My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Important Announcement

I keep meaning to post this — finally getting around to it.

I am planning to discontinue this blog in a couple of months. My annual billing to host the site comes due on July 22, and I plan to cancel at that time. No dramatic reason, apart from the fact that the hosting cost has risen exponentially over the years, and I barely post here anymore.

So . . . if you want any of my free patterns, you should download them before then, from the free patterns tab at the top of the page. (You could probably still access them using the Internet Wayback Machine after July 22.)

If there is still anyone out there, please feel free to follow me on Instagram to see what Loki and I are up to. I am wendy_knits on Instagram (not wendyknits). I post close to every day.

Thanks for all the fun over the past 21 years!

Hope to see you on Instagram!


  1. Tracey W says:

    Wendy, thank you for all the inspiration over the years. I learned to knit (and love) lace from reading this blog, and from Wendy Knits Lace — one of my favorite references. Best wishes to you and to Loki!

  2. Thank you! I’ve enjoyed this blog but I do follow you on Instagram. See you there.

  3. I’ve been following your blog since the early days. Will miss this, but will follow you on IG.

  4. simone niemczura says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and knitting help!!. I have learned to knit socks and fairisle designs with your help.

  5. Janice in GA says:

    Aw, I’ll miss you! (I don’t do Instagram.) But I understand.

    I’ll continue to think of you and wish you and Loki well. I’ll miss the inspiration I’ve gotten from your blog over the years!

    Very best wishes always —

  6. I’m sorry to hear this but totally understand. I don’t really do IG either but may have to start. 🙂 You’ve given me inspiration and encouragement over the years although I consider myself a seasoned knitter (I’m old, lol). I just wish i had your speed! Take care of yourself and Loki. I wish you the best!

  7. We’ll miss you!

  8. Rae Kerr says:

    I am soooo going to miss your semi-weekly posts!! I’ve followed you since the days of norgeknits. Sooo of course I am now following you in insta!!

  9. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your knitting and love of knitting with us for all these years. I started knitting after 9/11, and your blog taught me so much. I devoured every post, purchased some of your patterns, lived through Lucy and now Loki. I’ll find you on Instragram. Thanks for the heads up regarding your blog; I’ll definitely pick through the free patterns while they are still there. Enjoy your retirement.

  10. LoriAngela says:

    Thank you for being a knitting rock star and a big part of building the community to what it is today. I still remember your sweater races when I was just figuring out cables!

  11. Patricia says:

    It’s been a good run! I’ve enjoyed all the stories, photos, adventures and so on. Glad you will still be ‘out there’! Cheers!

  12. Monica C says:

    Wendy – Thank you for posting in this blog over the years – I always looked forward to an entry, usually on Sunday evenings. I love your patterns, especially the Crazed Scandinavian Cowl, which I knit. I rarely look at Instagram, but now I will.

  13. Farewell! See you in IG. Thank you for all of your posts

  14. Celeste Culpepper says:

    Loved your post throughout the years. I knit my socks toe up thanks to you.
    Will miss your posts.
    Guess I need to join instagram, eh?

  15. Sorry to see you go.

  16. Elaine in NYC says:

    I’ll miss the blog, too, as well as feline updates. IG’s information requirements make me uncomfortable in that it’s much too easy to be identified.

  17. Wellll. . I understand, but will miss your inspiration and talent… and I do mean talent, and Loki, of course! IG makes me grumpy. All their “stuff”, it used to be great, but not so much anymore.. I’ll try looking you up. You and Loki take care ~

  18. Kathleen says:

    I learned how to knit socks from your books and blog, and am a fellow servant to a Ragdoll kitty. Thanks for sharing your knitting (and sewing) skills with us. I just found you on IG. It’s not the same, but I will still get to see your fluffy boy now and then.

    thanks again,

  19. For you, I will get an instagram account. Thanks for everything you’ve done here (and will do for awhile longer)!

  20. Celeste says:

    I’ll miss your blog, hearing about your knitting and sewing adventures and following your various beautiful Ragdolls. But I understand, there comes a time. Seems like many people are gravitating to IG. Thank you for all your blog posts over the years.

  21. We’ll miss you!! You are one of the primary reasons I’ve knit over 100 pairs of toe up socks over the last many years. Thanks for all the ideas, inspiration and patterns!
    Looks like you’re really making the most of retirement — best of everything to you in the future.

