  • sparky136
  • fancydear
  • geegaw

Each of these four lovely knitters has (or will shortly) receive a copy of Sandra C.’s lovely Mountain Peak Cowl pattern, 2 gifted from me, and 2 gifted from the designer herself. Thank you, Sandra C., for your generosity!

Didn’t win a pattern? You have another chance this week. This time, for Sandra C.’s matching Mountain Peak Mitts!

These are the perfect mitts to go with your  Mountain Peak Cowl and Mountain Peak Hat, am I right? The ones pictured here were knit by me, last Saturday. In fact, I knit the pair in one evening. They are truly a fast and fun knit!

Would you like to win a copy of the pattern?

Sandra C and I are each offering 2 free copies of the Mountain Peak Mitts pattern to my readers for a total of 4 pattern in this giveaway. To enter, leave a comment on this post by noon eastern time next Sunday, April 1, 2018 (no fooling), and please remember to include your Ravelry username in your comment. We’ll select 4 commenters at random to receive a free copy of the pattern. Thank you again, Sandra C for offering up more copies of your lovely pattern!

It’s been Hat Week

This week I knit two hats. First, Lineate:

I used Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Onyx and Green Dragon Yarns Sock in the Bermuda Bay colorway. I’ve had that skein of Green Dragon in my stash for a while — not exactly sure where I picked it up, but it comes from deep stash!

The second hat I knit was Luminosity:

The background color is once again Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Onyx — the same skein as I used for Lineate (and I have only used about half that skein) and a bunch of mini skeins.

Both of these hats were a lot of fun!

And now I’ve started on something bigger . . .

Loki would say hello, but he is just worn out from the excitement!


  1. Mary Lou Keenan says:

    Oh such beautiful colors! Can’t wait to see what you will make!

  2. Betty Myers says:

    I love all the patterns! I’m working on the waterfall toe up socks. Like knitting small projects like mittens, socks, and hats. Also, I’m a cat lover. Past breeder of Birmans. Any cat theme projects in the works? Macedon

  3. I like the mitts even more than the cowl! Although I suspect they would take me longer than one evening. My ravelry name is margvv.

  4. Loki is such a divo. The hats are soo cute. I need to make more.

  5. patricia says:

    Love the Linneate- it’s on my list and I don’t even wear hats!

    Rav: pjcohn

  6. Love quick mitts that can be knit quickly. I like the hats! Loki is spending his weekend like my two cats. Rav name suziknits

  7. Love the hats
    Rav: LeeLong

  8. Oh, I really love those mittens! Mittens, both fingerless and full, are my favorite things to knit!
    SparklinR on Ravelry

  9. Paulette Schirmer says:

    Nice color scheme for the new project, cannot wait to see the new photos. The mitts would be awesome and just right.

  10. I really like the Mountain Peak mitts. I have made mitts for the whole family, except me. And I love those two hats! I saw them and fell in love! ❤️ It seems like all Loki does is sleep, but he does it well. LOL


  11. Lineate looks like a perfect pattern for some yarn I won at Stitches. Will add it to my queue.


  12. says:

    I LOVE those mitts! I carry fleece gloves in my pockets of outdoor jackets, would love to make these with handspun. Very generous of you to offer several free patterns. Ravelry: hayewe

  13. Christel Y says:

    These are beautiful mitts! Would love to knit them. Ravelry name: knittingrd

  14. These are lovely!!! One can never have too many mitts. I am beewoman on Rav

  15. I love to knit mitts!

    I’m MrsGreenjeans on Ravelry ☺

  16. Would love to win this pattern. Thanks.

    Rav dingledaisy

  17. Love your two new hats, Wendy! Would love to have the pattern for the mitts. I always like knitting cables. Thanks, Wendy and Sandra! stitcherdebbie @ Ravelry

  18. Jewelhux on Ravelry

    Can’t wait to see the new project. Those are some of my favorite colors!

  19. Sophy0075 says:

    Those are lovely mitts. I think the sight of all of your knitting (how do you knit so much so fast?) has exhausted Loki.
    Sophy0075 on Ravelry

  20. What a great pair of mitts! Josockmonster on Rav

  21. Susan Backus says:

    Those mitts are the cat’s meow! Just ask Loki.
    I am Yarnfreek on Ravelry.

  22. I bet Loki loves those mitts! Me too! Thanks for a chance to win the pattern 🙂
    Rav id: LannieK

  23. Lestersmama says:

    Such floof!
    Fav: Lestersmama

  24. Ricki Isralowitz says:

    Love the mits and the hat, I had already favorited them! Thank you for your blog, I am really enjoying it. Also, thank you for setting up the prizes!!
    RAV id: Rickiisr

  25. Christine Frostenson says:

    Beautiful hats! Love the fingerless mitts, too!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win
    Northcoastchris on Ravelry

  26. Thank you – I won a pattern. Will have to go stash diving this week to see if I have enough yarn.

  27. SassyFrass on ravelry

  28. Jeri Weiser says:

    I love fingerless mitts! Please enter me: WYZR (Ravelry).

