My current work in progress:

Stornoway, designed by Alice Starmore from her book Fishermen’s Sweaters, knit in Frangipani 5-ply guernsey wool in the Aran colorway, on a 3.0mm needle.


I finished the back of my Cornflower sweater and have just started the front.

The ribbing is a rather complex pattern but I am pleased to report I got it right on the first try!

Loki is having a good day. The cable guy was here for a couple of hours to troubleshoot some issues (all is well now). Loki was happy to help and is now very pleased with himself!


  1. The ribbing does look a little complex. What size needle is that your working on? Do like the color. Loki does look very satisfied with himself!! xo

  2. Charlottewv says:

    The ribbing is so pretty and though it’s complex, I’m not at all surprised that you got it right on the first try! Your knitting skills are amazing!! I’m sure that the cable guy appreciated Loki’s help. Now Loki needs to get rested for his next assignment, lol! ❤️🐾😊🧶

  3. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    Way to go Loki. I bet the cable guy thought ypou were very handsome!!

  4. That color is really pretty! But Loki is even more handsome;O))

  5. Love the sweater. And Loki is one gorgeous cat!