My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Gradient Style

Happy New Year! What better way to kick off the new year than with a book review and giveaway?

This is Gradient Style: Color-Shifting Techniques & Knitting Patterns by Kerry Bogert (Editor), published last month by  Interweave. As you are no doubt well aware, gradients are a huge popular trend right now, so this is a very timely collection.

In addition to 19 patterns by various designers, there is a lot of good information on how to selecting and work different colored yarns into gradient effects. There are also tips to help avoid problems like such as color pooling and uneven striping when working with gradients.

You can take a look at the included patterns here on Ravelry.

My favorites:

Chevron Cowl, designed by Tian Connaughton. The yarn used for the sample is Freia Handpaints Ombré Sport – Gradient.

The Denim Stripes Cardigan designed by Kathryn Folkerth. This calls for Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift — traditional Shetland jumper weight (fingering) wool. I may have to knit this one!

And the Spring Colors Tee designed by Alyssa Cabrera. This is worked from Done Roving Yarns Frolicking Feet Mini Gradients — fingering weight wool. I happen to have a Plucky Knitter gradient set given to me by a friend (thanks Sharon!) for my birthday that will be perfect for this. I plan to lengthen the sleeves into long sleeves. And the set includes 5 skeins at 385 yards each, so I’ll have plenty for a matching hat.

Now, who would like to have my review copy of Gradient Style: Color-Shifting Techniques & Knitting Patterns?

To be entered in the drawing to win my review copy, please leave a comment on this post and tell me which of the 19 patterns is your favorite. Leave your comment by 11:00am Eastern Time next Sunday January 13, 2019.

My Sock Pattern

Several of you asked what sock pattern I used tp knit the socks shown in my last blog post — that’s one of my free patterns: the Sportweight Gusset Heel Sock. There are a lot of free sock patterns on my free pattern page.

And Lastly

Loki sez:

Happy New Year!


  1. Denim stripes cardigan is my favorite. It’s so wearable!

  2. Ruth Porter says:

    Happy New Year! It’s the Lacy Stripes shawl for me.

  3. Augh! Can’t just choose one pattern! I like the denim stripes cardi, the lacy stripes shawl, the spring colors tee & the spectrum hat patterns. Would love to win this book – it’s got a great collection of designs in it.

  4. Flame Lace and Lacy Stripes are must dos for me, some of the cowls are wonderful too!

  5. Martie Kelley says:

    That chevron cowl is sublime.

  6. Love the cable hat. Will do for grand niece with a ponytail.

  7. I love that denim stripes cardigan, it’s cute and nerdy at the same time

  8. Shelley Smith says:

    The shape-shifter scarf looks fun! Thanks!

  9. I love the Chevron Cowl. If my hair was longer, I’d also love the Cabled Hat with the whole for a ponytail.

  10. Love the denim stripes cardigan. The Spectrum hat looks very fun too.

  11. The Denim Stripes Cardigan and roses socks are calling to me. Many of them look like a great challenge to make.

  12. I love the Denim Stripes Cardigan! Anything denim…!

  13. How are you handling the shut down? Hope everything gets solved quickly. I like the cowl you have shown here.

  14. Denim stripes cardigan has to be my favorite, followed by the spectrum hat. I have been dreaming of a hat like that lately.

  15. Colorwork Roses Socks Easily the best.

  16. Nancy Thone says:

    I really like the Dye-Agonal Stripes Cardigan. Very nice!

  17. Lynn Dostie says:

    Such a difficult choice! I think it would knit either the Denim Stripes Cardigan or the Dye-Agonal Stripe Cardigan first.

  18. Love the Denim Stripes Cardigan??

  19. Elizabeth says:

    The Flame Lace Shawl is my favorite. I’d love to be able to read tips on how to pick colors that would complement that pattern.

  20. Charlottewv says:

    Happy New Year Wendy and sweet purrbabe, Loki!

  21. Love this book! My favorite is the denim stripes cardigan. Thanks, Wendy!

  22. Martha Rice says:

    The Denim Stripes Cardigan is my favorite but there are several patterns in the book that I’d like to knit.

  23. Debbie Hallamek says:

    I really like the Slip stitch cowl. Thanks!

  24. Carole Finger says:

    Flame Lace Shawl. I’d do it in oranges into blue as befitting it’s name.

