My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I’m coming down the home stretch on my Rose Cardi. Wait . . . did I say that a week ago?

I’ve done all the ribbing — the cuffs and the bottom ribbing — and completed one of the front bands, and sewed the band to the body of the sweater.

Now I have to knit the second band and sew it to the sweater, and I’ll be done!

The bands are each around 33″ long and they are 29 stitches wide, with twisted rib and cables, so they do take a surprisingly long time to knit. I do think the second one will go faster since I won’t be stopping to measure it against the body of the sweater to ensure I get the exact length. But I am really ready to be done with this project and move on to something new.

A little voice in my head is telling me to start my next project and relegate this last band to commuter knitting, but I am trying to stay strong. If I relegate it to commuter knitting, that means I’ll be able to work on it for maybe 15 minutes three times a week, so it’ll take forever to get it done. Much better to just suck it up and knit until it is done before I start my next project. Right? Right?

Loki sez:

“Suck it up, Momma!”


  1. Loki says “Don’t confuse me by introducing another yarn until you’re done with this one!”

  2. What a beautiful green!

  3. Christiane says:

    Poor Locki, he is already tiered of the project, but he is staying strong, kind of . He is listing .
    Oh by the way, I love the color and the band on the cards is beautiful.

  4. It’s heautiful!

  5. Sorry, I agree with Loki……

  6. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    Absolutely stunning. The colours are wonderful! You got it sweet Loki

  7. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    Absolutely stunning! The colours are beautiful. You got it right Loki

  8. I have huge difficulties to finish my actuels 3 projects, before beginning to knit and crochet other ones….. Very very very hard! Lol!

  9. It seems I’m a “voice in the wilderness”, but . . . I knit for pleasure & health (mental). The few times I’ve sucked it up in re: knitting, it’s been a gift that I promised for a specific event (christening; Bday), or I NEEDED something to keep warm. (I live in California, so winter weather has occasionally surprised me.)
    It’s not like YOU don’t have anything to keep you warm. And, since you’re on the Other Coast, don’t you have 4 – 5 months of woolly-wearing-weather ahead?
    Anyhoo, that’s my 2 cents.
    Either way, hope you & His Floofyness have fun. jhy

  10. I love the green, it’s absolutely stunning. I hear you!! The big projects get boring after a while and sometimes you just want to work on something different. I would probably take a break from the big project but promise myself to pick it up after a pair of socks or a hat. Having said that, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished cardi. Knit on!!

  11. Do post some photos of it when you are done! Fall will be here in the DC area in about a week. You’ll be glad you have it.

  12. I feel that way with just about every project that takes more than 48 hours to knit. Knitters’ ADD! Hope you stick with the cardigan though. I’m dying to see it finished.

  13. What a gorgeous pattern! So gorgeous, in fact, that I’ve just bought it. I love this young lady’s eye for intentional pooling. Oh, and I’m with Loki – suck it up, mama. I just had to do that with three sacque/bootie/bonnet sets for our third grandchild, and I’m so glad I did. Yes, some of the repetitiveness got on my nerves, but as always, seeing the finished item, blocked and ready to send, was oh so worth it!

  14. Just finished a knitted blanket. The last inches were a torture.For me it’s torture or second sock syndrome. Your project is beautiful. Love cables.