My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Slick Trick

This is not a knitting trick, but a trick for the Droid phone, which is my new favorite toy.

I was all set to purchase the multimedia docking station for the Droid — the one that charges it while displaying weather, time, photos, etc. I figured I’d replace my alarm clock with this nifty little solution that costs $29.99.

Well, you can download a free app from the Android Market called “Dockrunner.” It puts your Droid into multimedia mode without the dock. Here’s my little Droid running multimedia mode and going commando without a dock. ๐Ÿ˜‰


You need to plug your charger in on what is now the bottom of the phone, so you do need some sort of stand for it if you want it to stand up nicely on your nightstand.

I ordered this stand from for $3.99. Beats $30!

I’ve had my Droid for a week, and I am still in love with it.

Current Knitting

I’m working on a sock design using the lovely MacKintosh Iona sock yarn pictured in yesterday’s blog post. Here is the first sock, which I completed yesterday:


I’m calling the design “Thistle and Heather Socks” and it will eventually be available for sale from MacKintosh Yarns.


Or maybe “Heather and Thistle Socks.”

We Have a Winner

The winner of the Nicky Epstein book is Carol R., chosen by the great and mighty Random Number Generator. Thank-you to everyone who left a comment. If your name is Carol R., check your email. ๐Ÿ™‚

Psssst! I’ll have another book to give away later this week . . .

Meanwhile, Lucy hasn’t done any more mountain climbing.


I Heart My Droid

This has absolutely nothing to do with knitting, but I got my new Motorola Droid phone yesterday and I love it.


I had an LG Voyager previously and the difference between these phones? Wow!

The screen resolution is amazing, and once I got used to it, the phone is incredibly easy to use. Just a matter of learning how to do things. And there are a lot of great apps for it. But no knitting apps yet.


I set it up to use my wireless network at home, which it does automatically. Both on my network and on the 3G, it is VERY fast, unlike the Voyager.


The desktop mount is apparently not available yet — I’ll get that as soon as it comes out. Then I can get rid of my clock on my nightstand and use this instead. It does have a very nice alarm clock app pre-installed — very customizable.

And it’s great how it syncs with your Google account. I have all my contacts in Google, so those downloaded without a hitch, as did my Google calendar.

Speaking of Technology

A couple of you asked what type of camera I used for the weekend photos I posted yesterday. That was the little point and shoot Canon that lives in my purse. It does a very nice job, doesn’t it? It’s the Powershot SD770IS.

One thing that annoys me about a lot of the newer point-and-shoot Canons is the lack of a viewfinder. They have the LCD screen only. I need a viewfinder. If I try to take a photo using the LCD screen, I have to hold it a few inches from my face in order to see that shot, and I invariably shake the camera. With a viewfinder (which this little camera has), I rest the sides of my hands against my face while I take the photo and that stabilizes the camera so I don’t shake it.

Does anyone else have this problem or am I just a shaky old geezer?

Yes, I’m Still Knitting



This is the second sock of the pair, so this project will be done in a couple of days.


Lucy Sez


“Yes, it is a little warm in here.”