My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Summit Completed

I finished Summit last week.

This is a design by Sloane Rosenthal, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, one of my current favorite yarns. The only mode I made was to knit the sleeves in stockinette stitch instead of 2×2 rib. Honesty compels me to admit that I did it by accident — I had several inches on a sleeve before I bothered to read the pattern and discovered that it was supposed to be worked completely in rib. But had I been paying attention, I probably would have knit them in stockinette anyway. I also made them a bit wider than the pattern called for. I do not like tight sleeves.

Here’s my new project:

This the start of Pitch, by Emily Greene. I am knitting it from one of my all-time favorite yarns, Elsawool Cormo. This is woolen-spun worsted.

Meanwhile, Loki is spending time in his crinkle tunnel.


  1. Beautiful sweater!

    Though I confess, with the current temperatures, it makes me sweat just to look at it.

    I can’t imagine the sleeves in 2×2 rib, but the collar seems to be 2×2, was it worked on larger needles? I could maybe picture the sleeves in the looser rib it appears to be, though they look just fine as you modified them.

  2. patricia says:

    Love the collar!
    My cat Pepper loves hercrinkle tunnel too.

  3. Sharen Warren says:

    Your Summit is beautiful, you will be ready when winter arrives ;-). Pitch is gorgeous too and it looks like a cardigan that will be very practical also. Loki is so adorable!

  4. I wouldn’t like the sleeves done in ribbing. They would buckle and not lay right when bending your arm. I’d like them looser, too.

  5. Dorothy Bunch says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! Is Loki just social distancing!

  6. Christiane Johnson says:

    Love your sweater and the color too. Pitch is beautiful. I just do not like the Y in the back. That would emphasize my butt (which does not need any help). Loki is a very good supervisor.

  7. Charlottewv says:

    Summit is so pretty, I love the details. Your stitches are perfect—as always. I’m anxious to see Pitch completed. I think that It will be one of my favorites. It looks as though your supervisor is working from his tunnel today. Loki Is so beautiful!

  8. Beautiful sweater as always. Red and white or cream?) are very becoming to Loki’s snowy fur. Somehow I think he knows this.

  9. Summit is beautiful! I love that collar. It’s the perfect looseness. Pitch is great too!

  10. Loving the sleeves done in st st! And loving this sweater! Pitch has been on my mind-it’s a stunner. Question: do you think this particular Cormo will pill much? I’ve used a Cormo that I got at New York Sherp and Wool; it pilled like a you know what. I’m not seeing any comments on Ravelry re pilling with Elsawool and wondered what your experience has been -any thoughts wouid be appreciated. Knit on! 💕