My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Important Announcement

I keep meaning to post this — finally getting around to it.

I am planning to discontinue this blog in a couple of months. My annual billing to host the site comes due on July 22, and I plan to cancel at that time. No dramatic reason, apart from the fact that the hosting cost has risen exponentially over the years, and I barely post here anymore.

So . . . if you want any of my free patterns, you should download them before then, from the free patterns tab at the top of the page. (You could probably still access them using the Internet Wayback Machine after July 22.)

If there is still anyone out there, please feel free to follow me on Instagram to see what Loki and I are up to. I am wendy_knits on Instagram (not wendyknits). I post close to every day.

Thanks for all the fun over the past 21 years!

Hope to see you on Instagram!

The New Arrival

Look who came home with me this week!

I call him Bernie

Since I seem to have renewed my interest in sewing, I’ve been thinking about getting a modern machine. So on Thursday I bought this lovely Bernina B475 QE.

I did a bunch of research before choosing a machine. Some of the standouts of this machine:

  • Totally automatic button holes
  • A GIANT bobbin that holds 70% more thread that regular bobbins
  • Knee control that raises and lowers the presser foot

I spent a couple of days playing with it and yesterday made my first project:

Butterick 6024

It’s a simple pattern and everything went very smoothly! I’m looking forward to many more sewing projects with Bernie.

Pre-Bernie last week I completed these projects:

Butterick 5741
Folkwear 117
McCalls 5912

And Loki worked on his camouflage skills.

You can’t see me

Now With Less Denim

Since this alleges to be a knitting blog, a picture of my Oregon Cardigan in progress:

A couple of rounds away from starting the armhole steeks

And of course I did some sewing last week. I drafted my own pattern for this:

100% linen — not vintage

Then I returned to my antique linen — another 100+-year-old sheet.


Then a quick return to denim with this shirt:

McCall’s pattern number 6613

Followed by an easy cotton top:

Burda pattern 6972

Loki kept an eye on everything going on outside the window and kept me informed!

Sentry cat!

Gotta Love Leftovers

Fabric leftovers, that is.

I made this with leftover denim from one of my shirts:

Simplicity pattern number 9409

It has carpenter apron-type pockets on the front. And the back:

Next, I used the remainder of my antique linen sheet to make this:

Butterick 6099

I made this shirt in denim, and on this linen version I made some alterations to the pattern. A cool feature of this shirt is that I cat it so the sheet embroidered monogram is centered on the back of the shirt, just above the hem:

Monogrammy goodness!

Next up: another denim shirt, this one with fun piecing on the front

Butterick 6667

Then I did something daring: I drafted my own pattern:

I’m wearing it now!

And then yesterday I made this:

Butterick 6465

I like denim shirts — why do you ask?

And I’ve been knitting along on the Oregon Cardigan.

Starmore Color Genius!

And Loki has been working hard too.

I am adorable

Where Did We Leave Off?

I appear to have accomplished a lot last week. Since last we spoke, I made this:

Butterick 6689

I showed you this top in denim last week. I made some adjustments to the pattern because I really liked the shape of the top. I did not make the weird pleated collar (I didn’t on the first one either, but I made a better neck facing on this one), and I resized the pockets because I didn’t do the pleats on them either. I reworked the back pleats so they are symmetrical instead of al facing one direction:

Pleat symmetry!

That’s plain muslin, by the way (pre-shrunk). And I had enough to make this:

Butterick 5997

I confess: I do love pintucks!

Next up was this:

Simplicity R11065

I bought this pattern because it is similar in style to my favorite Gudrun Sjödén tops. The fabric is chambray. I am going to tweak this pattern a bit and make it again. I’d like to drop the waist slightly and possibly make one with a lower neckline. This one has a button and loop closure in the back because the neckline is quite high.

Then I hauled this out:

My old sewing box — 40+ years old

The legs were falling off and all the screws were loose. I emptied it, glued the legs back on with wood glue, tightened all the screws and gave it a good once-over with furniture polish. It’s looking pretty good for its age!

Then yesterday, I finally broke out the special fabric I mentioned on my first sewing post. I decided to use it for the first shirt pattern I made a couple of weeks ago:

Simplicity 9044

What is so special about the fabric? It is an antique French linen bedsheet that is 100+ years old. Modern linen does not compare to the linen of 100 years ago! The linen worked beautifully for this pattern and I am beyond delighted with the results.


I am also delighted that I had enough of the sheet left for another shirt. Stay tuned for that!

Now my Oregon Cardigan is calling to me:

Knit me, please

And Loki is helping me with the laundry.

Look Mommy, I’m helping!