  25. Christel Yates says:

    So hard to choose a favorite! The Flame Lace shawl and the Reversible Brioche Infinity Cowl caught my eye. Thank you Wendy!

  26. Denise Nash says:

    I really love a bunch of them, but Shape Shifter scarf is really stunning!

  27. Lovely patterns, but my favorite is the Spectrum Hat, because I just learned to knit stranded & im excited to jump into another project!

  28. Such great patterns! I think my favorite is the Spring Colors Tee.

  29. So many cool patterns, but I really like the Spectrum Hat by Kyle Kunnecke!

  30. Definitely, the Denim Stripes Cardigan in shades of green instead of blue!

  31. At this moment the Slip Stitch Cowl is calling my name but I like several other patterns in the book too.

  32. Helen Lovitt says:

    Several of the patterns in this book speak to me. Yes the Denim Stripes Cardi but I love the Shape Shifter Scarf and the Spring Colours Tee as well as the Snow Melt Cowl. So many lovely designs. I think given that we are having our first hot week of summer, the Tee would be the one I’d choose for now. Thanks for the chance to comment!

  33. The Colorwork Roses Socks are beautiful. The flame shawl is a close second.

  34. Robin Fremer says:

    OMG I was just looking for this book on Rav. I would either make Flame Lace Shawl or the Denim Stripe Cardigan, or maybe both.. I had gotten a notice of this in my email this morning and got all excited. Hope I win. Thanks for the chance.

  35. Tobie R Lurie says:

    There are lots of really nice patterns–Maybe the first would be the flame lace shawl but I also like the Dye-Angle stripes cardigan and the Denim Stripe Cardigan. It would be difficult to choose!
    Thank you!

  36. I do like that denim stripe cardigan. It just looks so wearable. And I can imagine myself knitting it and never taking it off.

  37. Sandra Kerr says:

    I can’t decide between the Shape Shifter Scarf and the Fire Lace Shawl.

  38. Happy new year!!!!!!!!!
    My favorite pattern is “Spectrum hat”, by Kyle Kunnecke
    Jocelyne Bouilliot´s last blog post ..Fini!!!

  39. Chris Reeske says:

    Really Like the socks, I have some gradient I dyed myself that might go. Thanks for the cahnce to win the book.

  40. Chris Reeske says:

    Really Like the socks, I have some gradient I dyed myself that might go. Thanks for the chance win the book.

  41. I’m loving the Snow Melt Cowl

  42. Kathleen Kennedy says:

    The Chevron Cowl is my fave.

  43. Annette Dufek says:

    I love a lot of them but I need the spectrum hat. I got used to wearing hats during our colder weather and now I need some new ideas.

  44. Sharen Warren says:

    This book has several patterns I really like, but I think my favorite is the Denim Stripes Tee. I would love to win this book!

  45. Anne Bean says:

    I like the Denim Stripes Cardigan.

  46. My favorite is the Flame Lace Shawl by Mone Dräger. I would end mine with something other than yellow, though… if I win 🙂

  47. Patsy Coats says:

    Spectrum Hat

  48. Oh Wow! Hard to choose but the socks & tee are my weakness. Kisses to Loki!!!

  49. Helene Ross says:

    I love the seed stitch pullover. It looks easy enough to me. lol.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    Seed Stitch Pullover I liked the length of the sleeves.

  51. I’m with you on the Denim Stripes Cardigan. Fabulous!

  52. Wendy Tompkins says:

    I like the Color Block Mittens….Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. It’s not often that there is a book with so many great patterns! I like the grey scale cardigan – simple, but very striking! Loki, as always, is also very striking!

  54. Love the denim stripes and that yarn!

  55. Flame Lace Shawl. Thank you for the giveaway.

  56. Gray-Scale Cardigan – though of course it could be done in other colors as well, including an ombre in the body and back and a solid in the front panels. Thanks for offering the book!

  57. Savannagal says:

    If I were to make one of the garments I’d choose Denim Stripes Cardigan. Cardigans go with everything. Thanks.

  58. Love the denim stripes cardigan!

  59. Definitely the denim stripes cardigan

  60. I love knitting with gradients. They help with the boredom factor and in the end, there’s usually not a multitude of ends to weave in.

    Thanks for the opportunity. I love the denim cardigan and the shape of the seed stitch pullover.

  61. Tracy R. Beck says:

    I would love to have a book of patterns, as my library is pretty empty, and gradients are so beautiful. Thanks for this chance to win this book!

