My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Face It

As I mentioned last week, I have knit facings for my Yell cardigan: The bottom edge, the front bands and the bottom edge of the sleeves.

The pattern directs you to do a few rows of moss stitch at the garment edges, which to me seems like not enough of an edge to combat the piece curling up, as the rest of it is miles of stockinette. Several Ravelers have mentioned this issue in their project notes, so I figured my fears were justified. So I knit a facing.

It’s easy to do. I cast on the requisite number of stitches, then worked stockinette in the round — for the bottom edge I did about 1.5″, for the front bands I did it deep enough to cover the bands on the wrong side. Once the facing was deep enough, I worked one purl round on the right side. This is the turning round: having that one purl round makes the facing fold obediently to the inside of the work.

I then carefully sewed the cast-on edge of the facing to the inside of the sweater using the same yarn as I used for the sweater. And there you have it — a nice neat facing!

A tip: I am using a 3.25mm to knit Yell, so I used a 3mm needle to knit the facing. My gauge is slight tighter knitting two-color stockinette, so I went down a size to knit the one-color facing.

I have one sleeve done and inserted in the armhole.

Coming down the home stretch! Loki celebrates by lounging on the coffee table.


  1. Susanne Scheurwater says:

    once again, I say beautiful!

  2. What a great solution to a common problem- thanks for the info

  3. Love the facing idea. And now you have me wondering if a facing would help a sweater I have. It has a rolled hem but it rolls too much. I wonder if I picked up stitches on the inside and knit a facing a little ways up from the edge if the added weight would stop it from rolling so much.

  4. Genius! Your knitting is just unbelievably perfect!

  5. Beautiful. I have loved Yell ever since I saw it, but didn’t like the cropped length. Cant wait to see this finished. And the facing idea is great, I have used that successfully, but would probably not have thought to do it before beginning!

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for the detailed tip.

  7. Soxy Jane says:

    Your knitting looks so perfect – WOW!
    Thank you for sharing your modifications. I learned something about knitted facings.

  8. poodletail says:

    I’m keeping your notes for when I knit my own Yell. How frustrating it would be to have all that gorgeous colorwork with a curly edge!

  9. Very clever idea ! The sweater is looking great. Now is this one you think you will wear? Like the pattern colors. Liked the socks in the last couple of post. I make alot of socks for my grown children. My son will only wear the work socks I make him, so there is always a pair on my needles. Take care ! xo