My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Week in Review

I really enjoyed reading your sewing stories in the comments last week. I love that some of you have the same sewing machine as mine, or other similar era machines. They don’t make ’em like that anymore!

Because I live in a two bedroom condo (a large two bedroom condo, but a two bedroom condo after all), and one bedroom is packed with yarn (ahem) and I have a home office setup in the master bedroom with two desks (it’s a big bedroom), I have no dedicated sewing spot. I have been seeing at my dining table, which is 44″ round. With the iron set up in the kitchen.

Yesterday I put in two of the three leaves I have for my table and pushed it back a bit against the wall. This makes a much more spacious sewing area!

Sewing area!

My Swedish great-grandfather made that table. It is solid “tiger” oak and weighs a ton. It was my paternal grandmother’s table (her father made it) and I inherited it when she died. (I also inherited her four poster bed with the hand-carved pinecones on the posts, also made by her father.)

So last week I made two shirts. This:

Butterick 6689, after laundering, no iron. It looks much better on a person!

This was such a weird pattern and I made some changes to it. The collar was this weird pleated thing so I left it off. The pockets were also pleated so I just kept them plain. I used a medium weight denim for this. I discovered that I really love this shirt — it is very wearable! I think I’ll make it again with a plain collar. Or just a neck facing.

And yesterday I made this:

Simplicity 9113

This is a much lighter weight denim. I’ve not worn this yet, so no report on wearability.

I do still knit, by the way.

Alice Starmore’s Oregon Cardigan in the Autumn colorway

And Loki has taken up interpretive dance to amuse himself while I sew.

“Look at MEEEEE!”

We just barely escaped being hit my the huge nor’easter that enveloped the Northeast. We were just barely west of the storm line and got just a dusting of snow. But the wind was howling yesterday! Stay warm!


  1. I am in the same apartment situation that you are. Our living room is our hobby room with my husband’s rigid heddle loom, my spinning wheels and our 2 rockers and 2 small computer desks. The 2nd bedroom is yarn and fabric stash and a sewing area. When I wanted a heavy duty sewing machine, my dining room desk became a sewing desk. Martha Stewart would gasp if she walked in here, but we love our retirement home and it works for us as yours does for you.

  2. Wow, full circle – you were knitting Oregon when I first read your blog, a very long time ago…

  3. Wendy, you haven’t lost it, you’re still an accomplished seamstress, sewing professional-looking shirts in just days. My mom was like you–she could whisk fabric under the feed dog of the sewing machine so fast it made me dizzy just watching her sew; . She was adept at pinning and cutting out patterns quickly, which i was a lot of work. WOW! I love the two shirts you made, especially the one with the front tucks, very classy. I know the garment you will be making from the precious fabric will be lovely–looking forward to seeing a picture of it on your blog. Such a relief to hear that the terrible snowstorm didn’t happen in your area, though a close call.
    Glad to know you’re still knitting.

  4. “I do still knit by the way. Alice Starmore’s Oregon Cardigan in the Autumn colorway”. Understatement at its finest.

    And who else would have that Gutermann carousel off to the side?

    My “kitchen” (sunspace, not really in the kitchen) table is a large, rock maple table that we bought ages ago. Weighs a freaking ton. It is often pressed into service for various projects, not necessarily because I don’t have someplace else, but because I enjoy the space it sits in. And come to think of it, it doesn’t have leaves, but is the largest table space in the house, and I worry less about damaging it than the dining room table.

  5. Linda Yancy says:

    Beautiful shirts and they look very wearable for spring and summer weather coming up. I love the rich colors you’re using in “Oregon”. The table your great grandfather made is amazing. So cool that you get to enjoy it now. My grandfather made a bed for me when I was little in the early 50s. It fits a crib mattress and I still have it. It’s pine and nowhere as fancy as your lovely table.