My current work in progress:

Aspen, designed by Michele Wang, knit from Elsa Wool Woolen Spun Worsted Weight Cormo

Sundays Are For Sewing

I do still knit, honest. But I am really enjoying getting back into sewing. Here is today’s project:

KirstenDress031917 155x240 Sundays Are For Sewing

A dress and pinafore for Kirsten. She’s been feeling the love because she got some new footwear this week.

Dala horse clogs!

Clogs031917 240x170 Sundays Are For Sewing

Knit boots!

KnitBoots031917 240x168 Sundays Are For Sewing

Ugg boots!

Uggs031917 240x166 Sundays Are For Sewing

And in other news, Loki has become adept at selfies.

Loki031917 240x135 Sundays Are For Sewing

This and That

Thanks for your lovely comments about my American Girl doll project. I sent out the first three dolls last week and they arrived at the Butterfly Ministry yesterday. You can see them on their Facebook account.

Several of you asked where I got the dolls to refurbish. I got them all via eBay. There are always lots of AG dolls for sale that are in less than perfect condition, so you can get them for a relatively reasonable price.

Today I made a dress for one of my dolls:

PinkDress031217 159x240 This and That

And I am working on the right front of Aspen.

WIP031217 240x158 This and That

Loki is helping by standing in my lap while I attempt to accomplish something.

Loki031217 240x146 This and That

Roll Call

First of all, my review copy of  60 Quick Knitted Toys: Fun, Fabulous Knits in the 220 Superwash® Collection from Cascade Yarns® is on its way to Naomi R. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!

Roll Call!

Here are all eight of my little urchins, all dressed up and ready to leave for new homes.

RollCall030817 240x131 Roll Call

I restrung the limbs on all these dolls, cleaned them up, removed any marks and stains, and got everyone’s hair in shape. Some of them got new wigs, some got some deep conditioning, and some just needed some brushing and styling.

And I sewed little outfit for each one.

These dolls are being mailed in groups of 2 or 3 to the Butterfly Ministry for Girls in South Carolina. The first group of 3 dolls is setting out on their journey tomorrow. The Butterfly Ministry, located in South Carolina,  provides to girls living in area foster homes,  group homes, and shelters American Girl dolls of their very own. If you would like to donate to them, do check out their website, linked above. There are many different ways you can give. And it’s such a great cause!

An appropriate charity to highlight on International Women’s Day I think.

Loki is just happy that these 8 little interlopers are leaving.

Loki030817 240x161 Roll Call

60 Quick Knitted Toys

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve got a couple of books to review. Here is the first one:

Book030117 210x240 60 Quick Knitted Toys

This is 60 Quick Knitted Toys: Fun, Fabulous Knits in the 220 Superwash® Collection from Cascade Yarns® by Sixth&Spring Books. As you may have surmised from the title, it contains patterns for 60 knitted toys and all of them are made from Cascade 220 Superwash. 🙂

I looked on Ravelry for the book listing, and for some reason, only 25 of the 60 patterns are listed there. But they will give you an idea of the patterns in the book. And what cute patterns they are!

Here’s a sample:

ShaggySheep030117 214x240 60 Quick Knitted Toys

Shaggy Sheep by Sandy Prosser. The shagginess of the sheep is achieved with a clever loop stitch.

ArgyleBear030117 180x240 60 Quick Knitted Toys

And this Argyle Bear, by Karen King Garlinghouse, is knit from Cascade 220 Sport Superwash. I love that his argyle “sweater” is knit right onto his body.

Castle030117 240x168 60 Quick Knitted Toys

And this is just brilliant! Castle Set by Megan Kreiner is a set of modular pieces that you can put together to create a castle. And you can add pieces whenever you feel like cranking out another piece.

CastleParts030117 207x240 60 Quick Knitted Toys

I love that you can add a king and queen and dragon, for which there are also patterns in the book!

Like all the books in this series, this is a great deal if you have the need or desire to create a lot of toys. Since the patterns were created by a number of different designers, there is a lot of variety and something for everyone.

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in the giveaway for my copy of 60 Quick Knitted Toys: Fun, Fabulous Knits in the 220 Superwash® Collection from Cascade Yarns®, please leave a comment on this blog post.

We’ll pick a winner at random at 11:00am Eastern time this Sunday, March 5, 2017.

Last but not least, here is the Little Prince.

Loki030117 240x158 60 Quick Knitted Toys

Another Doll Dress

First things first, the winner of my review copy of Garter Stitch Revival is Lisa O., who has been emailed. Thanks to everyone who left a comment. I’ve got a couple more books in the queue to review, so check back for more giveaways soon.

Here is today’s doll dress:

DollDress022617 152x240 Another Doll Dress

I still need to sew decorative buttons on the bodice, but other than that, this is done.

And here is the left side front of Aspen:

WIP022617 240x230 Another Doll Dress

I need to start paying attention because I’m going to need to place a pocket soon.

And here is the little prince:

Loki022617 240x179 Another Doll Dress

Back on his little sofa. I promise you that he has moved since the last photo!