My current work in progress:

Merveille Du Jour, designed by Alice Starmore, knit from Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2-ply and 3-ply, using 3.0mm, 3.5mm, and 4.0mm needles.

If At First You Don’t Fricassee

Fry, fry a hen.

I really do want a cocoon style sweater, so I started another one: the Veronika Cardigan designed by Shannon Cook. I’m using the suggested yarn, YOTH Daughter, because I’d not used it before and wanted to try it out. I am using the Black Truffle colorway. My progress so far:

WIP110517 240x189 If At First You Dont Fricassee

I am getting exact stitch and row gauge with the suggested needle, a U.S. size 8. This is an easy knit, so it’s good for mindless knitting while watching tv or socializing, Knitting with black yarn in the evening can be a challenge, but since the pattern is easy, that’s not a big issue.

In other news, Vroni and Clara had a slumber party the other night.

Dolls110517 180x240 If At First You Dont Fricassee

And in Loki’s world, he has a slumber party all day, every day.

Loki110517 240x205 If At First You Dont Fricassee

Happy Halloween

Halloween102917 237x240 Happy Halloween

“Nuff said.

Loki102917 240x145 Happy Halloween


Before the “Meh”

First things first, the winner of a copy of Knit Mitts: Your Handy Guide to Knitting Mittens & Gloves by Kate Atherley is Jeannie Gray, who has been contacted. Thank you all for your comments on this great book!

Now . . . Meh

On to the “meh” portion of this blog post. I finished the Moth cardigan. And . . . I hate it. It is both unflattering and uncomfortable to wear. Couple that with a lousy pattern fraught with problems, it adds up to a big fat zero. I won’t bother to post a photo.

On to the Good

So I moved on, and finished One for the Books.

Cover102517 240x180 Meh

This is a free pattern by Martina Behm that she designed so one could knit a cover for her new 2018 Strickplaner. I ordered the planner kit, which included a skein of Schoppel Crazy Zauberball. I chose the “Flussbett” colorway.

Cover Open102517 240x180 Meh

The cover is knit all in one piece and is a genius of architecture. A fun and relatively easy project, and all you need to do at the end is weave in two ends and block. Because it is knit on the diagonal, you do need to block the cover. I put it on my planner and stretched out and pinned where needed with t-pins.

Block102517 240x180 Meh

I am all ready to document my 2018 knitting projects. I may sneak my sewing projects into my knitting planner as well.

Speaking of sewing, I’ve made my Gotz dolls a couple of new outfits.

Vroni loves her Scottie dog skirt and blouse.

ScottieDress102517 144x240 Meh

And Clara is in a little dress made from Liberty of London Tana Lawn.

BrownDress102517 179x240 Meh

Loki prefers to nap and channel-surf.

Loki102517 240x180 Meh

Knit Mitts

I have another book to show you today:

Cover101817 184x240 Knit Mitts

This is Knit Mitts: Your Handy Guide to Knitting Mittens & Gloves by Kate Atherley. More than just a book of patterns, it gives you everything you need to make mittens and gloves to keep you hands warm and comfy.

The book contains everything you ever wanted to know about hand measurements: a chart of survey results for adult and child hand sizes (9 different measurements — hand circumference, length of each finger, etc.), info on measuring a hand, tips for working without measurements, making adjustments, etc.

Next up, a discussion of materials: choosing your yarn, knitting for warmth, incorporating linings, and a useful chart of yarn requirements.

The next section is all about techniques — gauge, working on different needle types (i.e. circulars, dpns), different cast-ons, thumb and finger techniques, and blocking.

Then come the patterns. Kate offers basic patterns for mittens and gloves, with lots of details and information on variations you can work.

BasicMitten101817 240x160 Knit Mitts

Next up, a chapter on customization — adjusting a pattern to fit a baby, adjusting the length of the various parts of the mitten or glove, changing stitch patterns, and working in add-ons, like conductive thread (which any commute knows is pretty much a necessity these days!, adding a string to keep track of your mittens, and working a flip-top mitten.

Mitts101817 160x240 Knit Mitts

The last chapter is a collection of patterns: 9 very pretty designs for mittens, mitts and gloves.

Patterns101817 238x240 Knit Mitts

The appendix includes a stitch glossary and abbreviations used.

So if you are planning on making any sort of hand covering for the upcoming winter, this book has you covered!

Who’d like a copy? To be entered in the drawing for a copy of Knit Mitts: Your Handy Guide to Knitting Mittens & Gloves by Kate Atherley, leave a comment on this blog post by noon Eastern time on Sunday, October 22, 2017.

Meanwhile, Loki is being very helpful!

Loki101817 240x186 Knit Mitts

Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done

The winner of a copy of 60 More Quick Baby Blankets: Cozy Knits in the 128 Superwash® & 220 Superwash® Collections from Cascade Yarns® is Barbara Fredrick, who has been emailed. Thank you to everyone who left a comment to be entered in the giveaway.

Moving along, here is why I have not yet finished my Moth Cardigan. I am having way too much fun sewing doll clothes!

Greendress100817 1 170x240 Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done


Pinkdress100817 1 180x240 Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done

I love the period clothes!

Greydress100817 1 197x240 Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done


But sometimes you have to slip in something contemporary.

Cattop100817 1 162x240 Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done

And maybe a Halloween costume?

Witch100817 1 169x240 Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done

Or unicorn footie jammies!

Unicorn100817 1 135x240 Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done

Group photo!

dolls100817 240x180 Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done

Loki thinks I’ve lost my mind.

Loki100817 1 240x180 Why My Moth Cardigan is Not Yet Done