    Question: Please talk a little bit about what you do with all of your finished works. For example, do you keep all your hats? Donate them? Gift them?

  29. knittingdancer on Raverly says:

    Love the cabled fingerless mitts pattern.
    knittingdancer on Raverly

  30. Love the hats. So very colourful. Thank you for the chance to win the Mountain Peak pattern.

    deblyn153 on RAV

  31. Hazel Swoboda says:

    The mitts are lovely- I’m going to the mountains soon so it would be great to have some appropriately themed mittens to wear!
    hazelpurls on RAV

  32. LOVE the mitts! Would look gorgeous in some of my home grown handspun….
    krispe1946 on RAV

  33. Those hats are beautiful, i love making hats! The mitts pattern is just lovely, along with your new yarn. Can you please try and provide a less stressful home for your cat LOL


  34. Love these mitts! Perfect for holiday gift-giving too. cllcraft

  35. Oh wow! I loved the cowl design but the mitts are even better! And those hats are even better than the mitts. Such beautiful, fun, happy colors! And the ‘bigger’ project yarn…. Ooooh! LOVE!!! I can’t wait to see what you knit up.
    Jeannie Gray´s last blog post ..Makers’ Monday

  36. The mitts look great! You made them in one day. I like that. Perfect gift knitting.


  37. Crystal Baker says:

    I’ve been on a sock knitting kick lately but maybe I should be looking at hats and mitts. Wow those are pretty. cbarnwolf on rav

  38. Congrats to those lucky winners of the cowl pattern. count me in for the mitten pattern.

  39. Love the mitts. Thanks for the chance to win. Rav ID Gracie57

  40. Love the Luminosity hat–I think I’ll make one in a more ombre colorway of mini-skeins (finally a use for them!). Please add me in for those mitts, they’re adorable. Rav username is tinyplasticmeat

  41. I love these mitts. I would love to win the pattern!
    gussek on Ravelry

  42. Gloria Alvarez says:

    I like these mitts. My mama would like them even more. I promise to make them for her if I win.
    Thanks for sharing!

    gloriaal on Ravelry.

  43. Jana Ames says:

    Adore the hats, especially the top one. Love it. My Ravelry name is JanaA

  44. I woul love to win this pattern. It’s very pretty!
    SanDee1978 rav id

  45. yolanda v says:

    Those hats a splendid!
    Would love to win the mitt pattern.

    Rav is milai

  46. I made the Mountain Peak hat and would love to knit up a matching pair of mitts. Thank you.


  47. Conni Durrwachter says:

    I really love mitts, they are my socks. I would love a drawer full. I am catsmeowgm at Ravelry. Beautiful hats as well Wendy!

  48. Debbie Marrs says:

    Love the hats and can’t wait to see what you do with the yarn! Rav name subknitter

  49. Who ever has enough hand-knit mitts? These are gorgeous. Please pick me! Pick me!

  50. Wonderful pattern. Lovely. Rav ID: Ettenna

  51. These mitts look like so much fun to make. I want to make the hat and cowl too! Thank you for this opportunity to win the pattern. BTW, Loki is adorable. I wish I could rub his tummy.
    Rav: jeanlovesknitting

  52. Charlottewv says:

    Love the mitts. Loki is just too cute!! ❤️?

  53. Count me in! These are terrific!
    lynn´s last blog post ..Introducing Abracadabbit

  54. Those mitts are just great. Love the fact that they knit up quickly
    I’ll be in Alexandria over Easter weekend.

  55. I also like the mitts better than the cowl – they look lovely!
    my ravelry name is amichka99

  56. Mitts look warm, classic. Mountain Peaks has “good bones” Someday I will be proficient at cables!

  57. Oops! Revelry name is knittingJ

  58. Love the colorful hats. Loki gave me the giggles with this pose! audioknits
    Kristen Chambers´s last blog post ..March for Our Lives, Hartford

  59. Love these mitts and would love to make them for my friend who wears fingerless mitts at work. wingmarion on Ravelry

  60. These are lovely mitts. I would love to win the pattern. 24JMM

  61. elizabeth s says:

    I need another pair of mitts dont need mittens here but mitts are very handy and these look great love your hats i ha e anther to mame shortly for my nieces daughter so must get on to that but started one for me today get that finished first

  62. elizabeth s says:

    Sorry firethread on rav

  63. I love the mitts – great texture!
    rav: monibknits

  64. Happy Easter!
    from: kakabekaknitter

  65. Thank you for the give away! ericaknits on Ravelry

  66. Ruth Hibberson says:

    I would love this pattern = look like perfect mitts for walking the dog

    ravelry name is emmaursula

  67. Thank you all so much for your kind words about my patterns! And thank you, Wendy for the opportunity to take part in the giveaway! It has been so fun!