  22. Bobbie B. says:

    I’ll miss your blog, Wendy! I remember Lucy and when you adopted sweet Loki! You are way beyond talented! After seeing your new Bernina, I went ahead and purchased my new Bernina, the B535, which I JUST bought a few days ago. My old Bernina (still going strong, 1530) is 27 years old. Will look forward to seeing you on IG! Love to you and Loki!

  23. Judy K. says:

    I’m so sorry to read this; you are a bright spot in my knitting world. Your venison stew recipe has become a family classic. Thank you.

  24. Sorry to hear that you won’t be blogging. I am not on Instagram, but will join now;O))

  25. Isabelle says:

    Wendy, thank you for being such inspiring company for so many years. Without you, I would never have tried – much less liked – knitting socks! Stay safe, stay well.

  26. Thank you for all your informative and fun posts.Your blog was the first I started following. I have really enjoyed it over the years and it led to many other interesting people. I already follow you on Instagram and look forward to seeing more of your cat and crafts.

  27. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration over the years. Good luck to you and Loki.

  28. A question: Will links on Ravelry still work to access your free patterns?

  29. Thank you so much for all of the blog years. I’ve been following along for many and it’s been a pleasure. Going to make sure I follow you on Insta!

  30. Wendy T says:

    I’m not at all active on social media but may have to start IG since so many bloggers I read post there more frequently or now exclusively. I have all your instruction books and love the inspiration they provide, even though these days, I need to rest my hands more. I will miss your posts, knitting-, sewing-, and feline-related. The first two make me want to do more of the crafts I love. The last one is just because I have three rescue felines and understand the love human moms (and dads) have for their kitty kiddies. Wishing that you and Loki have the best life.

  31. Robin F says:

    Thank you for all your posts over the years. I have many of your books and have knit many shawls and socks with your patterns. Your project posts have inspired me to try new things and since I not longer have any cats, I love seeing Loki. I don’t usually use IG but may try it to see what you’re up to. Wishing you and Loki fun crafting.

  32. Barbara Runcie says:

    I’m sorry to see you go, but I totally understand. I follow you on IG I’ll still keep up with you and Loki, It’s been a great ride. ♥♥♥

  33. Well, that does it! I’m going to have to figure out how to log into that Instagram account I set up, but never really used. I’ll miss the blog.

  34. I was so delighted to find your blog in 2003, the year I started knitting. You helped me in so many ways through the years: inspiration, techniques, and cat photos. Loved it all and am looking forward to continuing the adventure on IG. Thank you!

  35. Thank you for your inspiration and generosity in sharing!

  36. Your blog will be missed but I do follow you on Instagram. You have inspired me through the years and I have tackled many projects after seeing how lovely yours were. My morning coffee won’t be the same!

  37. Mary osborne says:

    So sorry to hear that Wendy, but rest assured I will be following you and Loki on Instagram….

  38. Understandable. I have enjoyed your blog with Lucy and now Loki. Thanks for all the knitting expertise you have shared through the years. See you on the ‘gram.

  39. Thank you for everything. I understand the reasons, even as I wish it weren’t happening. Much joy to you and yours wherever your endeavors take you! xoxo
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Let the Sun Shine (ready or not for all the hot)

  40. Thank you so much for all the years of knitting and cat enjoyment. I will miss your blogs.

  41. Michele says:

    The end of an era! Wendy, thank you for years of sharing your knitting life with the rest of the world. See you over on Insta!

  42. Wendy, you have been one of my biggest inspirations and I will miss this historical rock of a site on the web. Following you on IG for sure!

  43. Beth in Maryland says:

    Sigh. Another blog falls to Instagram. Yours was one of the very first blogs I discovered, and it inspired me to ramp up my knitting. Thanks so much! I’ll miss you!

  44. Lynn in Tucson says:

    I have loved reading your blog (and now follow you on Instagram). Thanks for taking the time to show us all your beautiful creations, and inspiring me to actually finish my Alice Starmore vest!

  45. Oh wow! You were the first knitting blog I ever read and while I may not comment often, I have followed you since the first moment I discovered you. I wish you all the best, will see you on Instagram and hope you enjoy the freedom from blogging. Thank you for years and years of inspiration, education and entertainment.

  46. Well – I totally understand the decision. But it’s the passing of an era, as your blog was one of the first knitting blogs I read religiously. (And I have continued to read every single post since then. I just rarely comment. Always enjoy your posts, though!) Will look forward to continuing to keep up with you on Instagram. I find myself over there more and more to keep up with people! – Sheri

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