My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Bits and Pieces

There have been a few questions in the comments asking why Margaret Tudor is worked in so many pieces?

I know the tendency these days is towards sweaters that are knit in the round with as little sewing as possible. I am not a fan of in-the-round sweaters or seamless sweaters in anything heavier than sportweight and for no good reason other than to minimize finishing work. Where there is a good reason to knit in the round (like stranded colorwork) I’m right there. Otherwise, I like the structure that seams give a sweater. My experience is that a seamless sweater knit in the round morphs into a shapeless blob. As I said, stranded colorwork is the exception — the fabric that stranded colorwork creates is firmer than one knit in one color so it gives some body to a garment.

Some may say that for this design, Margaret Tudor, the designer Alice Starmore has taken the whole seaming thing to extremes. But remember — this design is inspired by Tudor garments, and in Starmore’s own words:

I united the symbolic elements in a complex design that references the Tudor fashion for slashed garments, where the outer fabric is cut into openings to reveal another garment or fabric underneath. I placed my thistle in outer prominence, with the rose peeking through from panels set underneath.

So there you have it. Straight from the designer’s mouth.

I have no issue with seaming so have been having a lovely time putting the pieces together.

With that said . . .


In other news, Loki is helping me do laundry.

So helpful!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Amazing work Wendy – totally gorgeous! All your work is exceptional in my opinion but this one is really a whole new level. Enjoy wearing it.

  3. That is fabulous! I’m with you on seams. It seems like the majority of new sweater patterns are top down/seamless. I’ve never understood the aversion to seaming and purling.

  4. Nancy DeMere says:

    Oh my–that sweater is just stupendous. I feel like it should be framed rather than worn.

  5. Janice in GA says:


  6. Amazing! Cheers to Loki, too, for being so helpful.

  7. Michelle G. says:

    It is gorgeous!

  8. Wendy, that is so, so beautiful! Good for you. I wish I had a Loki to help with laundry; I’m sure it would be much more fun.

  9. LaVelle N Nott says:

    What a magnificent sweater.I am almost tempted to attempt something like it. It looks wonderful.

  10. beautiful – you are amazing, Wendy

  11. Absolutely beautiful- an epic project!

  12. A lot of work but so worth it. It’s really classic while being unusual at the same time. I love the color!

  13. Charlottewv says:

    This sweater is beautiful, I love it! 🧶 The design is gorgeous as are the buttons you chose for it. You are so talented, everything you knit is a masterpiece! I do hope that Loki gets the laundry 🧺 done in time to catch up on his catnaps. Lol! He’s such a sweet purrbabe. ❤️🐾

  14. Sue Nell Horlander says:

    This sweater is a beautiful work of art! You are very inspiring. I wouldn’t mind giving this a try one day.

  15. Absolutely stunning!!!

  16. Sharen Warren says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  17. Stunning

  18. Wendy, that’s beyond beautiful – it’s a work of art! Thank you for sharing your journey making this. I also agree with your ideas on seaming.

  19. Susanne Scheurwater says:

    That is one gorgeous piece of work! Most people would take several months to knit that masterpiece but not you!! wonderful…and I am so glad Loki is learning to do laundry!!!

  20. Oh Wendy, that’s absolutely stunning! I’d been wondering how all those pieces came together, but kept forgetting to pull my copy of Tudor Roses to see the finished sweater. I can’t gush on enough about how beautiful your version is. Love the color, the buttons, the all of it. That’s really a labor of love..

  21. Good Lord, that takes your breath away. It is just exquisite. Fantastic job. Can’t praise you enough. Your one in a million! xo

  22. poodletail says:

    She’s a beauty, Wendy! Looks as though you thoroughly enjoyed knitting this masterpiece, too. This will be a hard act to follow.

  23. Ruth Schoof says:

    Your sweater is absolutely amazing…wow!

  24. The knit is beautiful and the structure of it is just so gorgeous!

  25. Nance Henderson says:

    A masterpiece by a master knitter. You just can’t rush perfection.

  26. Mary Lou Keenan says:


  27. Phyllis Holder says:

    I hope this is as comfortable to wear as it is gorgeous!! I love it

  28. A tour de force! Wish we could see it on. Looks like it would be very flattering as well. Sometimes I think people are averse to seaming because they are afraid of it. I stumbled on a video called something like “faster, flatter seams.” It may not satisfy the purist but the wonderful thing about it is that the demonstrator shows very clearly exactly where to insert the needle. So many times either the explanation or the photography are so fuzzy that I am more confused than ever. And the resulting seam looks very smooth, precise and acceptable. I hope your attitude about seaming is contagious. I think once you get a rhythm going it can be very satisfying.

  29. I echo all the above comments — totally stunning. How many ounces of wool?

  30. Sherry Beason says:

    Incredible, just incredible! Wendy, you are a master knitter and I applaud your ability to tackle anything! Would love to see it on you.