My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



And perhaps some answers.

About my Summit pullover: “the collar seems to be 2×2, was it worked on larger needles?”

The 2×2 rib for the collar was worked on 4 different needle sizes: I started with the same size used for the ribbing and then went up a size every 3″, per the pattern instructions. Since the collar is 12″ deep, you really need to keep loosening up as you go or it would not lay correctly. Nifty, huh?

And there was a comment/question a while back about how I get my stockinette so even. I am very lucky in that my tension/gauge is identical for knitting and purling, and it always has been. So I’m sorry to say, I have no words of wisdom here.

On to my current project . . .

I’m loving every minute of my work on the Pitch cardigan. Elsawool Cormo is one of my favorite yarns and it is one I’ve used a number of times, in different weights. This is worsted weight and it knits up so beautifully into cables and texture.

There was a question about whether Elsawool Cormo pills. In my experience . . . no. I knit my Crazed Scandinavian Cowl from the fingering weight and iin the winter It gets a lot of wear. And it still looks brand new.

As I said, I’ve used Elsawool Cormo in fingering, sport, and worsted weight and have yet to see any of it pill. It’s a lovely consistent yarn with virtually no knots or variations in the spin.

This project, Pitch, is from a Brooklyn Tweed pattern. I tend to like Brooklyn Tweed patterns because the construction is usually in pieces instead of the current trend to knit everything in one piece to avoid seaming at all costs. (Do not get me started . . . ) And the patterns are generally very well-written and edited.

But I always have issues with the layout and design. This pattern is 33 pages long! This is partly due to the extreme detail (which is not necessarily a bad thing) and partly due to the page layout, which has extremely deep margins: the top margin is 2.5″, sides are 1.25″, and the bottom margin is 1.5″. The pattern is printed in a small size: 9 points. There is plenty of line spacing, but I still find the font size too small to read comfortably. White space is a good thing, but I wish they’d reduce the white space and make the font a bit bigger.

My solution is to export the pattern pdf to a Word file, delete out all the instructions that do not pertain to the size I am making, then lessen the margins and increase the font size. By doing so, I can make the pattern a few pages shorter and a lot more readable. Still, it would be nice not to have to spend a couple of hours re-formatting the pattern to make it usable.

It was seven years ago today . . .

. . . that this glorious little fluffernutter came home with me. Happy Adopt-i-ver-sary, Loki!


  1. Thanks for the answer about the ribbing.

    Pitch looks interesting, and so are your comments on the pattern formatting. A web peeve of mine are the cases where they use a grey text instead of a black. I encountered one of those this morning, while commenting on the mismatch between a product heading and the product details, for a laptop. Heading says i7 processor, details section says i9. And there were more issues with the details as well. Seems like a good i7 laptop at a good price, but whoever created the page needs to be schooled. Cut-and-paste can get you.

  2. patricia says:

    Happy adoptaversary! You both won the lottery!

  3. Sharen Warren says:

    Pitch is coming along beautifully! I like Brooklyn Tweed patterns for the same reasons you mentioned, but I agree that font size is awfully small. You and Loki are lucky😊

  4. Chris Reeske says:

    Best wishes to you and Loki.
    I know what you mean about font, I’ve spent many an hour re-doing patterns, especially if they have a chart!

  5. Pitch is looking so good. It’s a shame to have to reformat- Does Brooklyn Tweed accept recommendations for reformatting? Loki is a wonderful match for you Happy Adoption anniversary.

  6. Elaine in NYC says:

    What Patricia said! It seems as though 7 years have gone by much too quickly. His Royal Floofiness is still gorgeous.

  7. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    Beautiful project!! Uummm 7 years ago that Loki
    Came home with you. He must 9 years old or pretty close.
    He is still the most handsome boy! Where has all the time gone???

  8. Charlottewv says:

    Happy 7th Adoptiversary, beautiful Loki! I’m so glad that you came to live with Wendy and that she shares you with us in her newsletter. Have a beautiful day, sweet purrbabe, Loki! ❤️🐾😊🧶. Pitch is gorgeous, Wendy.

  9. Your sweater-in-progress is absolutely beautiful.

  10. Your knitting is always perfection! But so glad you adopted Loki 7 years ago. Clearly he’s a cat of great distinction. He deserves to live in such a loving environment. Also I don’t knit socks unless I’m using your toe up slip stitch heel sock pattern. Old feet are well cared for by and I am truly thankful.

  11. Hi, Your project looks beautiful so far. I discovered Elsa Wool recently and made the softest most wonderful hat I’ve ever had! My LYS is doing a Pitch KAL beginning this month. I would like to do some fairly substantial alterations. Are you knitting it exactly as written?

  12. Jacquelyn says:

    Seven years you say? Loki, wasted no time making himself at home and has looked very comfy ever since.
    Congrats on your heroic effort in defeating problematic pattern formatting. As Annie Domino catches up with me I’m finding small fonts to be a frequent obstacle. Jacquelyn
    (that last written with out prrof reading due to cat infrontofscreen syndrome.)

  13. wow! 7 years already?? That went by quickly!! (he doesn’t look a day older)

  14. LOKI: “I don’t know why she is knitting another sweater. Wendy Mama really needs to focus her and get on cat nip & cat toys. Gees…..”

  15. GeniaKnitz says:

    His Loki-ness just gets better looking as the years go by – something I would have not thought possible!
    Your sweater is almost as beautiful!
    Happy Adoptiversary to you both.

  16. Thanks for answering my question about pilling🤗 and Happy Lokiversary!