  62. Love the Denim Stripes Cardigan! I can’t resist a fingering weight sweater!

  63. I’m currently in cardigan-knitting-mode, so the Denim Stripes Cardigan is my favorite, too.

  64. OMG…the Chevron cowl is gorgeous!

  65. My favorite is the Flame Lace Shawl, closely followed by the Rose Socks and the Ocean Wave Cowl.

  66. Jill McKibben says:

    Love the look of the patterns in this book…thanks Wendy!

  67. Denim Stripes Cardigan is my style.

  68. The Seed-stitch sweater is gorgeous…..although, the patterns are all beautiful!! I love purples and lavendars.

  69. love, love love snow melt cowl (& others too). yummy patterns.
    Rav ID: Ettenna

  70. Rebecca J. says:

    I really like the Spring Colors Tee! I might change the colors a little bit, yellow and my skin tone don’t always play nice. 🙂

  71. It’s a toss up – Lacy Stripes Shawl or Shape-Shifter Scarf…..

  72. Linda Newcomb says:

    Colorworks Rose Socks and Chevron Cowl are my favorites. However, all of the patterns are close contenders.

  73. Either the Flame Lace Shawl or the Snow Melt Cowl. Love them both! Looks like a great book.

  74. Susan Shelly says:

    The gradient book looks really neat! Happy New Year to you and Loki;O))

  75. Soxy Jane says:

    Happy New Year to you and Loki, too. Is he worn out from celebrating?

  76. The gradient cardigan is amazing! Happy New Year!

  77. celestine m getty says:

    this book looks wonderful. Happy Knitting this New Year

  78. Denim Stripes Cardigan is quite lovely.

  79. Looks like a great book. Hard to pick an absolute favorite as there are several I really like. l love the cowls and the Denim Stripes Cardigan.

  80. I love the Shapeshifter scarf and the Chevron Cowl.

  81. Ocean Waves Cowl! Happy New Year.

  82. Definitely the Shape Shifter scarf!

  83. Helen Johnson says:

    They’re all pretty, but I love the Seed Stitch pullover. That’s something I’d get done in a reasonable amount of time. 🙂

    Give Loki a scritch for me.

  84. Hmm.. I am liking all the cardigans/sweaters but if I were knitting one I would probably choose to start with the seed stitch pullover. The gradient stripe one is interesting design wise but I can’t decided how much I like it 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  85. My comment disappeared somewhere….so to sum up what it said – I choose the seed stitch pullover, although not generally a fan of boat necks
    Happy New Year!

  86. third time lucky?
    my comments keep getting lost….but its the seed stitch pullover for me 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  87. How can you pick just one? I’m with you on the Spring Colors Tee, but I also have to add in the Seed Stitch Pullover (purple!) and the slip stitch cowl. They are wonderful patterns.

  88. Hiya,just started dabbling in using “gradient yarn” and am looking forward to making something other than the small shawl I’ve just finished.Though a minimalist at heart the use of gradient yarn for summer seems new and fresh☺

  89. Gradient yarn seems so fresh for summer,I’d like to try my hand at the seed stitch pullover.

  90. What a great idea! I love the denim stripes!

  91. I’m on a bit of a cowl kick right now, and the Chevron Cowl looks so wearable!

  92. Jane Ezell says:

    Great gradients for bending my mind and exploding creative ideas! Denim stripes, flame shawl and slip stitch cowl…all speak to me!

  93. So many favorites in this book. I like Denim Stripes Cardigan the most.

  94. So many favorites in the book. I like Denim Stripes Cardigan the most.

  95. I”m obsessed with brioche right now, so I have to say the Reversible Brioche Infinity Scarf!

  96. Sherry Beason says:

    How to pick one… they are so lovely. I actually am excited to see the pattern for the cable hat! Thanks for sharing the book with your blog readers.

  97. Love the denim stripes cardigan!

  98. Nice cardigans!

  99. Hard to choose but either the dye angle strips cardigan or shape shifter scarf. Have concerned getting this would be great to win it. Thanks for the chance ?

  100. Bonnie Rosendale says:

    Ooooo . . . I love them all! I think I like the Seed-Stitch Pullover the best and I also like the Flame Lace Shawl, and the Spring Colors Tee, and the Roses socks . . . oh, it’s really hard to choose just one!