My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I’ve been working along on my Comfort Fade Cardi and last night I finished the body! What remains to be done are the sleeves, and the collar/front bands.

The pattern directs you to work the sleeves, then the collar, but I’ve decided to do these in reverse order. So last night/this morning I picked up the many stitches needed to work the front bands/collar. This design has a shawl collar that is shaped by working short rows.

I added some length to my cardi, so I needed to pick up more stitches than the pattern directs down each front edge. This of course messes up the directions for working the short rows. I needed an extra 34 stitches picked up on each side front. To keep myself from getting thoroughly confused, I placed a marker on each side so that the bottom 34 stitches on each side front are separated. This will make it easier for me to follow the instructions for the short rows. I’ll knit 34, then follow the directions for the first row. We’ll see if I can do this without completely messing things up!

I am hoping to get the collar at least close to completion before August 1 because on August 1 I will set this project aside to start on my August Camp Loopy project. I’d like to be leaving the Comfort Fade Cardi at an obvious stopping point. We shall see.

Loki says:

Oh, hai!


  1. As always, I love your color choices. I’ve never been a fan of reverse stockinette so I might have to turn mine inside out when I get around to starting mine. The reverse stockinette does make the colors blur even more though. Makes me wonder if I could get over my aversion to it. Can’t wait to see your finished sweater. Good luck with those extra stitches!

  2. Loki looks like he just had an encounter with a good fur brush. I can almost feel how soft and fluffy he is.

  3. Love your colors! Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater.

  4. Barbara Runcie says:

    Loki is so beautiful.♥