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Roscalie Cardigan by Alice Starmore, knit from Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift  on a US 3 needle

Boost Your Knitting

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I have a fun announcement for you all!

You may know Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford — the creators of A Year of Techniques. 

Meet Jen and Jim!

Well, they have developed a brand-new program, Boost Your Knitting: Another Year of Techniques.

Boost Your Knitting is a program to teach you new skills in your knitting. It covers twelve new techniques, with twelve patterns from twelve fabulous designers (guess who is one of them?), twelve sets of photo and video tutorials, and most importantly, twelve opportunities for knitters to experience the joy of learning something new!

Each project is small enough to be completed within a month, but also makes a beautiful item (think hats, socks, shawls and so on). Every month there will be a knitalong for that technique over in the Arnall-Culliford Knitwear Ravelry group. Boost Your Knitting includes the digital patterns and photo tutorials delivered monthly as well as a print copy of the book shipped worldwide in September 2019. It costs £30.00 and this includes worldwide shipping.

They also have a Spring Kit available that includes all the yarn for the first three months’ worth of patterns. Kits for Summer, Autumn and Winter will become available later in the year. And there’s an Ultimate package that gives you the digital patterns and tutorials, print book and all four seasonal kits. Full details and pricing can be found on the
Arnall-Culliford Knitwear website or via Jen’s profile on Instagram (@JenACKnitwear).

I mentioned twelve fabulous designers:

Left to right and top to bottom: Anna Maltz (@sweaterspotter), Carol Feller (@feller.carol Photo by Kate O’Sullivan), Ella Austin (@bombellaella Photo by Emma Solley), Felicity Ford (@knitsonik), Joji Locatelli (@jojilocat), Jen And Jim Arnall-Culliford (@JenACKnitwear and @veuftricot Photo by Jesse Wild), Julia Farwell-Clay (@farwellclay), Nathan Taylor (@sockmatician), Nancy Marchant (@nancymarchantbrioche Photo by Alexandra Feo), Sarah Hatton (@hattonknits Photo by I Hobson), Thea Colman (@theacolman), Tori Seierstad (@torirotdesign), Wendy D. Johnson (@wendy_knits)

I am very proud to be in such exalted company!

But wait, there’s more!

If you are unfamiliar with Jen & Jim’s work, here is an opportunity to win a copy their previous book: A Year of Techniques. Jen has kindly offered a copy of the print version plus the ebook to one of my readers. To be entered in the drawing, please leave a comment on this post by Sunday, February 17 at 11:00 am Eastern Time. A winner will be randomly selected at that time.

Loki sez . . .



  1. Helene Ross says:

    A year of techniques sounds great – maybe when I retire. i barely have energy to knit now when I get home from work. Meanwhile – maybe I’ll start with the book if I win it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Cute kitty

  3. I have a loooong (Midwest to New England) road trip planned this summer. Since I don’t get carsick, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn some new techniques!

  4. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    What a great book!! I always love to learn new techniques.

  5. Have been thinking about the technique series. Will wait to see the winner announced.
    Wonderful that you are part of the new project that I will be ordering as soon as I see the link.
    Your toe up sock patterns are the only socks that I knit and love.

  6. It always amazes me how much there is to learn about knitting.

  7. Alright, count me in! I’m feeling adventurous!
    lynn´s last blog post ..Love is 2,000+ knit and crocheted balls

  8. I’ve looked at this book/tutorial so many times! So many things to learn! It would be wonderful to have!

  9. Celeste Culpepper says:

    Another wonderful give-a-way.

  10. Congrats on being one of the designers! It looks like a fabulous program. I’d love to own/win the first book.

  11. Lisa Olson says:

    Thanks for offering their book in the drawing! I’d love to win a copy! 🙂

  12. Jean Palionis says:

    It would be wonderful to own a book that contained the works of do many talented artists.

  13. Congrats! Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. I have never heard of Jen and Jim or of their program, but the line up of teachers is very impressive! Getting a chance to look over the first year of techniques would be great.

  15. Gloria Alvarez says:

    Yes, please. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Soooo excited to take part in this. I guess I live under a rock and didn’t know about this last year. Would love to win a copy of the first one! And very happy to see Wendy among the teachers.

  17. Connie Kline says:

    Lovely, a nicely structured way to learn new techniques. Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. Charlottewv says:

    This looks like something many of us would find useful and interesting. And Loki is just adorable. ❤️?❤️?

  19. Debbie Laukala says:

    I have been knitting for a long time. I taught myself when I was 11 years old. But as old as I am now (65) I still haven`t learned everything. This old lady would love to learn new ways to do my life long craft

  20. As an my skills grow, I get even more excited about a challenge…so a book on new techniques would be awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to try & win!

  21. Thanks for the great give away.

  22. I’m interested in this series. Thanks.

  23. I would like to learn some new techniques. It’s never too late.

  24. This is my year to learn new things and challenge myself. This would be a perfect push. (Of course, so would the new book.)

  25. Jane Ezell says:

    Congratulations! This book makes such a contribution to self development with the inspiration, steps and techniques, and connections to experts to guide. Wow what fun and learning!

  26. It would be really fun to win a book with new techniques to learn. Thank you!

  27. Sounds like fun. And Loki looks good.

  28. I think my brain needs to learn new things! Thanks for the chance to win this.

  29. This is great – sign me up for the opportunity to win.
    thanks 🙂

  30. Barbara Altman says:

    I really enjoyed viewing Jen’s videos on YouTube. Looking forward to seeing what’s in the new series. I wouldn’t mind owning the first book…

  31. I have been wanting A Year of Techniques! I would love to win!

  32. What an amazing group of designers! Of course you are among the greatest!

  33. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area says:

    So many techniques! So much yarn! So little time! What better way to use that time than to learn new things and keep the mind active.

  34. Marge Roberts says:

    Thanks for making me aware of this series. Would love to have a chance at this give away. Thank you

  35. Even old dogs can learn new tricks. I would love a chance to win this book. Thanks for bringing us all the latest. And Loki, so try for the canine reference, lol.

  36. Sharon Knutson says:

    This sounds really fun! And a good resource book.

  37. oh loki – you’re the best!

  38. Wow, what an exciting treat! Thank you!

  39. What a great lineup, Wendy. Thank you for making me aware of this next round of techniques.

  40. I’m so excited for this. I just ordered the kit which includes pattern and yarn. Can’t wait to start.

  41. mary mcmahon says:

    technique books are dear to my heart. Mary in Cincinnati

  42. Wow! Who will be the lucky winner of this book?
    Thanks for the chance.

    P.S.: Loki’s foto is the best ever.

  43. While I knit primarily because I enjoy it, one of the aspects that makes it enjoyable for me is learning new techniques and tricks. I like the idea of challenging yourself using the framework of a year!

  44. Congratulations Wendy! A brilliant team of designers for sure!