My current work in progress:

Roscalie Cardigan by Alice Starmore, knit from Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift  on a US 3 needle

New Year

A belated Happy New Year . . . such as it is. I sort of fell out of the blogging habit. It’s a funny thing — the longer we are on lockdown and I have more free time,. the less I feel like blogging. What’s up with that.

To catch up . . .

I finished Luskentyre a couple of days before Christmas.

And I started another fair isle:

This is a design by Wilma Malcolmson. The pattern is not in Ravelry — it was published in the Swedish magazine Stickat & Sånt. The pattern was designed as a pullover but I am converting mine to a cardigan. I’m using Jamieson Spindrift Shetland.

And of course Loki is helping.


  1. Camilla Trondsen says:

    Dear Wendy,
    I am so inspired by your knitting! Your output alone is staggering, and I have been retired for some years and have no obligations — while I have finished one sweater, you have finished a score, I’m sure! Blogging must be a bit tedious (I have a blog; I don’t blog), but please, keep showing us your beautiful sweaters . . . couldn’t Loki pick up some of the slack? 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to you!

    Loving the sweaters! An inspiration.

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, both a bit late.

  4. So glad you’re back! Happy New Year

  5. D Christiansen says:

    Happy New Year. Love your sweaters!

  6. Dorothy Bunch says:

    Happy New Year and we both had a birthday on the 2nd.
    The sweater is stunning. The more i am locked up
    The less i feel like communicating period sigh
    I hope this ends soon

  7. Happy New Year.
    Can understand why you might feel less like communicating – it’s a weird world out there. But I really look forward to reading your blog posts. Your knitting is inspiring and Loki cheers up Monday morning!
    Take care.

  8. Kathleen Budacki says:

    You are amazing, both you and the dynamic Loki!

  9. I look forward to your posts!

  10. Sharen Warren says:

    I do enjoy your blog – the only one I follow. Both sweaters are beautiful! I’m knitting more as well, but your sweater output is amazing, quality and quantity. So you have a room devoted to hand knits? Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Linnell Nickerson says:

    I like your color combinations, and as usual just perfect!!! I bet Loki loves you being home now. He’s really a beautiful kitty. Take care and stay safe!

  12. Annie Desmond says:

    Your sweaters are stunning and I agree with the other commentator who liked your color choices. Inspired by your work I recently tried my first Shetland style knit, not a sweater but a hat (Ella Gordon’s Houll hat pattern). I found planning with many colors quite tricky but also a fun challenge. I just cast on a second one. Love seeing your work and reading your witty comments on MDK.

  13. Please do keep blogging. I am so inspired by all your projects and truly miss seeing Loki!

  14. The colors in the new fair isle are beautiful. Glad you’re back.

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