My current work in progress:

Aspen, designed by Michele Wang, knit from Elsa Wool Woolen Spun Worsted Weight Cormo

Wendy Used to Knit

I’m thinking about changing my online name to Wendy-Used-to_Knit.

It’s not so much that I’ve gone off knitting, more that I’ve rediscovered sewing. I am now knitting maybe one night a week and the rest of the evenings are devoted to handsewing doll clothes. Here are some recent creations.

Stays for Felicity:

StaysFront043017 225x240 Wendy Used to Knit

And the back:

StaysBack043017 240x214 Wendy Used to Knit

A dress for Molly:

MollyDress043017 156x240 Wendy Used to Knit

A dress for Samantha:

SamanthaDress043017 147x240 Wendy Used to Knit

And a dress for Kirsten:

KerstinDress043017 134x240 Wendy Used to Knit

And Loki is keeping up with his nap schedule!

Loki043017 240x179 Wendy Used to Knit

Happy Birthday, Loki!

Today is my sweet boy’s sixth birthday!

Loki041617 240x180 Happy Birthday, Loki!

So far today, he has had his little nose kissed several thousand times and has been told what a good boy he is around 100,000 times.

I did very little knitting over the past week. What I’ve been up to (among other things):

FelicitysDress041617 233x240 Happy Birthday, Loki!

A dress for Felicity!

Felicity041617 169x240 Happy Birthday, Loki!

I think she likes it.

And a dress for Molly:

Molly041617 142x240 Happy Birthday, Loki!

Both of these dresses I sewed by hand rather than by machine. More time-consuming, but a lot more satisfying!

In the comments, there was a request to see the fabric I’m going to use to line my Aspen coat. Here it is:

LibertyTanaLawn041617 240x223 Happy Birthday, Loki!

And here are the buttons:

Buttons041617 240x142 Happy Birthday, Loki!

I am working on the last sleeve, so some progress is being made.


All the sewing I have been doing has put a big dent in my knitting time, but I did finish the first sleeve of Aspen last weekend.

I am planning on lining this coat: I am going to us Liberty Tana Lawn for a nice lightweight lining. In order to do this, I need to construct a pattern for the lining. What I have done is to lay the blocked pieces of the coat on brown paper, and cut around them to create pattern pieces.

Sleeve040917 240x180 Sleeves

The sleeve is lying on top of brown paper which makes a nice sleeve template.

SleevePattern040917 240x180 Sleeves

I am going to do a deep inverted pleat in the center back of the lining for ease of movement. I’ll hem the bottom of the lining so that it is about even with the top of the ribbing, and it will hang free — I’m not going to attach it to the ribbing around the bottom, just around the neck and down the side fronts inside the ribbing, and at the armholes. I’ll tack the lining in place in a couple of spots above the sleeve cuffs.

Do I sound like I know what I’m doing? Yeah, only time will tell.

I still have this sleeve to complete:

WIP040917 240x180 Sleeves

And then miles and miles of ribbing for the neckband and front bands.

But I’m not in a hurry.

Loki040917 240x180 Sleeves

Aspen Sleeve

The winner of my review copy of  Knit Noro: Accessories 2: 30 More Colorful Little Knits by Sixth&Spring Books is Denny Stein, who has been emailed. Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway.

And look! I still knit!

WIP032917 240x180 Aspen Sleeve

I have finished the body of Aspen and am working on a sleeve.

But I have been spending a fair amount of time on sewing doll clothes. Like this:

FelicityDress032917 141x240 Aspen Sleeve

This pinafore and dress are made entirely of silk, which frays like crazy! So it was less than wonderful to create, but I do love the results.

And this, which I made without a pattern:

ElizabethDress032917 163x240 Aspen Sleeve

I used a set of fat quarters in coordinating colors and some vintage eyelet trim.

And the little prince sleeps through it all.

Loki032917 240x180 Aspen Sleeve


Knit Noro: Accessories 2

I have another book to review:

BookCover 032617 204x240 Knit Noro: Accessories 2

This is Knit Noro: Accessories 2: 30 More Colorful Little Knits by Sixth&Spring Books. As you might have surmised from the title, it has 30 patterns for various accessory items: Hats, wraps, cowls, gloves, and socks.All worked in glorious Noro yarns.

You can take a look at the projects on Ravelry, here.

In picking out my favorite projects from the collection I am trying hard not to be influenced by my color preferences. Here goes.

ArtDeco032617 209x240 Knit Noro: Accessories 2

This is the Art Deco Wrap by Cheryl Murray. It is worked in Noro Silk Garden Sock and Silk Garden Sock Solo — fingering weight yarns. This is a modular knit, worked entirely in garter stitch. It reminds me very much of a project I finished not too long ago: Welcome Back Garter. Totally different look, but same technque: knit modularly in garter stitch. That was a very fun andsatisfying project and I anticipate that the Art Deco Wrap would be just as fun!

And this is another project in my favorite colors — can’t get away from thsoe blues and greens:

CorrugatedBasketweave032617 209x240 Knit Noro: Accessories 2

Corrugated Basketweave Hat by Michelle Porter, also knit from Noro Silk Garden Sock and Silk Garden Sock Solo. I love the subtle color changes achieved here!

Okay, branching out a bit in colors now:

SlantedPoncho032617 205x240 Knit Noro: Accessories 2

Slanted Poncho by Sandi Prossner is knit from sportweight Noro Taiyo 4-ply, a self striping yarn. This poncho, which is knit in stripes that are joined as they are worked, is a good showcase for Noro self-striping yarn.

WavyEyelet032617 205x240 Knit Noro: Accessories 2

Lisa Craig’s Wavy Eyelet Cowl is knit from aran weight Noro Silk Garden (and I imagine you could use Noro Kureyon as well). More fun with self-striping that would work up pretty quickly!

Those are just a few of the projects — there are many more in a range of delightful Noro yarns.

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in the drawing for my review copy, please leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite project from the book. Leave your comments by 11:00am Eastern Time on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 to be entered in the drawing.

Loki is all excited about the giveaway!

Loki032617 240x211 Knit Noro: Accessories 2