My current work in progress:

Merveille Du Jour, designed by Alice Starmore, knit from Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2-ply and 3-ply, using 3.0mm, 3.5mm, and 4.0mm needles.

Lucy’s Busy Day

I was off work today for an appointment, and got to spend a good chunk of my day at home, so I was able to witness firsthand Lucy’s busy day.

She started off with some happy wriggling.

Lucy090909a 240x231 Lucys Busy Day

This went on for a while.

Lucy090909b 238x240 Lucys Busy Day

But she did make time to critique my knitting.

Lucy090909c 240x160 Lucys Busy Day

This was apparently a very tiring chore, because she settled down for a nap after that.

Lucy090909d 240x160 Lucys Busy Day

But she woke up when the mail came, because there was a prezzie for her!

Lucy090909e 240x178 Lucys Busy Day

This is a “Plague Rat” and Lucy seems quite taken with it.

Lucy090909f 240x168 Lucys Busy Day

Lucy sez:

“Thank you, Quesselchens!”

Well, she would thank you if she were not too busy with her rat. 😉