My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


April 8

How’s that for a compelling blog post title?

Thank you for all the good wishes for my blogiversary. Blogs are really a thing of the past at this point, yet I continue to write mine from time to time. I guess that makes me a thing of the past too, huh? I do post almost every day on my Instagram account where I am @wendy_knits, so do feel free to follow me there. Most of those posts are Loki-related, but I’m trying to make an effort to post more knitting content there.

Speaking of knitting content . . .

That is the front left quadrant of my Rose Cardigan, which I completed yesterday. I started on the third quadrant:

This is such a fun knit — there are enough different things going on at the same time to keep it interesting!

Now I need to go play with this little guy:

He has been waiting patiently!


  1. I do follow you on IG too and it is just purrrfect that they are Loki related lol. Your blog and knitting have been a lovely, huge inspiration all these years, but all knitting aside, it is just good to hear from you. 🙂

  2. This pattern is so drapey and swingy!

    I follow you on IG too, but I have a very hard time hitting the “heart” button on there and commenting there – If I try I get bumped into a new window that says something like, “this site is not working right now.”. My laptop seems to be allergic to instagram!

  3. I don’t think blogs are a thing of the past at all. I think people are dissatisfied with the superficial nature of most social media. Keep writing, what you have to say is invaluable!

  4. Please keep the blog up. I must be a dinosaur as I don’t do Instagram. I rarely do Facebook anymore but I do follow your blog. I would rather read good content that I want to read rather than most of the other stuff I don’t care about. You have been a bright spot in my day to see your blog. Thank you.

  5. Happy belated blogiversary! I am always amazed at the speed at which you knit your items, and how beautiful they are. I have enjoyed following you for years and want to thank you for sharing.
    lynn´s last blog post ..Abracadabbit’s Hat Trick

  6. I hope you keep blogging for a very long time! Blogging, Instagram, and Facebook are like knitting and crochet in that they are related but not the same at all.
    Charlene´s last blog post ..Easter Egg Hunt

  7. I love your blog. Please keep writing and showing your knitting and Loki.

  8. Anita J. Tinlin says:

    So fun to see pictures of Loki with his eyes open. Handsome fellow.
    I do hope you continue blogging. I have not made it over to Instagram and suspect I may never go there. I do enjoy your posts.

  9. Beth in Maryland says:

    IMHO, anyone who is anyone is still blogging! Yours was one of the first knitting blogs I stumbled upon, and it opened my eyes to new possibilities. I’m so glad you’re still here!

  10. I agree with Lorette – I keep seeing people referring to blogs as a “dying” format, and yet there is no real substitute for blogging. I’m not a visual person, so Instagram and Pinterest do nothing for me; images without some form of written context are boring.

    But I’m also an English professor, so I’m probably biased 😉 Happy Blogiversary, and may you have many more!